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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Conviction [Part 2]

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Even though I started to falter after witnessing His Majesty’s evil expression, but I stood firm on my two legs before I continued.

“Based on the document here, there is a clause stating that one needed to pay a certain amount of compensation if they committed infidelity which led to an annulment of the engagement. Therefore, I will charge…… Sorry for asking this from you, Your Majesty, do we need to wait for the Marquis Kyurion to be here first?”

His Majesty was grinning before laughing out loud.

“Lady Yulias, you really do not betray my expectation…. What are you going to do if I say that you do not wait for Marquis Kyurion’s presence?”
“I wish that His Majesty will stop slandering my reputation. I do not have any other intention in regards to that.”

His Majesty chuckled as he sighed.

“However, If His Majesty declares that you do not have any need for the Marquis Kyurion anymore, then I am not going to treat him easily either.”
“Going easy?”

I gazed upon my ex-fiancé-sama.
At that moment, I could see Lamore-sama’s father, the Marquis Kyurion, making his way through the crowd with a blue face.

Ma~ I wonder if his face is going to turn green after this.

“Father! Just now, I had annulled my engagement with Yulias!”

Towards the beaming Lamore-sama, Marquis Kyurion quickly smacked his head.

“Lady Yulias, he did not mean to declare that! I will slowly talk to this fool so please don’t say anything about annulling the engagement!”

I turned towards Marquis Kyurion, smiling.

“I am terribly sorry. Mo~ the document for the engagement annulment had already been signed off by everyone. And of course, everything was due to the grace of His Majesty.”

Marquis Kyurion’s face turned pale white.
As for Lamore-sama, his face indicated that he did not even understand what has been going on around him.
His Majesty, on the other hand, was grinning.
With a voice that seemed to be pressing his laughter from leaking out, His Majesty started to speak.

“Lady Yulias, I have always been quite sceptical of Marquis Kyurion abilities in doing his work.”
“You do not want it?”
“I do not want it~”

Hearing the word from His Majesty, my father and brother who nearby came close to me.

“Count Nogger! It is not like that! This is……”
“Please spare any excuses! His Majesty, thank you for approving the annulment of the engagement.”
“Consider it done.”

My brother handed the over a document to His Majesty before saying.

“Since we have completed the annulment of engagement between Yulias and Lamore-sama, we are going to ask His Majesty to sign and stamp on this document, indicating our privilege to seize over the property of Marquis Kyorion, if you please.”

I could see that Lamore-sama was looking flustered as he looked at Marquis Kyurion.
The face of Marquis Kyurion was already pale white comparable to an invalid patient.

“These included the compensation for the infidelity, the refund for the cover money that already been spent for the wedding preparation, the payment for accusing Yulias of nonexistence sin, the violent act against her as well as the compensation for other etc. occasions among many other things. It appeared that Lamore-sama had not been told by his father in regards to the importance of Yulias in all of this.”

His Majesty smoothly signed the document which had been presented by my older brother.

“Marquis Kyurion had also lost his family residence in his territory and as for Marchioness Kyurion, she should still be able to seek shelter from her paternal home which was from the peerage of a Count. As for Lamore-sama, I believe that it will not be any problem for you to stay with the Banache’s household. You mentioned it just now about your engagement with Banache-san, correct?”

When my brother stared at Banache-san, Banache-san face quickly turned pale blue.
My brother ignored her reaction as he gradually reported the content of the document which he had handed over to His Majesty.
At that time, my ex-fiancé-sama finally roared.

“What about the territory’s people? Are you going to wretch the governance power from our hand?”

My brother pointedly glared at my ex-fiancé-sama.
My father who had been watching all this time suddenly laughed before he said.

“Roland, don’t glare at him. Lamore-sama, what are you talking about?”
“You bastard did not even put any consideration on the people in my territory! You could not possibly deprive them of their home and land! The King will absolutely not going to let you off!”

My father chuckled as he heard the words spewed by my ex-fiance-sama.

“You are truly a stupid person, huh!”
“Wh- what the hell! I dare you to say it again!”
“I said that you are too stupid that I just could not stop laughing about it.”

