May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The scumbag villain 8


“Aiyo, hey, the captain is acting handsome again!”

The man who just teased Xia Beibei was a man with a long, fluttering hair. Although he had the face of a literary youth, no matter how literary and artistic his face was, he couldn’t conceal his indestructible and robust temperament.

[T/N: I baidu-ed and it seemed alias to literary youth is a hipster? LOL.. Anyway literary youth is young people who dabble in art and culture]

“Ding Xiaomo, you go and die. Captain will always be the most handsome!”

The only female member of the team was staring at Dongfang Qingcheng’s figure who was in the midst of the zombie’s group. By looking at her appearance, it seemed that she was ready to rush up at any time. Of course, her target was not the zombie, but Dongfang Qingcheng.

A Thousand Miles Freeze, Ding Xiaomo.

Fire Dance Silver Snake, Dai Zixi.

One with the element of ice, while the other with the element of fire. These two people were really intolerant of each other, like ice and fire.

So the two remaining people are Killing Demon’s Qin Fang and Sharpshooter Deity’s Shen Nan, right?

Qin Fang was a superpower with a dual power of strength and agility. Under Dongfang Qingcheng’s devil training, he will become the first warrior assassin in the apocalypse! Since he appeared behind the victim like a ghost, he was nicknamed Demon by others.

As for Shen Nan, he was an elite scholar before the end of the world. After the end of the world, he stimulated the precision-attribute power. Any mechanical firearm in his hands will be transformed with great power, and he can hit a hundred shots and kill people from a kilometre away!

This was the strongest sniper in the last days, Shen Nan!

So, the four people in front of her were the most wicked characters in this novel world. Although their team was finally wiped out by the male protagonist Ying Baizui, this does not affect Xia Beibei’s enthusiasm in regards to this villain team.

Seeing Xia Beibei staring at them with a beaming smile, Shen Nan pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose as he leaned against Qin Fang and whispered: “Qin ge, this little white face looks strange. He wouldn’t be… that kind of people, right?”

“What kind?”

Qin Fang was from the north. He was initially looked tall and sturdy. However, after hearing Shen Nan’s word, he first lowered his eyes to look at Shen Nan, who was like a white chicken and then looked at Ji Liujing, who was also thin in shape. He then patted Shen Nan on the shoulder with a reassuring expression: “Nan-zi, don’t worry, you are not his food. Little shou and another Little shou have no future together!”

Shen Nan:…

WTF! Lao-zi is a straight man who is straighter than the telephone poles! No, this is not the point. The point is that even if Lao-zi is bent, I will still be an attacker! Do you understand it?

Xia Beibei:…

You two pit holes, do you think that I am deaf?

How can this baby like men?

Uh, no. That’s wrong. This baby likes men! Your mom! Why did baby have to become a man in this world!

Xia Beibei instantly felt that the world was full of malice towards her…

“Have you finished talking?”

At this time, Dongfang Qingcheng’s voice suddenly rang in everyone’s ears. The low male voice was obviously so cold and charming, but in the ears of the other four people, it was a magic sound from hell! Almost at the moment his voice fell, the four people in the Thunder Squad instantly switched their personalities as they coldly and murderously rushed into the group of zombies.

Xia Beibei:…

BOSS, you are really awesome. Please abuse a lot, no, please discipline your subordinates well.

With the inclusion of the Thunder Squad, the large group of zombies were quickly beaten to the ground. Although her level was too low, Xia Beibei couldn’t help picking up leaks on the edge of the battlefield as she killed mobs and practising her proficiency.

When the battle was over, the woods were full of zombies who either frozen, electrocuted, burned, or being shot at its head. In short, the deaths were varied and spectacular.

Xia Beibei couldn’t help thinking of the bloody scene that she saw during her first mission which seemed trivial compared to now.

It’s just strange that this time she didn’t seem to feel nauseous or fearful.

Perhaps, she has begun adapting herself in doing tasks, and on how to be a villain…


At this time, Su Mingxin’s figure suddenly appeared in Xia Beibei’s line of sight. The movement of the Thunder Squad was so loud just now. Therefore, she naturally saw it. At this time, seeing that Xia Beibei was okay, Su Mingxin immediately fluttered with excitement as she came up and hugged her tightly.

“Liu Jing, you’re all right! That’s great!”

Su Mingxin hugged Xia Beibei to death, and Xia Beibei didn’t know how to push her away.

On the other side of the forest, Su Muyu, who was standing with others, also stared at her sister and Xia Beibei in a daze.

Why did the current Ji Liujing give her a very different feeling?

Today, he actually willing to stay behind.

Is this still the young master Ji that she knows?


“Okay, okay, am I okay?”

Xia Beibei finally pushed Su Mingxin away and then turned to look at the five people in the Thunder Squad behind her with a smile: “Thanks to these friends for their help this time, I don’t know how should I address all of you?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, the Thunder Squad looked at each other before turning around and subconsciously looked at their Captain.

Under normal circumstances, the Captain will usually leave coldly while showing off his aura of wickedness from his back.

But now–

“Dongfang Qingcheng.”

Dongfang Qingcheng glanced at Xia Beibei, and slowly spit out his name.

Ding Xiaomo: Damn, the Captain forgot to take medicine today?

Dai Zixi: Oh, yes, did the Captain have a crush on that cute little sister? It turns out that the Captain likes to dig corner?

Shen Nan: I suddenly had an ominous premonition…

Qin Fang: Ha ha.

T/N: Dang it, If I didn’t know better, this is like a prelude to a BL’s novel lol.

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