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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The Villainess 12


Lan Xiaowu had ascended to the sky in one-step. Due to this, she was obviously labeled to be under Gu’s faction in the Fourth Army.

For this, Xia Beibei was very satisfied. Lan Xiaowu, at this time, was also full of gratitude to Xia Beibei. As the so-called loyal soldier, she consciously regarded herself to be under Gu’s faction.

In the beginning, Jian Ning didn’t like the weak chicken like Lan Xiaowu, who couldn’t lift her shoulders. In order to appease the conflict, Xia Beibei called the two people into the virtual war room and told them to fight a battle. Adjutant Jian, who was immediately defeated, was finally convinced.

After a few days of getting along, Jian Ning began to sincerely worship Lan Xiaowu.

I have to say that there is some kind of magic that belonged to the Female Lead-daren that makes people involuntarily want to approach and feel close to her.

For a time, Lan Xiaowu’s reputation in the Fourth Army almost obscured Shen Linfeng and Xia Beibei’s light. Even her reputation as a commanding genius has gradually spread out among the Fourth Army.

At this time, it has been more than a month since Xia Beibei returned to Beijing.

The first time she had come home during the holiday. Elder Gu then called her to his study, and the discussion was naturally about her engagement.

Like the plot known to Xia Beibei, Elder Gu favors the Lin family.

“Yixuan knows that you are on holiday today, so he specifically called and asked you to go to Yimingju for dinner. I have agreed on your behalf.”

In the study, Mr. Gu looked at Xia Beibei with a smile on his face: “Churong, I know that you don’t like Lin Yixuan very much. Maybe, you think Mu Chen is better in all aspects. But, truthfully, Mu Chen is tough to control. Now in the Mu family, only the Elder Mu could control him. Churong, are you sure you can control Mu Chen? Grandpa had lived all his life, but he still had an eye for people. Mu Chen is not suitable to become your husband. I still think that you should still consider Yixuan.”

Lin Yixuan…

It has to be said that compared with Mu Chen, Lin Yixuan does seem a little unsatisfactory, and there was no general style. However, the main reason why Elder Gu was attracted to him was that the Lin family was currently on the rise. Furthermore, Lin Yixuan also showed his interest in Gu Churong from a long time ago.

In Elder Gu’s eyes, such a man should be an existence that his granddaughter can handle.

Lin Yixuan…

Xia Beibei listened to the Old Man Gu’s words and nodded reluctantly: “Grandpa, I will try to contact him as much as possible. If we still couldn’t get along, you have to listen to me.”


Elder Gu smiled and said: “Churong, you rarely come back. Take a good rest during the day. At night, I ask Qingnian to send you to Yimingju.”

“I don’t need him to send me, I can go by myself.”

Xia Beibei dropped these words and quickly walked out of the study.

After the door was closed, Old Man Gu sighed and turned to look at the bookshelves on the side: “Qinian, what do you think?”

The bookshelves on the side slowly separated, and a secret room appeared. Gu Qingnian, who was in a casual suit, slowly walked out of it: “With Chu Rong’s temper, it’s useless if you force her to do anything that she doesn’t like!”


Elder Gu took a deep look at Gu Qingnian before he continued: “That’s not necessarily. That child has always been the most principled and the most considerate of the overall situation. Don’t look at my old age. This old man knows what Yimingju is. You will also go over tonight and find a way to let the uncooked rice become cooked. When the time comes, the Lin family will not be able to turn down, and Churong will also tolerate it for the sake of the overall situation.”


Hearing that, Gu Qingnian’s eyes sank, and he couldn’t help but laughed coldly: “Gu Jianguo, you are such an old bastard. You even calculate your own granddaughter!”


Hearing Gu Qingnian’s words, Old man Gu’s face immediately flushed with anger: “Little bastard, you! Your wings are already stiff now, huh? Did you really think that I could not hold you down now? Do not forget who gives everything that you have now!”

“Who gave it to me?”

