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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The Demon Girl 11


“After becoming the sect master, Master was fond of wearing a partial skin-coloured mask. No one has seen the half of her face that was covered by that mask. But I have seen it.”

Xia Beibei continued to whisper in a low voice. Her gaze was focusing on the emotion changes in Zuo Qianji’s face: “Back when she fell off the cliff, although there was no danger, half of her face was ruined.”

“She gave you the most important and the best things that a woman could give, but Zuo Qianjin, what did you give her back? Master, she was crazy. She was driven crazy by you! Not only that but she also constantly forcing her daughter, forcing A’ Man into…”

“Stop talking! Please stop talking!”

At this very moment, Zuo Qianji finally let out tears of regret: “It was all my fault, it was all my fault! Those thousands of wrongs were all my fault! Girl, you are right. I am not worthy of forgiveness. Even I can’t forgive my previous wrongdoings. What right do I have to expect that both mother and daughter will forgive me? The damage has already been done. Even if I beg for forgiveness, I can’t turn back time.”

Zuo Qianji took an in-depth look at Xia Beibei: “Girl, since long ago, I have nothing left to live for. Since I am already facing the death door, I give you this internal force. I hope that it can be considered that I have alleviated a few of my sins before I die. At last, I finally reach the road to the underworld. If I can meet Ruoyi, I will atone my mistake to her personally, girl…you…”

Zuo Qianji’s tone began to weaken. He had been tortured by the Forgetfulness Grass for several years. Once his body lost the support of internal strength, it started to decline rapidly; “Girl, please, please… please… Take good care of A’ Man, please carefully…accompany her.”

She is an unfortunate child, ah!

Facing Zuo Qianjin’s too hopeful eyes, Xia Beibei nodded: “I will stay with her until I die.”

With Xia Beibei’s promise, Zuo Qianji finally closed his eyes slowly. He could finally die with peace of mind.

This world is so wonderful. People who have done bad things for a lifetime could die with peace of mind if they were to get the forgiveness of others before they die.

But, what about those people who were let down and hurt by them?

They were suffering when they were alive, and even when they reached their end, they still couldn’t close their eyes in death and die contentedly.

Zuo Qianjin, I agreed to your request, not because I pity you, nor because I feel grateful to you. It is because…

A’ Man is my relative.

Even if there is no request from anyone, I will stay with her until the end of my life…

This is Ye Lan’s wish.

In the original plot, Ye Lan also did this.

Xia Beibei once again let out a pensive sigh. With the internal force given by Zuo Qianjin, she reluctantly used it to meditate and heal herself.

While Xia Beibei was busy healing her strength, a slender figure appeared like a ghost outside the abandoned house.

The visitor did not deliberately hid his breath and footsteps.


Xia Beibei opened her eyes and forced herself to get up from the wooden bed.

The wooden door of the house was pushed open, and along with the night breeze, Feng Jiutian’s figure appeared in front of Xia Beibei.


As soon as Feng Jiutian entered the door and saw the dead Zuo Qianji inside the room, he was taken aback for a moment. He then coldly said: “You deserve to be the demon girl of the Xueyi sect, ah. You did not even let your saviour go?”

Obviously, Feng Jiutian misunderstood that Xia Beibei had killed Zuo Qianji to save herself.

Regarding his guess, Xia Beibei was noncommittal: “Thank you for saving me, Landlord Feng. As for other things, I have nothing to say.”

There were rumours in Jianghu that the Landlord Feng has a poisonous tongue. It seemed that those rumours were not groundless.


Feng Jiutian narrowed his eyes as he looked at Xia Beibei. He then made a sad expression as he said: “Ye Lan, is this how you treat your benefactor?”


Xia Beibei smiled slightly: “We are people from the devils’ gate. We have always bite the hand that feeds us. Didn’t you just suspect me killing Senior Zuo just now?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian’s eyes seemed to dodge her: “Forget it, cough cough. This Landlord will never be at peace with you. Let’s stop bickering. You are seriously injured. Go and heal yourself with peace of mind. I will protect you tonight.”

After speaking, Feng Jiutian turned around and exited the room.

See him really stood outside the door to protect her, Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment –

Don’t tell me that this Landlord Feng is the kind of person who outwardly appeared need of spanking while inwardly hiding a fiery burning heart?

Forget it, at the moment she did not have much time to investigate it. Xia Beibei returned to the wooden bed and sat down cross-legged as she began to heal herself with a peace of mind.

After Xia Beibei entered the meditative state, Feng Jiutian who was outside the door was looking up at the bright moon in the sky. It was unknown what was in his mind. However, his face gradually darkened as time goes by–

Chu Ran managed to escape, despite being seriously injured. According to his personality, he would not leave this world. At this moment, Chu Ran must have concealed his breath and hide somewhere to heal.


On the second day, Xia Beibei finally woke up from meditation. Her complexion had improved a lot.

Although the wound on her body was yet to fully heal, her internal injuries had almost been cured. She got out of bed and saw that Zuo Qianji’s corpse had disappeared. Xia Beibei looked at that place with concentration before walked out quickly. After she left the room, she saw Feng Jiutian’s figure in the courtyard and the new tomb beside him.

“Did you handle senior Zuo’s corpse?”

Xia Beibei asked Feng Jiutian, who had been standing under the tree at this time. Feng Jiutian slowly turned around, holding a small box in his hand: “This is only the cenotaph. Here are Zuo Qianji’s bone ashes! “

“Did you cremate him?”

Xia Beibei was surprised. Why didn’t she hear anything last night? But instead of thinking about Feng Jiutian’s mysterious skill, Xia Beibei calmed down: “Landlord Feng, why don’t you bury his ashes here?”

“The deceased is already dead, but…”

Feng Jiutian glanced at Xia Beibei: “Take these ashes back to the Xueyi sect and give it to someone qualified to deal with it.”

Hearing Feng Jiutian’s words, Xia Beibei was startled: “You… what do you know?”

“There is nothing that we, Tianxianglou, did not know.”

Feng Jiutian smiled at Xia Beibei: “The so-called blood is thicker than water. If it was my close relative… I would never hope that my close relatives will have their bodies buried in the wilderness.”

Xia Beibei’s face turned pale when she heard Feng Jiutian’s words. She remembered the words she said to Zuo Qianji last night——

Is she too extreme?

What if……

What will I do if it was me…

What will I do if that woman comes back…

Xia Beibei lowered her eyes as she clenched her hands into fists. After a while, she finally let go of her fist weakly.

Blood is thicker than water. His ashes should indeed be handed over to A’ Man. No matter what decision A’ Man makes, it was her family affair.

Xia Beibei smiled and walked to Feng Jiutian. She raised her hand and took Zuo Qianji’s ashes, and looked at Feng Jiutian firmly: “I will bring senior’s ashes back to Xueyi sect. I believe that he should also wish to reunite with his close relatives.”

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