May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The scumbag villain 25


Because Xia Beibei showed his hand in front of the bald Zhang Yuan An, that afternoon, she was warmly received by Pan Cheng, the Captain of the Relief Station’s Superpower Team.

Pan Cheng looks like an upright middle-aged man in his thirties. Although he has been full of smiles while conversing with Xia Beibei, Xia Beibei can see that this man is a man with a big smile and evil intentions. Since she was stronger than him, he just greeted her with a smile, if she was weaker than him, who knew what will happen to her!

“Ji Shao, I heard that Miss Su says that you are not in good health. There are still a few rooms in this building. Would you like to bring Miss Su and the others to live upstairs?”

Before Xia Beibei took the initiative to raise the conditions, Pan Cheng was already opened his mouth in an understanding manner.

“That’s so embarrassing, Captain Pan! How can I have asked for that? Well, but those rooms are all sunny, right? Hehehe, you might not know, I used to live in a villa, and it must be sunny. Otherwise, I will have a bad rest!”

Xia Beibei sloppily laughed while her eyes swept over Pan Cheng.

“Naturally so. The room that I prepared for Ji Shao is naturally the best! It must be the best!”

Pan Cheng patted his chest as he promised. Xia Beibei nodded in satisfaction. In the afternoon, she took Su Mingxin, Su Muyu, and Liu Muxue into the building together.
The fact that a very cheating dual-type Thunder and Fire abilities appeared in the base had already spread in the base. Therefore, when Xia Beibei moved with three beautiful women that afternoon, she naturally received countless attention.

Xia Beibei accepted all kinds of envious and jealous eyes without any question.

Your mom, what can this baby say. This baby might as well enjoy the days of being a King. After all, the day when the main plot is triggered is not that far away.

 The four people went all the way up to the fourth floor. There were indeed three clean rooms up there, and they were all sunny rooms with plenty of sunlight.

“I’ll live here.”

Before Xia Beibei could speak, Su Mingxin, who had always spouting cold-faced, had already selected her room. She walked in on her own, and closed the door with a “bang”.

Xia Beibei: …

Who did provoke her? Why is she so angry?

Well, could it be the legendary jealousy?

Seeing Su Mingxin walking into the middle room by herself, Su Muyu hesitated for a moment. Her sister is really strange recently, but forget it!

“I’ll live there.”

Su Muyu walked into the innermost room and saw Liu Muxue deliberately leaning against Xia Beibei when she opened the door.

Shameless vixen!

Su Muyu cursed in a low voice. She then opened the door and entered the room in anger.

“Bang” the sound of her closing the door was even louder than of Su Mingxin.

 Xia Beibei: …

Oh, why do women bother women?

Of course, this baby is talking about herself and not this stuff, Liu Muxue. This stuff is a disgrace to womankind.


Liu Muxue had already leaned her entire upper body on Xia Beibei’s body. The two people had only met each other for less than a day, and her name had become “Liujing” in her mouth.

“Liujing, it seems that I can only sleep with you.”

Having said this, Liu Muxue couldn’t help but look at Xia Beibei with a shy expression.

“Well, come in.”

Xia Beibei took Liu Muxue and pushed the door into the room. The room was neatly cleaned, with a large comfortable bed. Even the bedding was brand new.

Seeing the furniture in the room, Liu Muxue’s eyes lit up. Since the end of the world, let alone living in a building, sleeping in the wilderness is common occurrences. How long has she not rested on the big soft bed?

It seems that she is right to choose to follow Ji Liujing!

“Liu Jing, are you tired? Do you want me to serve you to rest?”

Liu Muxue walked around Xia Beibei and pressed her small hands gently on her shoulders.

Xia Beibei: …

Your mom! Don’t tell me that this is her signal to seek a joyous moment?

Feeling Xia Beibei’s body getting stiffened, Liu Muxue curled her lips and smiled. Her pair of small hands gradually descended from Ji Liu Jing’s shoulders.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion in the corridor——

“Surname Ji! You roll out for me!”

This is……

Xia Beibei’s hearing is better nowadays. She naturally heard that the voice that directed at her. At this moment, Liu Muxue’s expression behind her also changed. Xia Beibei did not recognize that voice, but Liu Muxue recognized it. It was… Qi Hui’s voice!

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