Father, are you getting terribly angry right now?

My brother and I started to look at a distance as we tried to escape from reality for a moment.
It was our veteran butler who suddenly interjected a tsukkomi within the current dialogue.

“The dark matter in your heart had incidentally leaked out. Therefore, I recommend you to quickly explain to that idiot, why he is considered as an idiot.”
“A~ Is that so?”

A~ it seemed that some of those dark matter also leaked out from our house’s butler.

“As His Majesty should be aware of, Marquis Kyurion had no ability to govern his own territory that the people in the territory have been struggling to pay their taxes. These people had been relying on Yulias all this time. Now that I think about it, Yulias is the one who had been proposing a reformation program which helped these struggling citizens to pay their taxes.”
“In regard to the citizen who had joined the program, their faith towards Yulias was simply could not be measured. It was obvious whether the citizen willing to be under Marquis Kyurion or under the Count Nogger’s house. After all, Marquis Kyurion had done nothing to the territory except collecting the taxes.”

His Majesty already signed and stamped the document by the time my father finished with his speech.

“It was interesting to hear about the existence of such reformation program. I am truly jealous of Count Nogger for having such a daughter who is not only lovely but also intelligent.”
“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.

His Majesty was grinning while he headed towards Marquis Kyurion and patted on his shoulder before continuing.

“You should start everything from the beginning, be it with your work as a Marquis or the education of your own son.”

Uwaa, such a terrible line.

After saying that, His Majesty the King came close to me.

“Lady Yulias.”
“What can I help you with Your Majesty?”
“You are truly intelligent and beautiful, therefore, my so-……”

My father, without a delay, quickly blocked His Majesty’s mouth with his hand.
Father, that action will be considered as a blasphemous act you know.

“What are you trying to say, Your Majesty?

His Majesty tilted his head with a hand-blocked over his mouth.

“That kind of things, could you absolutely avoid saying it, please?”

My father finally released his grip after His Majesty the King nodded his head multiple of time in agreement.

“Please become my son’s bride!”

His Majesty quickly declared his intention once my father took his hand off of his mouth, which ended up making my brother and father turned stiff.

“For the sake of this country, I would like to have such lovely and intelligent girl to become the son’s support as well as the country itself.”

While looking at me with a crafty smile, I also returned a smile to him before replying.

“I refuse that offer!”

I aware that the surrounding atmosphere had suddenly turned frozen over my refusal.

“Why is that? Do you have something that you are not satisfied with my son, Rudnick?”
“No, His Highness is a wonderful and intelligent person, who deserves to shoulder this country.”
“Then, why?”

I turned to look at His Highness.

“His Highness and I are friends. We are comrade who cooperate with each other for the sake of mutual benefit. For such a person, I am unworthy of him.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“As of now, I am also a lady who had her engagement with the Marquis house’s heir annulled, thus I should also be considered as damaged good. Therefore, I am far from being suitable to become the mother of the country.”

While I was grinning, His Majesty turned his gaze towards Prime Minister as he said.

“What do you think of that?”
“Come on, are you really going to ask me about it?”
“Seriously! Shouldn’t you provide me with some enlightenment?”
“I am not even planning to provide you with a saving line myself.”
“Why is that?”

The Prime Minister grinned before laughing out loud.

“My son is also in love with Lady Yulias.”
“……. Isn’t the leverage is getting too high?”
“It seemed that she also have some admirers coming from the foreign countries.”

His Majesty scrunched his eyebrow while looking troubled about something.

“Lady Yulias, is there something that you like about my son?”
“If I were to say something about it, he seemed not to be angry with me every time I clicked my tongue in annoyance at him?

At that moment, His Majesty let out a deep sigh that was so similar to the one by His Highness.

A~ as expected of a father and son pair.
Totally alike!

I could not help but smile widely while looking at His Majesty

A/N: His Highness the Prince name is Rudnick. Isn’t it kind of late to be mentioned about it? It could not be helped, there is just no opportunity to mention it before.

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    My father, without a delay,
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