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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Villainess 20


This time the incident related to the Blood Shadow has become a big deal and led to a wave of collective anger from the important people of the Empire.

According to incomplete statistics afterward, at the time of the bombing attack, more than one hundred high-ranking’s Empire children were spending money at Yimingju. All of them were killed, and none was spared.

Gu Qingnian’s name was also on the list of victims.

Although Xia Beibei was okay, Gu Qingnian was pronounced “dead”. This news has more or less become a blow to Elder Gu. Even when Elder Gu closed his eyes at night, he could still see the back view of Gu Qingnian who left the study that day——

You will not have a son until the day you die. Gu Qingnian was right that he will not have a son in this life, but he still has his grandson!

It can be said that Gu Shaoming, the second youngest of the Gu family, was the only one who emotionally supports Elder Gu now!

With such a big event happened in the capital, Gu Shaoming, who was out of town, will hear the news sooner or later. Hey, I hope that kid will be able to strive!

The military department completely blocked the news of Yimingju’s explosion. The media conference held to the outside only said that it was a live-fire exercise of the Imperial Army.

In this regard, the people in the capital also believed it.

In their eyes, the Empire has always been the most powerful. Hence, the existence of an organization like Blood Shadow was too far away from the hearts of ordinary people. They would never have thought that the explosion would be a Blood Shadow masterpiece. …


After the explosion, Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng returned to their troops. The two continued to live their lives as if nothing had happened.

At this time, the task of hunting down the Blood Shadow naturally fell on the Thunderbolt Legion and Ning Chuan.

Ning Chuan had dealt with the Blood Shadow many times before. Although the two sides have never won against each other, most of the time, the Thunderbolt Legion had the upper hand.

This time, Ning Chuan set out with his left and right hand, Mu Chen, to hunt down Blood Shadow.

Well, the plot has been running off the track again and again, and the male protagonist has also been on the front line in advance. Xia Beibei has yet to have a chance to become engaged with the Mu family. Hence, she could only take one step at a time.

“Deputy Commander.”

When Lan Xiaowu walked into Xia Beibei’s office, she saw that she was in a daze with a piece of information in her hand.

“Deputy Commander?”

Lan Xiaowu stepped forward and raised her voice subconsciously.


Xia Beibei returned to his senses and put aside the intelligence in her hand. This was the Thunderbolt Legion’s real-time intelligence sent back from the front line. Now the Thunderbolt Legion was about to approach the Blood Shadow’s lair.

Xia Beibei was feeling very disturbed. She had a hunch that something would happen again, this time around.

“Deputy Commander, this is the tactical report that you have requested for me to organize!”

Lan Xiaowu put her report on Xia Beibei’s desk. She then glanced down at the intelligence report in front of Xia Beibei.

The Thunderbolt Legion?

This is the strongest corps in the Empire!

“Deputy Commander, is this the latest news from the Thunderbolt Legion?”

“Well, yes.” Xia Beibei nodded: “They have reached the border of G city, where is supposed to be the nest of the Blood Shadow Organization!”

G city?

Lan Xiaowu’s eyes condensed when she heard Xia Beibei’s words. She suddenly brought out her notepad to check it. She whispered eagerly: “Deputy Commander, the weather in G city is not so good these past two days. Today, there were supposed to be level eight, strong winds, and heavy rains tomorrow. I have studied the terrain over there. According to my investigation, that place was most prone to mudslides and landslides.”


Hearing Lan Xiaowu’s words, Xia Beibei’s expression stunned.

Weather changes played a crucial role in determining the outcome of wars in ancient times. Although the weather is no longer the most important influence in the modern high-tech era, it still affects the battle conditions more or less.

G city was also the Blood Shadow’s stronghold. The Blood Shadow Organization’s base did not only has many lethal weapons, but also a lot of biochemical gas. They have also survived in G city for many years; therefore, they should already master the terrain and weather. This is the right time and place for them to retaliate!

“This is bad!”

Xia Beibei stood up quickly. She picked up her military cap and quickly walked out of the office. She is going to the military headquarters. She needs to take the initiative to volunteer to assist the Thunderbolt Legion!


When Xia Beibei hurriedly arrived at the military headquarters, Yan Yicheng had been there for a long time. The two incidentally met in the corridor. Xia Beibei immediately walked to Yan Yicheng and asked: “Why are you here?”

“Of course, it’s for the Thunderbolt Legion. They can’t take the great credit for destroying the Blood Shadow.”

Yan Yicheng answered in a loud voice, while looking down at Xia Beibei: “Why are you here too?”

“Like you, um, no, I’m going to save people.”

Xia Beibei smiled faintly at Yan Yicheng. In the original plot, Mu Chen was trapped, and it was Gu Churong who took someone to save him. Although the last person who saved the life became Lan Xiaowu, at the very beginning, it was indeed only Gu Churong who thought of Mu Chen’s safety at a critical moment.

Unfortunately, Mu Chen could not see her intention from beginning to end…


The Imperial Army.

People from the military department received Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei successively and watched as the Leiming Legion and the Fourth Army volunteered to assist the Thunderbolt Legion in combat. This surprised the people of the Imperial Army.

However, when they thought carefully about the various grievances between the Gu family, the Lin family, and the Mu family, it seems to make sense?

Originally, the military personnel did not immediately approve these two people’s applications. There was news from G city that all the Thunderbolt Legion members were trapped that night. As soon as the news came out, the military personnel could not sit down!

The people from the Thunderbolt Legion must be rescued as soon as possible. Therefore, the Leiming Legion and the Fourth Army Logistics Corps, who volunteer to act as the vanguard, really come in handy at this time!

Late at night.

When Xia Beibei received the order from the military department, she had been sleeping so soundly. As a result, a phone call made her woke up from her drowsy state.

When Xia Beibei put on her uniform and reported to the training ground, Shen Linfeng was already waiting there with Wang Zijun.

“You too?”

When Xia Beibei saw Shen Linfeng’s figure, she asked quite unexpectedly. In her impression, Shen Linfeng was equivalent to a national protected animal. How could Elder Shen let him go to Blood Shadow’s lair?

Unless a donkey kicked Elder Shen’s head…

“Can’t I send you off?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Shen Linfeng raised his eyebrows. He deeply felt that Gu Churong was despising him. But there was no other way!

He really could not get out of the capital.

“Deputy Commander Gu, you will lead the team this time. I have arranged a logistics team for you. Zijun will also set off with you as your adjutant throughout the process.”

While Shen Linfeng was talking, another slender figure rushed all the way in the night.

“Report, report! Trainee adjutant Lan Xiaowu is here to report!”

Lan Xiaowu stood up straight, panting, and paid a military salute to Xia Beibei and Shen Linfeng.


Shen Linfeng looked at Lan Xiaowu and then at Xia Beibei: “Gu Churong, you are going to the Blood Shadow Lair this time, are you sure you want to take her?”

“Of course I am sure.”

Xia Beibei looked at Shen Linfeng with very firm eyes——

The Female Lead-daren has an invincible aura and an open IQ. If we do not wear the amulet of the Female Lead- daren, we will really have no chance to come alive!

Seeing that Xia Beibei was so determined, Shen Linfeng did not say anything. He sent off the group of people on the off-road vehicle. Shen Linfeng stood alone on the training ground. He watched the car gradually move forwards and disappear in the dark. His heart whispered silently–

All of you must come back safe and sound, not one of you should be left behind…

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