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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 6


Xia Beibei and Tang Xiao sat in Shen’s car and slowly entered Shen Ni’s private villa.

Second young master Shen’s private villa is as high profile and gorgeous as his own.

A row of cars slowly drove in. Such a big movement in the garden of the villa had already alarmed the servants in the villa, as well as Su Luo, who had been resting.

“Miss Su, second young master is here with the eldest young master!”

Sister Qin in the villa was an old servant from the Shen family. As soon as she saw the car, she knew that Shen Nie had brought Shen Qiancheng home.


Hearing Sister Qin’s word, Su Luo immediately stood up. Her expression was also slightly agitated.

Although she hates Shen Nie very much, she does not hate Shen Qiancheng. Shen Qiancheng could be considered as her idol.

In her previous life, when her career was at its peak, she had the opportunity to attend an awards ceremony with Shen Qiancheng. At that time, she met him on the red carpet abroad. Shen Qiancheng also said a word to her, telling her not to forget her original intention and work hard…

Unfortunately, at that time, Su Luo had long been blinded by fame, money, and desire for love. She had forgotten her original intentions a long time ago.

In this colourful and lavish showbiz, how many people are not addicted to it after entering?

How many people can genuinely resist all temptations and leave the sludge without staining?

Su Luo felt that she could not do it because she was not a saint.

After all, she is a woman with vanity and hopes to live a good life.

After a lifetime, Su Luo was still pleased to see her idol again. She immediately tidied her hair and clothes and quickly came to the gate. At this time, the villa’s entrance was just pushed open, and the one at the front was naturally Shen Nie.

“Xiao Luo, Big Brother is back!”

After seeing Su Luo, Shen Nie immediately showed a very gentle and affectionate smile.

During this period, he has always treated Su Luo so tenderly, even if Su Luo did not let him touch her, second young master Shen vowed to carry the love saint through to the end.

Su Luo did not know what kind of wind Shen Nie was pumping at the moment. Could it be that this life is no longer the world she had experienced?

But obviously… everything is exactly the same!

When Su Luo was stunned, Shen Qiancheng had already walked in slowly, with an irresistible aura on his body. As long as there was a place where Shen Qiancheng appeared, other people would immediately become his foil.


Su Luo looked at Shen Qiancheng with excitement. When she was about to speak, she saw Shen Qiancheng pulling sideways slightly as he let the people behind him come in: “Miss Chen, come in!”

“Thank you.”

Xia Beibei smiled slightly and immediately pulled Tang Xiao, who was still in a sluggish state, in.

Chen, Yi, Ning!

The moment she saw Xia Beibei’s figure, Su Luo’s eyes flashed murderously before she perfectly concealed her genuine emotions.

As an artist with excellent acting skills, she still has this ability.

“Isn’t this Sister Chen?”

Su Luo put away the negative emotions in her heart. She smiled at Xia Beibei and greeted her very enthusiastically!

Xia Beibei: Whoops, you deserve to be the head of the generation of Beautiful woman. This acting is pretty good! However, this sister has travelled through so many worlds and done so many tasks. Not only as a scumbag but also became the barracks’ king flower. Although my IQ needs to be improved, my acting skills had almost been honed to perfection, okay?

Let us continue.

“Miss Su, oh no, after a while, you will be Mrs. Shen.”

Xia Beibei faintly smiled at Su Luo. There was irony and sneer in that smile.

Anyway, what she wanted to play is being a psychopath. Therefore, she does not need to consider and take care of other people’s feelings.

Seeing the annoying smile at the corner of Xia Beibei’s mouth, Su Luo gritted her teeth secretly but still had a simple smile on her face. However, she did not answer Xia Beibei’s question this time, but turned her face away, showing a clear eye as she looked at Shen Qiancheng: “Senior, long time no see!”


Shen Qiancheng just nodded politely at Su Luo, and then he raised his hand to unbutton his windbreaker and called Sister Qin at the same time.

“Sister Qin, make tea for the guests!”

While speaking, Shen Qiancheng took off his coat very chicly and then glanced at Xia Beibei and Tang Xiao peacefully: “What are you used to drink? Longjing before the rain?”


Xia Beibei hesitated: “I want to drink Sprite, iced.”

She has been tossing for a long time, and she is really a bit thirsty. At this time, a can of iced Sprite can make her truly feel so cool.


Shen Nie on the side heard what Xia Beibei said and immediately could not help laughing: “Sprite, still iced? Do you think this is a convenience store? How can I have that kind of stuff in my house?”


Xia Beibei did not speak as she glared at Shen Nie. She then blinked her black and white eyes as she stares at Shen Qiancheng.

“Shen Xiao.”

Shen Qiancheng’s eyes flashed as he called out indifferently. Before he finished his words, a handsome black bodyguard came forward: “Master!”

“Go buy a cold drink for Miss Chen. She want iced Sprite! I’ll give you eight minutes!”


Hearing what Shen Qiancheng said, Shen Xiao promised to rush out like the wind.

Shen Nie: …

Su Luo: …

Seeing Shen Xiao leaving, Shen Qiancheng remained unmoved as he raised his eyes and glanced at Xia Beibei: “Sit down!” He handed his coat to Sister Qin’s hand and sat on the sofa.

“Oh, thank you!”

Xia Beibei smiled and made a gesture to Tang Xiao. The two of them took their equipment bags and sat on the sofa in the villa’s lobby.

Looking at the three people sitting down with the appearance of the host and guest enjoying themselves, Shen Nie and Su Luo looked at each other–

Why does the villa owner look so redundant now?


“Shen’s villa is really tasteful.”

Xia Beibei habitually looked around as soon as she sat down. Su Luo’s face changed slightly when she saw her look of interest.

She knows Chen Yining best. This woman uses all means to achieve her goal. She won’t be making any bad ideas again, right?

Ahem, in fact, Xia Beibei is indeed looking for something. She heard that there is a 24-hour surveillance system in the villa of a rich man. She is looking for the camera. It is best to find a place to check the surveillance, so she can dive in at any time to get the information she wants.

Yes, just take it.

Xia Beibei would not admit that it was “stealing”.

Seeing Xia Beibei’s look of interest, Shen Qiancheng on the side gave her a deep look: “Ms. Chen seems to like Xiao Nie’s villa style very much?”

Xiao Nie…

Hearing Shen Qiancheng’s nickname for Shen Nie, Xia Beibei almost broke the game and laughed——

Darn it, ​​still calling your little brother Xiao Nie. You are clearly committing evil, ah!

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