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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Villainous Bestie (17)


An Yichen was handsome and elegant, yet very low-key and gentle.

Bai Tingting noticed him when she entered DiFeng No.9 School. He was different from the typical rich kids. He didn’t do street races or enjoy wild parties. He was a quiet, intelligent boy who excelled academically and was very kind to others. Such a young man seemed like a prince straight out of a comic book, and that was the type Bai Tingting liked the most.

However, Bai Tingting knew that An Yichen had high standards. It was said that countless girls from DiFeng No.9 School had pursued him, but no one had captured his attention. He must have wanted someone exceptionally beautiful and intelligent.

As for herself…

“Are you okay?”

Seeing Bai Tingting still squatting on the ground, An Yichen furrowed his brow slightly, hesitated, and extended his hand to her. “Did you twist your feet or something? Can you stand up?”

“Ah, yes, it’s just a minor twist. I’m fine now.”

Bai Tingting came to her senses and excitedly placed her hand on An Yichen’s palm. His hand was genuinely warm, making it difficult to let go.

However, An Yichen was unaware of Bai Tingting’s sentiment, so he soon withdrew his hand and lowered his head to put his books back into his bag. “Classmate Bai, do you need help with something?”

Although Bai Tingting was ordinary in appearance and background, she excelled academically. Someone like her couldn’t help but attract attention in DiFeng No.9 School.

An Yichen was already aware of Bai Tingting, but he wasn’t someone who liked to meddle in other people’s affairs. Perhaps the reason he asked was that he knew she was Wu Yan’s good friend.

“Ah!” Hearing An Yichen’s question, Bai Tingting slapped her forehead in regret.

Darn it, beauty is genuinely distracting!

She had met a handsome guy and completely forgot about her mission!

“An Yichen, you just came from that direction. Did you see Wu Yan? I saw her walking with a man in his twenties, who didn’t seem like a good person. I’m worried that Wu Yan might be deceived!”

“What?” An Yichen was momentarily stunned.

Wu Yan was with a man who didn’t seem trustworthy?

“Bai Tingting, are you sure about what you just said?”

“Of course! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Bai Tingting replied resolutely. “I won’t say more. I need to find her. Please, let nothing happen to her!”


An Yichen put his bag with books on his back and said, “I’ll help you look for her. I know this street well.”


So, the two of them immediately began searching the streets in haste.


“Tsk, tsk.”

In front of the revolving restaurant on the street, Xia Beibei watched Bai Tingting and An Yichen frantically searching for her. She couldn’t help but smile. “Xie Jincheng, do you think Bai Tingting will call me later?”


Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but laugh. Wouldn’t a phone call be more practical than searching everywhere in such situations?

However, he didn’t get a chance to respond before Xia Beibei simply turned off her phone.

“All right, let’s have lunch. No one will bother us, and after we eat, we can continue enjoying the show.”


Yan Yicheng nodded, and the two of them left the window.


Half an hour later–

On the bustling street, Bai Tingting, already sweating profusely, stopped at an intersection, unable to help but pant heavily.

“Take a rest for a while.”

Seeing her appearance, An Yichen couldn’t help but walk to a vending machine by the street and buy her a bottle of water. “Here, take it.”

“Thank you.”

Bai Tingting blushed, grateful that her sweaty face concealed her shyness from An Yichen’s view.

“Bai Tingting, could it be that you… made a mistake?”

An Yichen still remembered chatting with Wu Yan on WeChat in the morning. She was at home then and didn’t mention going out today.

Did she make a mistake?

Bai Tingting carefully recalled—she shouldn’t have mistaken Wu Yan, right?

“Maybe you should give her a call?”

An Yichen gently suggested.

“Oh, right, call her!”

Bai Tingting felt her mind becoming more chaotic the busier she got, and her IQ plummeted.

She immediately took out her phone from her small bag and called Xia Beibei, only to be met with a cold mechanical female voice—

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently switched off!”

“It’s switched off! What do I do? What do I do?”

Bai Tingting anxiously paced in circles.

It was the first time An Yichen had seen someone worry about their friend to this extent. “Don’t worry, maybe her phone ran out of battery? Besides, I think Wu Yan is very smart. She shouldn’t be easily deceived, right?”

“You don’t know! She…”

“What happened?”

Seeing Bai Tingting suddenly stop midway through her sentence, An Yichen couldn’t help but lower his gaze, deeply looking at her. “What’s wrong with Wu Yan?”

“It’s, it’s nothing, maybe I did make a mistake!”

Bai Tingting nervously clenched the mineral water in her hand.

She almost blurted out Wu Yan’s situation in her moment of panic.

No one else knew about Wu Yan’s pretense of being a rich girl fishing for a wealthy husband at DiFeng No.9 School, and Bai Tingting had to help her keep this secret.

“Right! I have to tutor my students! I’m going to be late! I need to go!”

Bai Tingting rushed off in a hurry. An Yichen watched her retreating figure, then took out his phone. He suddenly noticed a new message on WeChat:

“I just took a nap and now I feel energized. Climbing the mountain tomorrow will be no problem!”

The message was from Wu Yan.

It turned out that she was sleeping at home, and her phone was probably turned off while asleep.

“Rest well. See you tomorrow.”

An Yichen replied to Xia Beibei’s message, put his phone away, and walked away slowly.


After An Yichen left, a car on the side of the road started moving as well.

Xia Beibei played with her phone and turned to Yan Yicheng beside her. “Now, please take me home. You should also head home early. With Bai Tingting’s personality, she might come straight to my house after tutoring her students. If she sees you there, it’ll be hard to explain.”


Yan Yicheng nodded and looked at Xia Beibei with a worried expression. “Tomorrow, be careful!”

“I know.”

Xia Beibei nodded.


Will it rain? Will anything unexpected happen?

Xia Beibei remembered that Yan Yicheng had asked her to bring a raincoat, which meant there would be rain tomorrow. If there was heavy rain on the mountain, accidents were more likely to happen.

Either she or An Yichen…

Xia Beibei closed her eyes and visualized a scene, already planning ahead in her mind.

This time, Yan Yicheng dropped Xia Beibei off downstairs and didn’t leave the car. He silently watched her disappear from his sight.

Xia Beibei.

See you tomorrow.

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