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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The scumbag villain 32


The moon was calm. Although there was no light in the bedroom at this time, Xia Beibei could still clearly see any expression on Su Mingxin’s face.

Seeing that she was stunned for a long time and couldn’t come back to her senses, Xia Beibei’s eyes gradually became serious.

“I love you.”

At this moment, Su Mingxin looked at Xia Beibei with a gentle gaze, as if suddenly regaining her senses as she whispered in a low tone.

Xia Beibei: …

Such a formal answer made Xia Beibei stunned. She was suddenly felt a little embarrassed at this moment——

Your mom, I slept on the bed for a month, and let the beautiful girl sleep on the floor for half a month, ah!

What about the gentlemanly demeanour?


Xia Beibei coughed slightly: “Baby, sleep on the bed today, I’ll sleep on the floor. Be good, ah! Tomorrow we have to wake up early to hurry on our journey!”

With that being said, Xia Beibei had already got into Su Mingxin’s original spot without a word and found a comfortable posture before she slowly closed her eyes.

Su Mingxin on the ground stared at the empty bed for a long time–

At this time, the heart of this body is beating very fast.

Yan Yicheng felt that he was really sick.

He also said these three words to others in his mission before, which totally made it sound unscientific compared to his current situation. For him, these are just three most straightforward words, something similar to “Have you eaten?”

But why at the moment he said it, there is a strange emotion flowing in his soul?

Yan Yi Cheng pondered for a long time, but he still didn’t understand his current situation.

He decided that he did not want to go to bed.

Now that Xia Beibei occupies his ground floor, he can only choose to sit all night or stand all night? Or simply lie down on the bed and have a good sleep?

Finally, Yan Yicheng hesitated for a moment, and moved a chair and put it in front of the bed. He sat on the chair and leaned his back all night.

Sometimes a person’s habits are tough to change overnight, just as he has been used to being alone.

He doesn’t know how to get along with another person. He also not used to sleep at a place where others have slept.

However, at this time Yan Yicheng would never expect that at some point in the future, his entire life will be overwhelmed by the existence of a single person——

All his habits can be changed for her because at that time, loving her and petting her had become the most unchangeable habit in his life…

The next day, Xia Beibei got up in the morning and started to pack things. She has no space powers, so she has to put all her supplies in the off-road vehicle. Although Captain Pan at the base likes to be careful, he is still a person who pay particular attention to what is essential. Knowing that Xia Beibei is about to leave, he really prepared a lot of supplies for her.

“Liujing, are we leaving now?”

Seeing Xia Beibei was bustling around moving things, Liu Muxue knew that Xia Beibei was about to leave the relief station.

“It’s not us. It’s me.”

Xia Beibei Station straightened up and looked at Liu Muxue in front of him: “You can choose to stay. I think Captain Pan is very willing to take care of you.”

“I don’t want to!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue immediately shook her head desperately. She knew best what Pan Cheng was. Before meeting Ji Liujing, if Qi Hui had not been working for the relief station, she would have been ruined by that pervert, Pan Cheng.


Although Ji Liujing’s habit is special and he hurt her whole body, but she would rather follow Ji Liujing than become Pan Cheng’s plaything. Let alone what kind of development can this small relief station have?

Liu Muxue has been longing for a big base!

“Liujing, I want to follow you. Don’t leave me! I will go wherever you go!”

Seeing Liu Muxue’s unshakeable infatuation, Xia Beibei was also full of slot points from the bottom of her heart–

Beautiful sister, you really sincere to put your life at risk, ah! You are the legendary masochistic girl. You’re crazy, right?

However, since five people could be seated in the off-road vehicle, Xia Beibei didn’t have much opinion on it.


At this time, an unexpected person suddenly came to Xia Beibei.

“Qi Hui, are you here to see this young master off?”

Xia Beibei looked at Qi Hui and asked suspiciously.

Qi Hui looked at Liu Muxue and looked up at Xia Beibei: “Ji Shao, my hometown is also in City B. I heard that you are going to the big base in City B. Please take me with you. While you are driving, you will also lack a supernatural person who can help you to take care of Miss Su and others. So let me take that place!”


Hearing Qi Hui’s words, Xia Beibei was stunned. In the original plot, wasn’t Ji Liujing the one who met Qi Hui and Liu Muxue on the way to the big base in City B?

Your mom, you finally become more reliable this time.

But this time, will this stupid boy die to save Liu Muxue?

“It takes a long way to go to City B. Although we have a car, it is not safe. If you are not afraid of dying on the road, I really need a few young drivers!”

Xia Beibei took an in-depth look at Qi Hui and whispered lightly.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue’s eyes flashed as well.

Could it be that Qi Hui is still obsessed with her? Is he still harbouring feeling for her?

If he can drive, then….

A thought flashed in Liu Muxue’s mind, but she quickly dropped her eyes calmly, for fear of causing Xia Beibei’s suspicion.


What Qi Hui was thinking about, she afraid only he knows.

However, the five people finally got on the road smoothly. The three women naturally sat at the back. At the front, Qi Hui was the one who drove the car while Xia Beibei sat in the co-pilot with her eyes closed.

Qi Hui was very familiar with the road near the relief station. They have to move towards the west to reach the City B. In fact, Xia Beibei and the others had passed this road when they came here. Therefore, when their car passed through a bottomless pit, Xia Beibei couldn’t bear but stare at it with rapt attention.

Before she knew it, she remembered the scene of Dongfang Qingcheng falling here again.

Obviously, only one month has passed, but she feels as if it has been as far away as the last century.

The Thunder Squad should have successfully brought Dongfang Qingcheng’s body back to the base of Dongfang’s home, right?

Although the villain BOSS Dongfang Qingcheng is no longer there, there are still many powerful abilities in the Dongfang family. After Ying Baizui woke up in the future, these two parties were still in an endless confrontation.

It’s just that maybe everything in the future has nothing to do with the Thunder Squad. Their fate that the group should have been destroyed has seemed to be unknowingly being changed…

After passing the deserted no man’s land, the number of wandering zombies began to increase. Qi Hui was only responsible for driving the car. At the same time, Xia Beibei opened the window of the vehicle and kept releasing fire dragons and crackling bolts of lightning to the outside as she burned countless zombies into black charcoal corpses.

Qi Hui admired Xia Beibei’s style and abilities from the bottom of his heart.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t offer to follow her this time. Whether he still had feelings for Liu Muxue, Qi Hui himself was not sure. However, he was indeed from City B. He wants to go back to find his brother. His brother Qi Mian had always been an instructor in the army. Qi Hui thinks that his elder brother must still be alive, perhaps in the military base. Because of his limited ability, Qi Hui has not dared to go on the road alone. This time, with Ji Liujing, he has the opportunity and determination to return to City B alive…

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