May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 77

Chapter 77: The scumbag villain 27


After dismissing Qi Hui and the others, Xia Beibei really didn’t want to be in the same room with Liu Muxue.  So she found an excuse to go out to relax. After Liu Muxue saw that Xia Beibei had gone, she cleaned herself and walked out of her room. She then knocked on Su Mingxin’s door.

“Boom boom boom!”

“Boom boom boom!”

Her perseverance on knocking the door had forced Su Mingxin, who had been meditating in the room to restore her mental strength, to open her eyes. Those cold eyes were sharp and piercing.


The door was opened from the inside. When Liu Muxue at the door heard the sound door being opened, she immediately set up a POSS. She stroked her bangs with one hand while standing sideways and faced Su Mingxin, who opened the door, proudly straightened her chest.

Su Mingxin: …

“Is there something you need?”

The cold female voice had a trace of suppressed impatience.

“Mingxin jiejie.” Liu Muxue smiled enchantingly at Su Mingxin: “Liujing, he said… he wanted me to serve him at night, But I’m so nervous, so I came to my sister and wanted to ask my sister. Liujing. …how did he likes for others to serve him?”

Liu Muxue’s voice was gentle and soft, but her tone was a little unabashedly proud.

Serve her?

Hearing Liu Muxue’s words, Su Mingxin’s eyes darkened: “She asked you to serve?”

“Yes, ah.”

Liu Muxue smiled shyly: “I… have no experience. Mingxin jiejie, you have been following Liujing for so long. You must know his preferences, right? Please tell you meimei about it!”

With that, Liu Muxue raised her hand to pull Su Mingxin’s sleeve, but Su Mingxin silently escaped from her hand once again.

“What that person like? How do I know!”

Su Mingxin’s face was cold as she raised her hand to close the door. But Liu Muxue’s eyes flashed at this time as she smiled and raised her hand to hold the door of the room: “How could Mingxin jiejie not know? Don’t tell me… Had sister never served him? Liujing?”

Su Mingxin: …

Women are indeed the most unreasonable creatures in the world.

“That person likes to grind soy milk the most! Are you satisfied now?!”

[T/N: You know the soy milk color is similar to what~. So basically doing an act of producing soy milk with the human body… WTH am I explaining here…]

While Liu Muxue was being dumbfounded, Su Mingxin had already closed the door with a loud “bang”.

The world is finally quiet.

Liu Muxue: …

What the hell is grinding soy milk? Su Mingxin, you are so yellow and violent, ah!

Huh, Ji Liujing liked this kind of thing?

Liu Muxue couldn’t help but let out an enchanting smile—Ji Liujing. You can’t escape from my palm!

That night.

Xia Beibei, who wandered outside for most of the day and had dinner with Pan Cheng, took advantage of the night and returned to the building. When she walked into the corridor, she was holding a small leather whip that she grabbed from Pan Cheng.

Unexpectedly, that Uncle Pan Cheng was actually that kind of terrible person. He had all kinds of props in his room.

Sure enough, men are generally sinister in this kind of world.

Xia Beibei took a deep breath and pushed open the door of his room. Unsurprisingly, the door was not locked, and the room was dark. After all, the world is harsh now, and the motors in the base cannot generate electricity at any time.


A soft body suddenly jumped up to her.

Xia Beibei’s eyes were still very clear in the dark night. Liu Muxue was only wearing close-fitting underwear. She looked like a sexy, sultry, and sensual woman.


She breathes out like orchids. Her slender arms wrapped around Xia Beibei’s neck like a snake: “Liujing, it’s not early, let me serve you, to rest, eh?”

At the end of her sentence, Liu Muxue’s tone was vague and detached, with a very seductive and fascinating charm.

As long as it’s a normal man, the only thing that they can do is sit back and relax. An only true gentleman and incompetent will be able to resist such beauty.

Of course, Xia Beibei is neither. She is a female man!

“Muxue, you want to serve me? Really… let me do anything?”

Xia Beibei chuckled lowly, raised her hand, and pulled Liu Muxue’s hands from her neck.

“My all is yours. Naturally… you can do whatever!”

Liu Muxue blushed as her heartbeat raised, even her voice trembled.

Hearing the voice of the beauty, Xia Beibei smiled handsomely: “Oh, Muxue, you are so good! It just so happens that I am bored tonight and can’t sleep. You show me a handstand walk!”

Liu Muxue: …

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