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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Neighbouring country’s Prince and Princesses.

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Author: Soy

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The engagement annulment had been going well, and right now, I have already begun my new life as a [defective good] lady, but why did this thing happen now?

I was invited to attend the tea party organized by the Queen, and when I arrived there, I was guided towards the table where the Queen, Manika-sama, as well as the two neighbouring country’ princesses, sat.

E? Why did they lead me to this table?

I smiled as I greeted each person while thinking of an excuse to leave this place.

“Yulias-chan! You are finally here! Come and take a seat!”

I was defeated by Her Majesty’s friendliness.

“Her Majesty, this one is?”

Lanfua-sama was the Princess that came from Lao Fan’s country that neighbour the east side of this country
With a beautiful long hair in the shade of purple and a pair of violet eyes, Lanfua-sama, who was a beautiful person with an hourglass-like figure gave me an appraising look while directing the question to Her Majesty.
Next to her, the lovely Princess, Muran-sama, who sported long purplish-red hair in braids coupled with a pair of soft pink eyes had been glaring into Manika-sama.

I wonder why?

“This is Yulias-chan.”

With the brief introduction from Her Majesty, I bowed my head towards the two princesses.

“I am sorry for delaying my introduction. I am the eldest daughter of Count Nogger’s house, Yulias. Please make your acquaintance.”

After I finished my introduction, I raised my head up only to be glared by Lanfua-sama.

“Your Majesty, why did you invite someone from the peerage of a Count to sit at the same table with us?”

That is truly plausible.
I wish that I could have a conversation about sweets, dresses and jewelry with people from the same peerage as mine.
This is my chance to do a business talk, so why do I have to sit over here?

“It is because I wish that Yulias-chan will be able to make acquaintances with various kinds of people.”

Why is that?
I got a feeling that I was like some kind of obstacles in other people’s way.

However, now that I look at it, these two princesses wore accessories with their dress which was styled according to their origin country and it was interesting to see those dresses adorned with sparkling embroideries and large gems.

“Yulias-chan, I already told Rudnick that you will be here, so please wait a while, okay.”

Lanfua-sama was seriously glaring at me.

Your Majesty, what are you talking about?
I had never said anything about wanting to meet with His Highness.

“Wh- Why did you tell Rudnick-sama that I will be here?
“It is because Yulias-chan is the person suited to be with Rudnick.”

That’s wrong!

I quickly shook my head in denial, but no one seemed to believe it.

“Onee-sama, in the name of love, peerage means nothing! Isn’t that right, Manika-san?”
“That’s right, Muran-sama.”

I wonder why Muran-sama and Manika-sama were glaring at each other so much that lightning seemed to crackle between them?
The teacup in my hand slightly jiggled as I brought it closer to my mouth.
I felt slightly calm as I drank it.
I tried my best to escape from the reality of this chaotic situation as I enjoyed the tea.

“Lanfua, Muran.”

After a while, His Highness appeared with a handsome guy who possessed beautiful, long blond hair, which was gathered and tied behind his head as well as a pair of golden eyes.
This was the neighbouring country’s Prince, Jufua-sama.
The two princesses were smiling happily upon his arrival.
His Highness was currently discussing something with my brother who stood behind while holding and looking into several documents in hand.

“A~ Yulias. About the bread which will be used for the military ration……”

I would like for him to forgive me for clicking my tongue when he suddenly spotted me at the table.

“Stop clicking your tongue in front of the foreign guest.”
“Forgive me. I am currently stressed out.”
“Stress? Are you okay?”
“Your Highness, please don’t appear around here for a while.  I am afraid that I am going to be buried near the moat at any moment now.”
“You are not going to stop me from worrying over your condition, right? Or are you?”

When His Highness made his way to me, my brother quickly stood in between us.

“Yulias, don’t get too close with His Highness.”
“Of course.”
“Both of you are terrible.”

My brother and I quietly laughed.
At that moment, I suddenly felt a blood-lust.
When I looked up, Muran-sama was glaring at me.

