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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Villainous Bestie (26)



Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Bai Tingting was at a loss for words.

That day, she had indeed only glanced briefly from the bus. However, the man’s appearance was very distinctive, and she really remembered him at first sight.


Now, Baitingting was hesitating.

Could she have been mistaken? Perhaps the girl by Xie Jincheng’s side only looked very similar to Wu Yan?

“Maybe Bai Tingting made a mistake.”

At this moment, An Yichen suddenly spoke up. “That day, Yan Yan was sleeping at home the whole time, and I can vouch for that.”

“Is that so?”

Upon hearing An Yichen’s words, Bai Tingting’s face immediately turned unpleasant. “Wu Yan, I’m sorry, I… I…”


Xia Beibei couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh. “I treated all of you as my good friends, especially you, Tingting. Why did you say such things about me in front of Yichen? Bai Xiaoxi drugged me, and I despise her, but I’m not heartbroken. But you, Bai Tingting, what have I done to you? Examine your own conscience!”

“Wu Yan, Wu Yan, let me explain!”

Seeing Xia Beibei misunderstand her, Bai Tingting immediately rushed forward, trying to grab Xia Beibei’s hand and explain. However, Xia Beibei forcefully pushed her hand away. “Don’t touch me! Bai Tingting, I didn’t want to say this, but now I have no choice. I no longer believe in sisterhood. All of you, one by one, have been deceiving and using me! Song Li wanted to get to know wealthy guys through me, and I introduced her. Bai Xiaoxi had ulterior motives, and I gave her chances repeatedly. Bai Tingting, who defended you time and time again? Who stood up for you and protected you from bullies? How did you treat me? Just because of a man? You like Yichen, and I know it!”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Bai Tingting immediately paled and stepped back, while An Yichen, who was next to the hospital bed, also looked surprised at Bai Tingting.

Bai Tingting like me?

For some reason, An Yichen suddenly recalled when Wu Yan fell down the cliff, and Bai Tingting had tirelessly stayed by his side searching for her. There was also the time when she was running desperately on the street.

Could it be…

It wasn’t because she was worried about Wu Yan, but because she liked him?

Suddenly, An Yichen found himself feeling a sense of disgust towards Bai Tingting.

“No, it’s not like that, I… I never…”

Bai Tingting desperately tried to explain.

But Xia Beibei was still sneering, “Bai Tingting, look into my eyes. If you’re willing to look into my eyes and tell me loudly that you’ve never liked An Yichen, I’ll believe you!”


This time, Baitingting hesitated.

She did like An Yichen.

She had a secret crush on a handsome boy, was that so wrong? Even though that boy already had someone he loved.

But she only liked him secretly and had never done anything to harm them!

Staring her down, Bai Tingting looked toward An Yichen for help, but when she felt a tinge of revulsion in his gaze, her heart immediately turned icy.

Does he hate me now?

Does he think I’m a bad girl too?

I didn’t lie; I didn’t!

A flustered Baitingting abruptly turned and ran away.

“Bai Tingting!”

Huo Yuxu, who had been standing nearby all this time, saw her rush away and worried that she might encounter trouble if she went alone. So, he quickly caught up to her.


The hospital was unusually quiet at night.

Bai Tingting made her way to the garden outside the hospital, gasping for breath and with tears in her eyes.

Why didn’t Wu Yan believe her?

Why did An Yichen come to despise her?

She only silently liked someone; she had never intended to harm anyone!

Huo Yuxu, who followed her, watched as she hid in a corner, crying. He frowned, not liking to see girls cry.

“Hey, why are you crying? You’re just having a secret crush on An Yichen, what’s the big deal!”

Huo Yuxu rummaged in his pocket, finally producing a tissue and handing it to Baitingting.

“You don’t understand, I…”

Bai Tingting’s voice was choked with sobs.

“Why don’t I understand? I…”

Huo Yuxu nearly blurted out his own secret; he couldn’t let anyone know that he liked Wu Yan.

At this moment, Huo Yuxu felt a sense of empathy. He watched Bai Tingting, who seemed less annoying than before.

“Thank you.”

Bai Tingting’s voice rang out again as she took the tissue Huo Yuxu offered her, saying softly, “I do like An Yichen, but I didn’t lie, I didn’t frame Wu Yan. That day, I really saw her with a guy, and that guy was… Xie Jincheng!”

Xie Jincheng…

Hearing Baitingting’s words, Huo Yuxu’s eyes flickered.

Others might not know, but Huo Yuxu knew Wu Yan’s connections with Xie Jincheng…

Huo Yuxu remembered what Wu Yan had told him in the hospital room.

He furrowed his brow. “You might have seen it wrong; you didn’t mean harm. Don’t worry; Wu Yan is a bit stubborn, but she’s also kind-hearted. She won’t ignore you, and she will forgive you.”


Hearing Huo Yuxu’s words, Bai Tingting immediately felt hopeful again. “I really hope… she can forgive me soon.”

“All right, it’s very late; I’ll take you home first. Staying at the hospital is embarrassing enough.”

As he spoke, Huo Yuxu led Bait Tngting to the parking lot. Bai Tingting watched the tall, slender young man beside her and for the first time felt that her classmate wasn’t as terrifying as she had imagined.

He’s also a good person.


Hospital room.

An Yichen sat by the bedside, tightly holding Xia Beibei’s hand. “Yan Yan, I’m sorry; I didn’t protect you!”

“Don’t blame yourself. It’s my own misjudgment.”

Xia Beibei self-deprecatingly smiled. “This time, luckily I met Huo Yuxu…”

Huo Yuxu.

Hearing Xia Beibei mention that name, An Yichen’s gaze slightly flickered. “Wu Yan, does Huo Yuxu… like you?”


Xia Beibei didn’t deny it; she nodded gently. “He confessed to me before, but I rejected him. I, Wu Yan, don’t like to play games with people’s feelings. Love is love, and if it’s not love, it’s not. So…”

Xia Beibei stopped here and suddenly gazed deeply at An Yichen. “Yichen, if there comes a day when you don’t love me anymore, you must tell me; don’t deceive me and make me hate you, okay?”


An Yichen leaned in and gently patted Xia Beibei’s forehead. “We’re fine. Why are you talking nonsense? I’ve never cared about anyone this much, do you know? I was so afraid for your safety. Last time on the mountain, I didn’t protect you well, and this time too. On the way to the hospital, I kept telling myself that I absolutely couldn’t let you get hurt again, not… not for a third time!”

The third time…

Hearing An Yichen’s words, Xia Beibei lowered her gaze slowly.

Yes, is there going to be a third time?

This time, Chu Ran disrupted the plot, and Yan Yicheng would definitely try to turn everything around. So, there will be a third time…

By then, it would be time for a complete breaking point.

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