Gu Qingnian walked to the desk, bent down, and stared sharply at Elder Gu’s eyes: “Everything I have experienced, everything I have endured, was given to me by you. I will not forget it! Gu Jianguo, you have done so many bad things. You deserve to be punished in this life! You deserve to have no son until you die! As for the Gu family’s century-old foundation…it will definitely be ruined in your hands. I will open my eyes to witness it!”

“Damn you!”

Elder Gu was so angry that he threw the ceramic pen holder on the desk with his hand.

The ceramics fell on the ground, broken into pieces, as Gu Qingnian easily avoided it. He then neatly sorted out his coat, as he turned and left without saying a word…


In the evening, Gu’s old house.

Xia Beibei took a rest at home for a day. She then changed a new set of clothes and was about to leave for Yimingju. There was already a black Audi parked at the gate when she was about to leave. This was the car used by Elder Gu to go out on weekdays. It was driven by Elder Gu’s guard, Zhao Ge, who was also a direct line from the Gu family.

It seemed that Grandpa was afraid that I would stand Lin Yixuan up.

Xia Beibei raised her eyebrows. She did not plan to run away anyway. After all, she really wanted to go to the legendary Yimingju to experience it.

Therefore, she did not hesitate to open the car door and sat in the back seat. After getting in the car, Xia Beibei was stunned when she saw the person sitting there.

“Gu Qingnian, why are you here?”

Gu Qingnian wore a black suit and looked very serious and formal.

“I also made an appointment with a friend to go to Yimingju. So you can drop me by.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Gu Qingnian answered indifferently.

Drop by…

Xia Beibei was also speechless. Gu Qingnian himself was not without a car. It seemed that grandpa still wanted him to look after her?

“Well, Zhao Ge you can drive!”

Xia Beibei simply leaned on the back seat and closed her eyes to rest her mind. She didn’t want to worry about that too much.

Zhao Ge, who was sitting in the driving seat, glanced at Xia Beibei and then at Gu Qingnian. He hesitated for a moment when he thought of the task that the old chief had given to him. Finally, he started the car, and the black Audi slowly drove out of the Gu’s compound…

Yimingju was located on a large mountain on the outskirts of the capital.

You can see all the mountain range’s view from the top of the mountain.

The entire Yimingju was entrenched on the top of the mountain. Not like a clubhouse, but more like a huge castle.

In the dark night, the European-style buildings covering the entire mountain’s top were reflected in brilliant neon light, like a dream.

Zhao Ge drove the car directly to the hall gate, and Xia Beibei and Gu Qingnian got out of the vehicle one after another.

“Miss Gu!”

“Young Master Gu!”

The Yimingju’s attendant immediately greeted the guest. As the staff of Yimingju, their brains must be like computers. Therefore, they could remember the appearance of any powerful child.

“Miss Gu, Master Lin is already waiting for you in the Phoenix Hall on the fifth floor!”

While talking, the female attendant took out a small instrument and handed it to Xia Beibei. Xia Beibei habitually raised her finger and pressed it–


The instrument immediately rang after Xia Beibei’s finger left, and a line of flashing large characters flashed on it: “Gu Churong, Imperial Major! Identity verification succeeded!”

The female attendant needs to verify fingerprints, and even each hall has an independent password. The entire building can block any communication signals; therefore, it was impossible for any recording to be made, be it video or audio. Even the high-grade glass used here was special-made, riot-proof, and bulletproof.

It’s a very secure and very private place.


Suppose something special happens here, too. This place is going to be a very precarious existence.

“Blood Scorpion, Gu Churong already went in. She should have gone to Lin Yixuan’s private room.”

A cold and dangerous male voice suddenly rang silently in the dark night.

At this time, in the hall of the third floor of the Yimingju, a beautiful woman gently kissed the ring on her finger. In it was the latest communicator developed by their Blood Shadow’s organization. The frequency band was very secretive and can deceive Yimingju’s detection radar for a short time.

Miss Gu, you are finally here!

You are welcome to join the bloody party tonight!

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