June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The scumbag villain 30


Yan Yicheng’s soul body left the room as he walked across the wall and came to another place.

Under the deathly pale moonlight, Liu Muxue was still in a coma. Her body’s color was indistinct but even her complexion looked terrible from the long handstand.

Seeing her tragic situation, Yan Yicheng raised his eyebrows slightly. He then returned to Su Mingxin’s room. After confirming that Xia Beibei was already asleep, he returned to Su Mingxin’s body once again.

He will not suppress the soul of the heroine for a long time. Yan Yicheng knows very well that he must recover his mental power as soon as possible to solve Su Muyu’s bug…

In the dark night, Su Mingxin’s eyes slowly opened again. The first thing she did after opening her eyes was to get out of the bed. As a result, Xia Beibei suddenly turned over, using her hands and feet together as she instantly took Su Ming Xin’s body and pressed her back on the bed…

Su Mingxin’s eyes darkened. She raised her hand, wishing to take Xia Beibei’s arm away, but Xia Beibei in her sleep suddenly caught her hand.

“Don’t move. Be good.”

Someone who is murmuring while sleeping, the words in her dream were unusually gentle.

Su Mingxin’s eyes paused, and finally, she took out her hand mercilessly and pushed Xia Beibei to the other side of the bed. At the same time, she quickly got out of the bed and sat up straight on a chair that she found inside the room.

She sat in the chair the whole night.

Xia Beibei woke up as soon as the light came in. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her side for the first time. It was empty.

Uh, Su Mingxin actually woke up earlier than her? This is not scientific, ah! She was in a coma last night, ah!

Xia Beibei immediately sat up, only to realize that Su Mingxin was sitting on the chair beside the bed, still closing his eyes and resting.

She seemed to feel Xia Beibei’s gaze. She suddenly opened her eyes. Those eyes changed from ruthless and passionless to profound and indifferent.


Xia Beibei subconsciously greeted Su Mingxin.


Su Mingxin hesitated before she replied.

“You…” Xia Beibei wanted to ask Su Mingxin about her body, but Su Mingxin suddenly took an in-depth look at Xia Beibei and whispered: “Liu Muxue should be about to wake up!”


Xia Beibei jumped off the bed: “Baby, I’ll go first, and I’ll see you at night!”

Su Mingxin: …


When Xia Beibei returned to her room, Liu Muxue was still lying on the ground, but it seemed that she was about to wake up.

She immediately hugged Liu Muxue onto the bed. Seeing her eyelashes trembling, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but smile as she raised her hand and poked Liu Muxue’s delicate face with her finger: “Baby, are you awake?”

Feeling Xia Beibei’s touch, Liu Muxue slowly opened her eyes. Seeing the man at proximity, a trace of panic flashed across her eyes, but Liu Muxue quickly covered it up: “Liujing, yesterday I……”

“Baby, you are great; I like it very much.”

Xia Beibei smiled brilliantly at Liu Muxue: “I’m going out to lead the team on a mission today. What do you want? I will exchange the crystal core for you when I come back tonight?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue immediately forgot the pain of last night and looked at Xia Beibei with gleaming eyes: “I, there is nothing that I want. As long as I can stay with you, I will be content!”

Although she was extremely greedy, Liu Muxue knew that it was not the time yet.

“What a good girl.”

Hearing Liu Muxue’s words, Xia Beibei raised her hand and combed her long hair with her fingers: “You are tired all night, so take a good rest. I’ll leave first, and I will ask someone to give you food in a while!”


Liu Muxue nodded docilely on the bed. Xia Beibei looked at her appearance, turned around and left with joy.

Don’t want anything? It’s indeed a good trick to loosen the reins only to grasp them better!

However, this baby loves it!

Because, even if you want it, I won’t give it to you, hahaha.

T/N: Another 9 chapters before the end of this arc. It will be a roller coaster ride the next two days~

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