May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Villainous Bestie (8)


Xia Beibei returned home and found that the living room light was unexpectedly turned off. It was strange because Wu Meili would usually sit in the living room, waiting for Wu Yan to return!

“Mom! Mom!”

Xia Beibei immediately rushed to Wu Meili’s small bedroom, only to smell a strong medicinal scent as soon as she opened the door.

Wu Meili, with a distressed look, was sitting on the bed, rubbing her knees.

“Mom, what happened to you?”

Xia Beibei saw Wu Meili’s condition and rushed in with concern.

“It’s nothing! It’s nothing!”

Seeing her daughter return, Wu Meili quickly pulled the blanket to cover her injured knee. “Today, I helped Aunt Lin clean the house as a substitute, but I accidentally swept dirt onto a passerby’s dress at the intersection, and then she… sigh.”

Wu Meili smiled self-deprecatingly. “It’s my fault. I’m just a lowly person, looked down upon everywhere, and I even dragged you down. Maybe… I shouldn’t have given birth to you, making you suffer with me!”


Hearing Wu Meili’s words, Xia Beibei instinctively bit her lip.

“You’re not wrong. Without you, there would not be me! Mom, you work several jobs a day, it’s too tiring. How about… we don’t live here anymore! I won’t go to Difeng No. 9 School either! I can still find other ways to make money, and I can still have a chance to get close to those wealthy people, I…”


Before Xia Beibei could finish, Wu Meili suddenly slapped her cheek. The slap wasn’t heavy, but it was particularly loud.

“Wu Yan, remember this! The hardships I’ve endured, the suffering I’ve gone through, it’s all for you! I don’t mind being a lowly person myself, I can work five jobs a day! Why do I do all this? It’s for you! It would be fine if I had chosen to abort you back then! I would have considered our mother-daughter relationship nonexistent! But since I chose to give birth to you, I will take care of you for the rest of my life! I won’t let you become a despised lower-class person!”

When Wu Meili said these words, her eyes were red.

She had also been young and beautiful, with high spirits.

She had also fantasized about a handsome prince and a happy life.


Life had played a cruel joke on her.

The path she had walked, the hardships she had endured, she didn’t want her daughter to go through them again—

So-called love was just a deceptive trick.

Only money could ensure a lifetime of comfort.

No matter what others said about being greedy and materialistic or obsessed with vanity.

As long as her daughter had a good life and didn’t care about the gossip of those who stared at others’ lives, what did it matter?

Those who watched others’ lives all day were boring people who couldn’t get what they wanted.

Hearing Wu Meili’s words, Xia Beibei’s heart was deeply touched—

Giving birth is to take care of you for a lifetime.

How many mothers could truly do that?

And how many mothers couldn’t?

Xia Beibei instinctively clenched her fists, and tears welled up in the corners of her eyes as she looked at Wu Meili. “Mom, if we continue like this, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on! Besides, wealthy people are not stupid, what if one day I’m exposed…”

“I won’t.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Wu Meili lovingly pulled her over and had her sit on her bed. “Everything will be fine, my dear. If you ever get exposed, say I forced you to do it and put all the blame on me.”

Wu Meili gently stroked Xia Beibei’s cheek with her hand as she spoke. “Sweetheart, does it still hurt? Did I hurt you?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.”

Xia Beibei lowered her gaze and picked up the herbal medicine from the side. “Is this for soaking your knee? Shall I help you?”

“No need, no need.”

Wu Meili shook her head. “Sweetie, didn’t you go on a date today? How did it go?”

“It… went okay.”

Through her interactions, Xia Beibei felt that Wu Yan did have some genuine feelings for her, but…

Why didn’t Wu Yan choose Jian Yi?

With many questions about this world in her mind, Xia Beibei spent the night tossing and turning until it was almost dawn before she fell asleep in her own room…

The next day, Xia Beibei looked at the dark circles under her eyes in the mirror, sighed helplessly, and then went to school in a drowsy state.

The courses in the second year of high school were quite demanding, but every day was relatively leisurely for Wu Yan.

Xia Beibei sat by the window, opened her phone, and started scrolling through her social media feed. Of course, what she cared about most was An Yichen’s updates. She had him listed as “Mr. Perfect” in her contacts. Looking at Mr. Perfect’s posts, Xia Beibei noticed that An Yichen rarely posted, and when he did, it was usually about high-level intellectual questions that seemed very brainy.

She tried searching for the question she found in an online search engine, but to her frustration, there were no results, let alone answers.

It’s so difficult!

Communicating with a top student like Mr. Perfect was indeed quite challenging.

“Wu Yan, what are you writing?”

During the break, Bai Tingting turned to look at Xia Beibei’s notebook and found that she had drawn many things on it. These were…


Bai Tingting picked up Xia Beibei’s notebook and took a look. “I’ve done this question before, Wu Yan. Do you like doing Professor Oscar’s exercises too? These questions are tough; it took me a lot of tries to figure them out!”

“You can solve it?”

Hearing Bai Tingting’s words, Xia Beibei’s eyes lit up. “Can you help me with this question?”

As she spoke, Xia Beibei handed her phone over to Bai Tingting.

“Oh, this one!”

Bai Tingting frowned momentarily and said, “This question should be solved like this…”

After listening to Bai Tingting for five minutes, Xia Beibei still looked bewildered. “Well, Tingting, could you type it for me? I didn’t understand what you said.”

After saying that, she handed her phone back to Bai Tingting.

“Sure, no problem.”

Bai Tingting immediately took Xia Beibei’s phone, quickly entered the answer, and then looked up at Xia Beibei. “Do you want to send it?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Xia Beibei took back her phone, clicked the send button, and then smiled as she gently pinched Bai Tingting’s face with her slender fingers. “Tingting, you’re my lucky star!”

“Hehe, not really!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Bai Tingting scratched her head self-consciously.

“You’re just a pig.”

Huo Yuxu, who had just awakened from a nap, raised his head from his desk, his sleepy eyes glancing at Bai Tingting beside him. “If she needs you, she’ll give you sugar-coated bullets, but if she doesn’t, she’ll kick you aside. Wake up, you foolish pig!”

“Hey, Huo Yuxu, that’s enough! You’re the pig, always sleeping and never getting enough sleep!”

Hearing Huo Yuxu’s words, Bai Tingting shrank her head in response, while Xia Beibei immediately stood up, pointed at his nose, and retorted, “You lazy pig always asks Bai Tingting to take notes and do your homework for you! Hmph! Bai Tingting, don’t be afraid of him, don’t help him anymore!”

“Wu Yan, say one more word and try it? Who are you calling a pig? Didn’t you always ask Bai Tingting to help you with this and that?”

“We’re sisters, good sisters! We help each other, right, Tingting?”

Xia Beibei glared at Huo Yuxu and then lowered her head, her eyes shining as she looked at Bai Tingting.

“Wu Yan, forget it, let’s not argue!”

Seeing Xia Beibei and Huo Yuxu arguing, Bai Tingting immediately nervously grabbed her arm and shook her head at her.

Huo Yuxu came from a family of elites, and they couldn’t afford to offend someone like him.

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