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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 70

Chapter 70: The scumbag villain 20



While Su Mingxin was stunned, Dai Zixi, who was on the side, suddenly smiled coldly: “Captain died to save him. What qualifications does he have to live?”

As she spoke, Dai Zixi suddenly raised her hand, the cold light of the dagger in her hand flashed, as she was about to pierce Xia Beibei’s chest.

No-one stopped her. Perhaps in their opinion, Ji Liujing was just an outsider with no relatives, so what if he was killed? If his life could be exchanged for the Captain’s life, then they would have been cut him a thousand times!

However, Dai Zixi’s dagger didn’t pierce Ji Liujing’s body but stopped in the air instead.

A slender hand firmly grasped Dai Zixi’s arm.

Everyone looked at Su Mingxin who suddenly shot in surprise.

“Do you think you can stop me?”

Dai Zixi’s eyes were cold. Although she didn’t know why Su Mingxin suddenly possessed such great strength, however, in Dai Zixi’s view, the Su sisters were ordinary people with no abilities, and she could pinch them to death in minutes.

“Without him, your captain’s body would have been torn down by the zombies.”

Su Mingxin’s tone was very low, with an unprecedented bitterness: “So Dongfang Qingcheng taught you to treat your benefactor this way?”

“Heh, benefactor? Without him, would our Captain die?”

Dai Zixi raised her eyes and stared at Su Mingxin coldly.

“Why not?”

Su Mingxin sneered: “Even if he dies to save him, that is Dongfang Qingcheng’s own choice, he is willing!”

He is willing!

The three words were like a spell, making Dai Zixi stunned.

Yes! A person who is so cold-hearted like Captain, if he is not willing, who can force him to die?

“Zixi, forget it!”

At this time, Shen Nan who had recovered snatched the dagger in Dai Zixi’s hand: “I checked Ji Liujing’s body, and he is not much better. He is exhausted and even more so of his abilities. He might not even be able to wake up in the next few days. He…should have tried his best.”

To achieve this level for the Captain, Shen Nan had to agree with Su Mingxin’s words——

Without Ji Liujing, they wouldn’t even be able to find the Captain’s body.

And he…

In order to save the Captain’s body, had almost paid the price with his life.

He did his best?

Daizixi stared blankly at the man who fell into a severe coma on the ground——

If this is a woman, Dai Zixi really has nothing to say. She will even shed a few tears for this inspiring and tragic love story!

But, for what reason did it has to be Ji Liujing?

“Ding Xiaomo!”

At this moment, Su Mingxin suddenly turned his head and glanced coldly at Ding Xiaomo, who had been in grief behind him and couldn’t help himself: “Get some ice out!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Ding Xiaomo replied subconsciously, and he was stunned as soon as he spoke.

He was frightened out of his mind. Somehow he inexplicably regards Su Mingxin as Captain. But, just now, her tone and eyes really seemed…

Sometimes, the human body often reacts before the brain. When Ding Xiaomo recovered, a lot of ice cubes have appeared next to Su Mingxin.

Su Mingxin frowned and looked at Xia Beibei who was no longer looked like a human on the ground. She hesitated for a moment, and finally bent down and carried the unconscious Xia Beibei to the ice block.

Immediately, Su Mingxin fished out a few fire-system crystal nuclei from Xia Beibei’s body. She placed the crystal nucleus on the ice cube and held it slightly with her palm. The next moment, those ice cubes melted into water at speed visible to the naked eye…

“Sister, you!”

Su Muyu saw Su Mingxin’s movements, and her whole person was stunned.

Sister is obviously not a person with power. Why did she able to absorb the energy in the crystal core, and even use it?

“This is… Liujing taught me.”

Su Mingxin calmly explained, then turned to look at the four members of Thunder Squad: “Ding Xiaomo, take out a set of your clothes!”

Ding Xiaomo: …

Me again? Can I refuse?

Seeing Ding Xiaomo hesitation, Su Mingxin’s eyes immediately became indifferent: “You. Are. Not. Willing?”

Ding Xiaomo: …

Sister, did you got possessed by something? Why did you suddenly become so scary?

Although Ding Xiaomo is a 2B youth, yet even 2B Youth has his own sixth sense. He instinctively felt that the current Su Mingxin is very dangerous. It is better not to offend her. Well, anyway, he still has several new sets of clothes that are yet to be worn.

[T/N: 2B Youth: Part of internet slang that compared three states of Youth which are Ordinary Youth vs. Artistic Youth Vs. 2B Youth. 2B Youth is not necessarily a derogatory term, though it can also be one. Basically, 2B Youth is a young people with simple personality, has a talent for playing treasures, has an optimistic attitude towards life, does not care about personal gains and losses, cares about the friendship, does not care about the eyes of others, and regards happiness as a life dream. Source:]

Well, in the end, Classmate Ding Xiaomo still faced the evil forces. No, he lowered his noble head to the Female Lead and threw out his new set of clothes.

And now, under the clean water, everyone can finally see Ji Liujing’s pale and handsome face…

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