June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The scumbag villain 13


Xia Beibei finally put on the clothes that Dongfang Qingcheng had left for her. Although it was a little bit unfit, it is still better than the tattered suit that she had worn before.

After Xia Beibei changed into her clothes, she realized that Dongfang Qingcheng had disappeared to. Well, from her identification, Dongfang BOSS was a straight man. Unmistakably straight as a ramrod guy.

Your mom, what’s all this?

Xia Beibei was arranging her clothes in front of the mirror in the room, when she saw the empty wine bottle reflected in the mirror. Xia Beibei was taken aback by that sight.

Yesterday she still remembered that the red wine seemed unopened when she entered the door?

This…Did Dongfang drink red wine like a beer?

What kind of liquor capacity is that?

It is said that people who like to drink are people who have concerns or stories. Dongfang Qingcheng, what story do you have?

Xia Beibei sighed. She should stop worrying about him. She could not even take care of her own affair, did she still have the time to care about other people’s private issues?

Xia Beibei calmly walked out of the room. While she was inwardly feeling glad that there was no one in the corridor, as a result, the door of the next room was suddenly pushed open. Dai Zixi walked out with Su Mingxin and saw Xia Bei standing in front of the room next door. Both of the party was stunned.


Despite being taken aback, Su Mingxin immediately greeted him with a smile, while Dai Zixi’s eyes narrowed. If she saw it correctly, this famous-brand suit seems to belong to her Captain?

Seeing Dai Zixi looked at her with a different eye, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but raised her head handsomely: “Beauty, if you look at me so affectionately, I will have a reason to suspect that you are in love with me! “

Dai Zixi: …

“Mingxin, your family is very unreliable; it may not be good to depend on him.”

Dai Zixi glared at Xia Beibei before turning and left.

Su Mingxin smiled awkwardly: “Liu Jing, look at you. Don’t always make that kind of jokes. Sister Zixi is scared away by you.”

Xia Beibei: …

Your mom, this baby is definitely playing the role of a scumbag man, ah. No scumbag is more scumbag than me, ah!


After a night of rest, everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

The Thunder Squad was heading towards Dongfang’s hometown, so they were heading eastward all the way. Naturally, Xia Beibei and his team still adhere to the idea of ​​leaning on the big tree to enjoy the cool and continued to follow them all the way.

Only this time, Ding Xiaomo’s eyes on Xia Beibei were obviously a lot weirder.

Xia Beibei: Look at me, have you never seen such a quiet, beautiful man?

Coming out from the occupied area, there were naturally a lot of zombies on the road. It was unknown if it was intentional or not. Dongfang Qingcheng will miss a few zombies every time he fights, and the other team members will also not come forward to deal with it. In the end, Xia Beibei couldn’t avoid dealing with it and just like that, along the way, Xia Beibei has been fighting all the way. Due to this, her lightning power has also been upgraded to level 2. Additionally, her combat methods and speed were also getting much more proficient and faster than before.

After going through a daunting experience, without any mishap, everyone finally arrived at a relief station in D city.

As long as a certain amount of supplies was paid, the survivors will get a chance to stay in this relief station.

For ordinary survivors, what they need the most is a stable life. Even if they have to work in the base, it is much better than facing death threats at any time on the road.

After discussion with the team, the ordinary people in Xia Beibei’s team decided to stay at this relief station. Yet, the Su sisters chose to leave with Xia Beibei.

In this world, this relief station belongs to a cannon fodder-type relief station. As long as a zombie wave occurred, they will not be able to survive.

Xia Beibei knows all this very well, but she is not a Virgin. Therefore, she had no intention to interfere with other people’s choices.

She knows that even in the world of fiction, some people’s destiny can still be changed with their hands as long as they wish for it. As for those who are afraid to change, they can only settle with the situation…

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