A~ since you were aiming for my brother, that’s why you have been staring at Manika-sama earlier on.

“My dear princesses, I hope that my younger sister has not been bothering you, no?”

With the words from my brother, Muran-sama quickly turned smiling.

It was so obvious.

“Ho~.So you are the younger sister which Roland had been talking so fondly of?”
“I am Yulias.”
“My name is Jufua.”
“I am aware of that.”

I have heard before that Jufua-sama hate woman apart from his younger sisters.
Jufua-sama was looking at me from top to bottom.
It was pretty rude, but I can’t tell anyone that I am also doing the same.
I mean, it was not unusual for the clothes that came from the neighbouring country to look so uncommon to the eyes.
Jufua-sama even adorned brooches with bigger jewels compared to his sisters.

“Jufua-sama brooch is truly lovely.”

Thinking that he had been given a light jab, Jufua-sama face obviously turned cloudy before he replied.

“Do you want this brooch?”

Despite having a reluctant expression, Jufua-sama still asked whether I wanted to have that brooch with a smile on his lips.

I never even said that I want it, though.

“No, I am only interested in it since it was a special product uniquely to a country that is able to mine all kinds of gems. I also think that the brooch better suited to Jufua-sama.”

With a sneer on his face, Jufua-sama countered.

“Even if a woman said that the fact is they were dazzled with the gem in it. The truth is that you really want this, right?”

I looked at him with a beaming smile.

“The one that I want right now is to establish a contract with Jufua-sama in order to import the gem from your country cheaply, it is not like I really wanted to have the jewel that you wore on your own.”
“What a greedy woman, you are.”

Jufua-sama’s laugh felt like as if he was looking down at me before he took a bag made of hemp clothes from his bosom and tossed it in front of me.

“For this kind of a greedy person, I will only deal with them with this kind of scrap stone. If you are okay with it, then I will agree to enter the contract with you.”

I decided to open the hemp cloth and looked inside.
Inside, there were many stones in the size of a small fingernail as it made rattling sounds against each other.
I pinched one of the stones as I used concealed magnifying glass to look over it.

“There is no value for such pebbles.”

I snapped my finger and soon my butler came forward.

“The contract.”
“I will prepare it immediately.”

Our excellent butler quickly made the contract before putting it in my hand.

“Please sign and stamp this contract.”

Jufua-sama read over the contract with a distrustful look.

“Your Majesty, just now you heard that Jufua-sama agreed to sign the contract as long as I agree with these scarlet stones in my hand, right?”
“That’s right.”
“Since Her Majesty also said the same things, quickly sign and stamp on it.”

Jufua-sama glared at me as he signed and stamped the contract.
I looked over it as a smile graced my face.

“Yulias, your face looks evil.”

With His Highness’ words, I, once again, clicked my tongue.

“…… Stop clicking your tongue. On a second note, how are you planning to change this pebble into a gold?”

While saying that, His Highness picked up the small stone in my hand.

“If you scrape on it, it will become even smaller.”
“Then… you will not be able to sell it?”
“You will not be able to”

While grinning, I continued.

“Whether it is pebble or anything else, do you think that there are things that I am not able to sell?”

His Highness looked so speechless that he let out a deep sigh.
Towards that His Highness, my brother patted his shoulder before saying.

“Do you plan to use this to make a necklace targeted for the commoners?”
“A ring will also look nice. This item will be a hit among the customer for sure once I ask the silver craft man on my side to produce attention-grabbing base for the stone. By the way, is it possible for me to request the stone craft man on your side to help me polish all these off?”
“Of course! This will surely sell.”
“Isn’t it?”

My brother and I resonantly laughed after one another.

“Jufua, you really need to put a little more thought on the signed contract, or else you might get squeezed dry by that Earl Nogger’s house.”

His Highness started to give Jufua-sama unnecessary advice.

“Your Highness, please stop spouting unnecessary things.”
“Yulias also need to stop from being overboard.”

Looking at me who replied to him in a reluctant manner, His Highness once again let out a deep sigh.

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