July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 78

Chapter 78: The scumbag villain 28


“Handstand…walking upside down?”

Liu Muxue thought she had heard it wrong. She looked at Xia Beibei with a dull expression, repeating it in disbelief.


Xia Beibei raised his hand and lit a beam of electric light, illuminating the whole room brightly. The next moment, her right hand skillfully and handsomely shook the whip of her palm: “Be good, come and perform. If you don’t perform well, you will be punished!”

Liu Muxue: …

Calm down. You must be calm! So Ji Liujing likes S&M?

This…this is not unacceptable; I can do it!

Thinking of this, the expression on Liu Muxue’s face finally became gentle and obedient: “Okay, I know. Liujing, you have to keep your eyes on me!”

As a standard green tea bitch, Liu Muxue set her life goal before the end of the day to hook a wealthy husband and marry into a rich and powerful family. She had spent no less money on self-enhancement, such as learning piano, dance, yoga, golf, and many other social sports. She had mastered all of them, so it should not be too difficult to stand upside down, right?

Seeing Liu Muxue walking upside down in her underwear, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but sit on the bed and whistle: “Wow! Muxue, you are great! You are great! You continue!”

Liu Muxue: …

Liu Muxue, who was already tired with sour hands, couldn’t help but squeezed out a smile when she heard Xia Beibei’s applause and said weakly, “Liujing, is this already okay? My arms are so tired!”

“Your arms are tired?”

Xia Beibei stared at Liu Muxue’s slender jade arms: “Oh, what if my baby is exhausted? Come on. You can walk upside down with one hand now. With that, you can rest your other arm!”

Liu Muxue: What the hell is this? Isn’t it totally illogical?


At the moment when Liu Muxue was hesitating, Xia Beibei’s whip suddenly drew on her back: “Little baby, what are you thinking?”

There was a fiery pain in the back. When the pain came suddenly, Liu Muxue finally couldn’t support herself. After being lashed by Xia Beibei, she immediately fell to the ground. Even at this time, she had not forgotten to lift her eyes to look at Xia Beibei with tears: “It hurts, I don’t dare anymore, Liujing! Ji-shao! I dare not!”

Xia Beibei: …

Big sister, are you playing role-playing now? You are so into the play!

“Don’t dare? What I just said will not be repeated a second time!”

Xia Beibei had a cold face as she looked at Liu Muxue with a calm eye. She felt that her expression must be very gloomy and very abnormal. Aiya, if she wanted to play a cold villain at any time, there will be absolutely no pressure!

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue shivered. Ignoring the pain on her back, she obediently stood upside down once again, using one hand.

“Hurry up! Snails crawl faster than you!”

Xia Beibei whispered coldly while shaking the whip in the air. As a result, Liu Muxue made a mistake when she was nervous. When she made a mistake, Xia Beibei did not hesitate to drop the whip on her back.

Hooking up the golden turtle?

Marrying the president?

Your mom, do you think the rich and powerful families are so easy to enter? Do you think those young masters are idiots, ah?

This baby will give you a lesson today.

In this way, under the constant spur of Xia Beibei, Liu Muxue’s face was getting paler by second. She gritted her teeth and walked in the room with one hand for three laps, and finally fainted due to exhaustion.

Seeing her still bleeding back, Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment and then turned and left the room——

For such a woman, she will not be soft-hearted, nor can she be soft-hearted.

It just……

Xia Beibei really didn’t want to stay in the same room with Liu Muxue tonight. She really felt uncomfortable with that woman.

Standing in the corridor, Xia Beibei looked at the door of Su Mingxin and Su Muyu, and finally stood at the entrance of Su Mingxin’s room.Well, let’s find the Female Lead for the night. It’s not like I haven’t slept together with her anyway.

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