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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I like the King of this Country


Author: Soy

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While His Majesty was scowling at the Prime Minister reproachfully, Banache-san came forward, shouting.

“I- I do not want to marry Lamore-sama!”

Hearing Banache-san word, my ex-fiance quickly held onto her shoulder.

“Yuri, why?”
“I have always told you that [ You and I have a different status from each other] right! However, you always told me that you will be able to overcome it with your power as a Marquis.’
“Wh- what…… are you talking about?”
“I have another person that I like and it is not Lamore-sama!”

Oh my god!

It seemed that Banache-san was not as stupid as what I previously thought.
Even with the recorded video, Banache-san had always uttered such lines which could be considered as her initial refusal towards my ex-fiance’s advance.
My ex-fiance dropped down to the floor due to the shock and stuck there.
I could not help but looked at him pitifully.

Banache-san did not even put my ex-fiance in her eyes.
Rather, she was staring at His Highness.

Eh, do I have to save him now?

While I was observing His Highness, His Highness was also looking at me.
It seemed that it was better for me to help him out.
I said something to His Majesty who stood nearby.

“Your Majesty, should we continue this conversation at another time and resume the dance party instead? I am ready to start off my dance with His Majesty at any time.”

Looking at me who bashfully uttered those sentences, His Majesty grinned in approval.

“Wa- please wait for a moment! The truth is I like His Highness, the Prince~!”

Banache-san shouted at that exact moment.
His Majesty grinned as he replied to her.

“You are an idiot. Aren’t you the one who had forced Lady Yulias’ engagement to be annulled and thus made her considered herself as a damaged good? Even if you said that you have been refusing Lamore’s advance initially but after all that you still continue to flirt with him excessively. I think it’s also fair to say that you should also be considered as a damaged good, no? It is already impossible for a lady who had been flirting with other engaged man to be considered as suitable to become the future mother of the country, you know.”

His Majesty’s words were justifiable.

“Ah, but in the existence of love, such obstacles……”
“I have no love to spare for you.”

His Highness cold voice suddenly echoed.
It was rather frightening, indeed.

“Th- how could that be! You’re so terrible! Then, Michael-sama.”

Banache-san turned to look at Michael-san.
The Prime Minister’s eyebrow started to scrunch up

“I am delighted to be confessed to by a beautiful woman, however, this is bad, I have already pledged to give myself to Ojou in this lifetime.”

Michael-san refused her while grinning.
Banache-san finally looked at my older brother.
I quickly stood in front of my brother.

“Yulias, it’s okay. Banache-san, it could not be helped that my younger sister is this cute. That’s why I could never accept a woman who hurt Yulias.”

Banache-san collapsed down to her knee in a similar posture like my ex-fiance.
It appeared that my brother has taken such an opportunity to treat her as such.


After all that, I started my dance with His Majesty.

“Hey, why don’t you just marry into my family.”
“You know, that somehow sounding like you were trying to rope me in as your own bride, Your Majesty.”
“Do you hate Rudnick?”
“………I trust him.”
“What if I promise you that I will grant all of your wishes?”

His Majesty said that as he continues to manoeuvre and lead the dance with graceful steps.

“What are you wishing for? Luxurious life? Love? Rudnick will be able to give all that to you.”
“The Royalty lives with the support from the tax paid by the commoners, right?”
“I can’t say that was completely wrong, however, the Royalty also has its own subsidiary business. Do you know about this? The Royalty was under the protection of the Dragon. On second notes, I was under the protection of Salamander, thus my fire magic was exceptional than others.”

From what I heard before, it seemed that the Royalty gained the protection from the Dragon as soon as they were born into this world.
The King, who was currently dancing with me was someone who gained meritorious achievement from his commanding during the war as well as the suppression on the demons.

“Rudnick had received the protection from the Frost Drake. Basically, it is like the protection of ice. If he is really serious about it, he can turn this country into an ice land.”
“Do you mean to say, that he can easily produce ice at will?”
“It does not only limit to ice magic. He could also use wind magic, fire magic and water magic. The reason why the power of ice is so strong was due to its versatility. In this world, there are only a few magicians capable of doing that.”

His Highness was truly amazing.

 Looking at my amazement, His Majesty grinned.

“That guy had been doing a lot of things as a magician. For example, during the construction of the waterway, he had been making some pocket money using his magic to assist the project that he basically earned a lot on his own.”

His Highness the Prince.
It seemed that it was all thanks to His Highness’ effort that the standard of living for the people in this country was better than the others, that I also ended up able to earn a lot of money myself.
Really a lot.
This point here is important.

“How about that? Will you become Rudnick’s bride?”

I grinned before replying.

“I understand how handy His Highness is. If you really could fulfil my conditions, then my wish is to make a lot of money.”
“Make money? If it is money, isn’t it enough for you to have Rudnick earn it by himself?”
“Rather than the money itself, I want to make the money myself!  …… No, that was not quite right. I also want to the money itself.”

His Majesty looked shocked.
I thought that His Majesty was truly a collected person for not looking at me strangely.

“The title of this country’s Queen will hinder my way of making money. Therefore, I could not really marry His Highness.”

Once I said that the song came to an end, so I bowed my head to His Majesty before retreating.
His Majesty suddenly burst out laughing while holding into his stomach.

“Lady Yulias, I really like you! In order to get your hand, I am going to look for something that will make you unable to refuse the position of the Queen of this country.”
“That’s what I have been saying since before; the way you phrased it sounded like you were trying to propose me for yourself.”

His Majesty was laughing happily.
I could not help but smiled wryly as I watched over that distinguished man.

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