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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 141

Chapter 141: The Villainess 24


“Deputy Commander, I… I’m afraid I can’t.”

Lan Xiaowu was stunned for a while. She looked at Xia Beibei with a hesitant expression while whispering. This is… This is related to the life and death of the entire Thunderbolt Legion. After all, this is the first time Lan Xiaowu participate in a real battle. She still feeling a little timid in her heart. She is afraid that she will not live up to Xia Beibei’s expectations.

“Adjutant Lan, this is an order! The word ‘no’ should not be in the dictionary of the Imperial soldiers! Do you understand?!”


Lan Xiaowu immediately saluted and stood at attention after hearing Xia Beibei’s words. She stared at Xia Beibei with firm eyes: “Guaranteed to complete the task!”


Xia Beibei smiled with satisfaction. She then turned and raised her eyebrows at Yan Yicheng: “Colonel Lin, you can arrange the rest!”

G city, Downtown, Skyscrapers.

“It’s the U18 stealth fighter of the Empire.”

Blood Dragon clicked on the screen on the top floor wall. The picture that appeared on the screen was the Imperial fighter flying near G city captured by the Blood Shadow organization not long ago.

“Heh, for the Thunderbolt Legion, the Empire has really went all out.”

Gu Qingnian, who sat on the swivel chair, wore a white windbreaker, with a cold smile on his face: “Is there any news from the military department? Have you found out who is here this time?”

“This one…”

Blood Dragon hesitated upon Gu Qingnian’s question. He then replied in a low voice: “The military department’s inside line has just sent a message. This time, the Leiming Legion and the Fourth Corps had come to rescue the Thunderbolt Legion. The one who leading the team are… Lin Yixuan and Gu Churong!”


Gu Qingnian stood up abruptly as soon as he heard Blood Dragon’s word——


Although Ning Chuan and Gu Churong being alive were a big surprise for him, this thing was not impossible. After all, he didn’t watch them die in flames.


On that night, he clearly watched Lin Yixuan’s death with his own eyes!


Seeing the sudden change of his boss’s face, Blood Dragon stepped back subconsciously: “The subordinate has already found someone to investigate the matter regarding Lin Yixuan. This is the information from the military department.”

While talking, Blood Dragon pressed the button again. An internal investigation data about the Yimingju’s bombing immediately appeared on the screen, which recorded the transcripts made by Lin Yixuan and Gu Churong.


Seeing the statement, Gu Qingnian’s mouth raised up disdainfully: “What about Ning Chuan’s transcript?”

“There is none.”

Blood Dragon shook his head: “There is no mention of Ning Chuan in the entire investigation report!”


Gu Qingnian took a few steps forward. His gazes gradually became deeper: “Interesting, really interesting!”

Gu Churong, Lin Yixuan, Ning Chuan…

What is the secret link between these three people?

Well, no matter what secrets you have, since you have all arrived in G city, the Blood Shadow Base welcomes you as guests at any time!

Gu Qingnian raised his head and snapped a finger: “Since Colonel Lin and Major Gu have come from afar, we, as the landlord, can’t be rude to them. Are the fireworks ready to welcome the guests?”

“Yes, its ready to detonate at any time!”

Blood Dragon on the side immediately widened his eyes in excitement after hearing Gu Qingnian’s word: “Captain, are we going to take the initiative to attack?”

“Oh, their first purpose this time is to rescue the Thunderbolt Legion trapped in the abandoned area in the west of the city. If we take the initiative to attack, we will give them a chance to control the battle. Of course, if we continue to maintain our defense mode, they will definitely divide themselves into two unit and initiate a pronged attack.”

Gu Qingnian’s tone was cold and solemn.

Hearing Gu Qingnian’s words, Blood Dragon on the side nodded.

 Gu Qingnian was also a top student in the command department. Hence, Blood Dragon had always admired his Captain’s wit the most.

“Captain, just tell us what we should do! This time we must let the people of the Empire had no way to return alive!”

“Well, let Blood Eagle and Blood Night come up. I will set up a defensive task.”


Blood Dragon quickly walked out of the top-floor office of this 88-story skyscraper. At this time, Gu Qingnian sauntered toward the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city scenery.

Here is the world of the Blood Shadows.

In this city, everything is under his control.


He still feels unhappy.

Gu Qingnian’s eyes gradually became complicated and hazy–

Only killing and an earth-shaking explosion could let him feel calm.

That night, the rain that had been raining for three consecutive days finally stopped. The air in the entire city was extremely humid.

At this time, the Leiming Legion members had put on combat uniforms and sneaked into the night in several different groups while carrying weapons in their hand.

Xia Beibei followed Yan Yicheng with the sniper rifle on her back. The combat uniform was too tight as it almost covered her whole body except her pair of eyes. This made Xia Beibei feel incredibly uncomfortable and a little out of breath.

Seeing that Xia Beibei’s footsteps were gradually getting slower, Yan Yicheng beside her could not help raising his hand and grabbed her arm: “Should I carry you away?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Xia Beibei immediately rejected Yan Yicheng’s proposal.

Your mom. If I knew that this combat uniform would be so heavy and unbearable, I would not have volunteered myself to join in the fun!

Actually, the covert war this time was quite dangerous. After all, the Blood Shadow is much stronger and crazier than in the original plot. God knows whether that Gu Qingnian will continue to use many bombs to greet them?


As long as she thought of the god-teammate by her side, Xia Beibei immediately felt more settled.

What are you afraid of?

Isn’t there still a law enforcement brother?

In short, with Colonel Lin here, there is absolutely no problem with persevering her life.

Under the leadership of Yan Yicheng, the entire combat team gradually approached the city edge.


At this time, Xu Yiran, who had been following by Yan Yicheng’s side, stopped involuntarily: “Going forward we will enter the control area of ​​Blood Shadow.”


Yan Yicheng stopped and made a gesture: “First group, ready; Second group, in position!”

“First group is ready!”

“Second group is in position!”

“Move out!”

Following Yan Yicheng’s order, a group of stormtroopers immediately rushed to the front while posing for combat, while turning on infrared scanning.

According to the infrared detection scan, at least 30 or 40 people were lying in ambush not far away!


After the confirmation, a group of people immediately opened fire.

Xia Beibei was not too far away from the stormtroopers. She found a concealed place to set up her sniper rifle. She had been practising her marksmanship for so long, which was the first time she participated in actual combat.

Hehehe, I am still a little excited when I think about it!

Seeing Xia Beibei driving a sniper rifle aiming at the battlefield in front of her, Yan Yicheng on the side smiled slightly. He involuntarily condensed his eyes and then approached Xia Beibei’s side as he whispered: “Nine o’clock direction!”

Nine o’clock direction!

Xia Beibei immediately adjusted the muzzle. A vague figure appeared through the night vision goggle that blurred her lock key.

In the darkness, you can hear the sound of the surrounding trees being blown by the wind——

The small tree swayed slightly. The wind force was 5. The duration should be between eight to ten meters per second at this speed!

Xia Beibei calculated, adjusted her muzzle slightly, and then pulled the trigger without hesitation—


The bullet pierced through the dark night and shot that person’s head accurately!

A headshot!

“Pretty good!”

Yan Yicheng on the side couldn’t help but applaud. At this moment, Xia Beibei’s palm was full of sweat——

Really succeeded?

Wow! This baby is really a born sharpshooter!

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This website is supported by the ads revenue. You do not need to click on any. I appreciated if you could turn off ads-block for this site. If you like things that I translate, do consider fuel me up with lots of bubble tea to pump me up |▽//)ゝ

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