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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Villainous Bestie (18)


The next day, the weather was clear.

Early in the morning, Xia Beibei looked out the window. The sun was rising, and the sky was clear for miles.

It seemed like a perfect day.

Even so, when packing her hiking bag, Xia Beibei casually included a raincoat, two bottles of water, and some other supplies.

“Mom, I made plans with my classmates to go hiking today.”

After having breakfast, Xia Beibei informed her mother, Wu Meili, and then headed out.

This girl had been getting busier lately.


Wu Meili was now confident in Wu Yan. She was planning to pack her things in the next couple of days and move away when Xie Jincheng arranged the purchase of her new house. Since Young Master Xie cared so much for Wu Yan and didn’t mind her background, she could leave peacefully, knowing that her future was secure.


The meeting point for An Yichen and Xia Beibei was at the foot of a mountain on the outskirts.

This area was an undeveloped wilderness. However, due to its beautiful scenery, it attracted many hikers on weekends.

When Xia Beibei arrived at the mountain’s base by taxi, she saw An Yichen from a distance. He was wearing a white sportswear outfit and carrying a backpack, standing quietly on the side of the road.

“An Yichen!”

As soon as Xia Beibei got out of the taxi, she called out to him.

An Yichen turned to look in her direction when he heard her voice. He saw a young woman walking towards him, bathed in the morning sun. Her hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail, and her beautiful face had a brilliant and captivating smile.

“You’ve been waiting long, right?”

Today, Xia Beibei wore a sky-blue sports outfit, giving her a fresh and clean look. Paired with Wu Yan’s youthful beauty, she looked unforgettable.

“I just got here.”

An Yichen looked at Xia Beibei’s outdoor shoes, “It seems like you hike regularly. I must have picked the right person.”


Xia Beibei blinked at An Yichen, “You’re right. There’s no peak in this world that I, Wu Yan, can’t conquer. How about we have a competition?”

As they spoke, her eyes sparkled with immense self-confidence.


An Yichen smiled gently. He liked her self-assured and confident demeanor. “I won’t take it easy on you, Wu Yan.”

“It’s a deal!”

As they talked, they began to make their way up the mountain from a small path. It’s often said that descending is easy, but ascending is challenging. Perhaps because they were both young and full of energy, Xia Beibei and An Yichen hiked quickly.

On a Sunday morning, the mountain air was particularly fresh, and on the mountain path filled with the scent of grass, they occasionally saw other hikers.

After about an hour of walking, they had already reached halfway up the mountain. At this point, they could already see the city on the outskirts in the distance. The other hikers were far behind them.

“Wu Yan, here you go!”

An Yichen handed a water bottle to Xia Beibei and smiled at her, “I didn’t expect you to have so much stamina!”

“You’ll discover many things about me that you didn’t expect.”

Xia Beibei twisted open the water bottle and took a big sip. An Yichen was left a bit stunned by her behavior.

“What’s wrong?”

Xia Beibei wiped her mouth and put down the water bottle, looking at An Yichen in amazement.


An Yichen smiled, “It’s just that I rarely see a girl like you… Most other girls are too reserved and shy around me.”

“That’s because you’re popular! Everyone likes you, and who wouldn’t want to show their best side in front of someone they like?”

Xia Beibei replied with a smile.

“Is that so?”

An Yichen looked deeply into Xia Beibei’s eyes, “What about you?”


Xia Beibei squinted, “An Yichen, are you hoping for my confession?”

“I, Wu Yan, have never confessed to anyone.”

Xia Beibei gazed deeply at the young man before her as she spoke, “Of course, perhaps that person will show up soon. If… he doesn’t mind my flaws and can accept everything about me, I’ll tell him loudly that I like him. An Yichen, do you think… there’s such a person?”


An Yichen smiled at Xia Beibei, “Let’s go to the mountaintop!”

“Yes, to the top!”

They continued their ascent. At that moment, a strong gust of wind suddenly hit the mountain, and the sky quickly darkened.

However, they could already see the mountaintop faintly.

“It looks like it’s going to rain.”

An Yichen couldn’t help but stop, “I’m sure the weather forecast said it would be clear today.”

“This is what they call unexpected changes in the weather.”

Xia Beibei calmly took out a raincoat from her backpack, “When you’re near the peak, you should get a view of all the other mountains. There’s no reason to give up here, right?”

Seeing that Xia Beibei was well-prepared, An Yichen glanced at her again, “You’re right. There’s no reason to give up now.”

As they spoke, both put on their raincoats just in time for raindrops the size of beans to start falling.

“Do we keep going?”

An Yichen suddenly turned to look at Xia Beibei.

“Why not?”

Xia Beibei looked up at him.

An Yichen smiled and extended his hand to Xia Beibei for the first time, “I’ll hold your hand. This terrain is difficult to navigate and quite dangerous, especially after the rain.”

Seeing the extended hand from the male protagonist, Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment before finally placing her hand in An Yichen’s palm. An Yichen’s hand was long and warm, and the palm was soft. However, Xia Beibei’s hand felt stiff, and she wasn’t used to holding hands with someone else.

That’s right. After going through these different worlds for so long, she had gotten used to that person. She had unconsciously grown accustomed to having him by her side, and she had unconsciously separated him from others.

For Xia Beibei, that person had always been different…

Xia Beibei was a bit lost in thought. However, she ignored the path because of her momentary distraction, causing her to stumble over a rock and tumble toward a nearby mountain gorge.

“Wu Yan!”

An Yichen’s reflexes kicked in, and he reached out to grab Xia Beibei. However, she withdrew her hand from his grip, and An Yichen only managed to grab her raincoat and the backpack on her shoulder.

“Don’t move, don’t move! I’ll pull you up now!”

An Yichen’s palm was sweaty, and the rocky terrain under the mountain gorge was dangerous. Besides, the trees below covered everything, and they couldn’t see the bottom, making it extremely perilous.

“It’s okay, An Yichen, don’t panic. I won’t move. I…”

Before Xia Beibei could finish her sentence, lightning flashed across the sky, followed by deafening thunder. Heavy rain poured down suddenly, obscuring An Yichen’s vision with a torrent of rainwater, and the raging wind in the mountains caused his hand to tremble.

Whoosh! Xia Beibei’s raincoat tore.

Xia Beibei:…

What kind of fake and inferior product did Wu Yan buy?

“Wu Yan, grab my hand!”

“Oh, okay!”

Xia Beibei waved her hands frantically. However, in her struggles, her backpack slipped off her shoulders and tumbled down.

“Wu Yan!”

By the time An Yichen regained his senses, he realized that he could only see the shadow of Xia Beibei rolling down the mountainside, and all he had left in his hand was her backpack.

“Wu Yan! Wu Yan!”

An Yichen kept shouting Xia Beibei’s name, but the rainstorm was so severe that he could no longer see her.

This is a nightmare!


At this moment, in the thicket below the mountainside, Xia Beibei, covered in mud, leaned against a warm embrace.

“Are you okay?”

Overhead, came the voice of Yan Yicheng, still in a state of shock.

“What do you think?”

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but look up, intending to glare at Yan Yicheng, but as she raised her head, she saw him completely drenched. Unable to hold his gaze, she looked away again.

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