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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Villainous Bestie (12)


At the entrance of Wu Yan’s apartment, Yan Yicheng noticed that Xia Beibei had fallen asleep in his car.

Seeing her sleeping peacefully, Yan Yicheng didn’t wake her up. Instead, he removed his suit jacket and gently placed it over Xia Beibei.

Suddenly, a black sports car with a deafening roar rushed up.


Glancing at the familiar license plate, the driver in the car couldn’t help but turn and speak softly to Yan Yicheng, “It’s that brat from the Huo family.”

Huo Yuxu?

Yan Yicheng frowned. At this point, Xia Beibei also seemed to have heard the noise outside. She slowly woke up, moved her body, and the coat on her slid to the ground.


Yan Yicheng caught the coat, turned his cheek slightly, and looked at Xia Beibei with a gentle gaze.

“Yes. How long did I sleep?”

Xia Beibei stretched and saw the apartment building outside the car window. She blinked involuntarily. “I’m home already. I’ll head back now!”

She picked up her things and prepared to get out of the car. But Yan Yicheng, sitting beside her, handed her the coat. “It’s cold. Put it on. Huo Yuxu is outside, I won’t leave the car.”

Huo Yuxu was acquainted with and familiar with Xie Jinchen, so Yan Yicheng did not get out of the car to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“All right, I understand. You go back and rest early. We’ll… stay in touch.”

Xia Beibei put on the coat and then got out of the car.

She watched Yan Yicheng’s extended Bentley slowly drive away, and only then did she turn to walk toward the entrance of the apartment building. Just as she turned around, a figure suddenly rushed out before her, giving Xia Beibei a big fright.

“You… You… Are you trying to scare me?”

Xia Beibei stared at Huo Yuxu in front of her, a look of shock on her face.

“Wu Yan, why are you together with Xie Jinchen? Have you gone mad?”

Huo Yuxu glanced at the Bentley’s direction and then looked at the coat on Xia Beibei’s shoulder. He sized her up from head to toe, his gaze strange.

“Hey! Why are you looking at me like that? Haven’t you seen a beautiful woman before?”

Xia Beibei immediately adjusted the coat on her body and looked at Huo Yuxu with a puzzled expression. “Are you sick or something?”

“Am I sick? I am sick!”

Huo Yuxu, hearing Xia Beibei’s words, glared at her with irritation. “I heard that the chicken head’s men kidnapped you. I came here to help you. I didn’t expect it, Wu Yan, you’re amazing! You can even climb into the Xie family. Don’t you know the meaning of the word ‘death’? People who were played to death by Xie Jinchen could have circled the city by now, and you dare to ride in his car and wear his clothes?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Hearing Huo Yuxu’s words, Xia Beibei was also quite surprised because Wu Yan herself didn’t come from an upper-class background and only knew of the Xie family by reputation.

Hearing what Huo Yuxu said, Xia Beibei realized that Xie Jinchen was quite ruthless.

Oh, right!

Did she forget to ask Xie Jinchen about the plot of this world? Tsk, tsk, it seems she got too absorbed in the food.

Seeing Xia Beibei standing still, speechless, Huo Yuxu was furious. “Wu Yan, are you interested in Xie Jinchen?”


Xia Beibei returned to reality, glanced at Huo Yuxu, and said, “Are you crazy? What does it matter to you who I’m interested in? By the way, let me ask you, did you send those people to kidnap me?”


Huo Yuxu, hearing Xia Beibei’s words, immediately turned dark. “Wu Yan, you are a complete idiot!”

With that, he left in anger, and before he left, he kicked his sports car as hard as he could.

Xia Beibei:…

“Hey, young man, that’s a sports car, ah! Repairing it would be so expensive! Even if you are someone with a Cancer sign, you shouldn’t be so reckless!”


With the engine’s roar, Huo Yuxu had already sped off in his sports car.


Xia Beibei waved at his car, hoping he would drive more slowly. But then, his sports car suddenly reversed and returned at high speed.

Goodness, is he coming back for a showdown with me?

In her bewildered state, Huo Yuxu had already parked his car beside her. He looked at Xia Beibei with a stern expression and said coldly, “It was Xu Yufei who had people kidnap you! Wu Yan, be careful!”

With that, Huo Yuxu drove off again.

“Hey! For your safety and others…”

Huo Yuxu’s car had already disappeared.

Xia Beibei muttered weakly, “Drive more slowly!”

Ah, the recklessness of youth. This kid is not very friendly, ah!

Xia Beibei sighed and entered the apartment building with her clothes and lunchbox.

Meanwhile, on another street, the extended Bentley remained parked quietly by the side of the road.

Watching Huo Yuxu’s sports car speeding away, Yan Yicheng squinted his eyes slightly.

Huo Yuxu is one of the male supporting characters.

In the original plot, he was the only one who genuinely liked Wu Yan.

“Boss, Huo Yuxu has already left! Is he here to harass Miss Wu? Should we teach him a lesson?”

“Don’t engage with the Huo family.”

Yan Yicheng muttered and lightly turned the emerald ring on his left hand. “As for this turkey head person, we no longer need it. Let’s deal with the Xu family.”


Perhaps because she had finally found a true companion, Xia Beibei slept particularly soundly that night. The next morning, she changed into another set of spare school uniforms and, before leaving, checked her phone as per Wu Yan’s habit. She was pleasantly surprised to see a reply from the male lead.

Oh my gosh!

So, this is the correct way to capture the male lead’s heart in the original plot?

Seeing the smiley face in An Yichen’s reply, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but send him an emoji and a “Good morning” message.

With her mood significantly lifted, she happily went off to school.

Before reaching the school gate, Xia Beibei noticed a crowd gathering in front of it, with everyone holding their phones up and taking photos of the school wall.

This setup indicated some major gossip!

Xia Beibei quickened her pace, and just then, someone emerged from the crowd, and it turned out to be Bai Tingting.

It’s quite a feat for someone as petite as her to squeeze through the crowd.

“Tingting! Tingting!”

Xia Beibei called out to Bai Tingting as she approached. “What’s going on? Why is it so lively here?”

“Wu Yan, Xu Yufei is in trouble!”


Xu Yufei.

Xia Beibei remembered Huo Yuxu’s words from the previous night. Initially, she hadn’t thought that Xu Yufei was behind her kidnapping. After all, in Xia Beibei’s view, whether it was Xu Yufei, Bai Xiaoxi, or Song Li, they were all just high school girls. How wicked could they be? However, reality had proven her wrong.

In the melodramatic world of novels, wicked female supporting characters were everywhere.

There was no “most wicked,” only “wicked to a greater extent.”

Wickedness was the synonym for villainous supporting characters.

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