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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Conviction [Part 1]

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Author: Soy

T/N: Sorry for the delay. I finally done with my data collection, phew~ This is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. As always, thank you Kirindas for your kind help in previous chapters. There will be a mass release today due to no update for nearly a month. Next chapter will be a bit late since I need to throw it first to [Ginger]. So here goes….

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Since His Majesty The King will attend the dance party organized by the academy, this event had been considered as an obligatory affair for all those influential aristocracies.

Why did I say that?
This is after all for the sake of the future.
This event helped those aristocrat unearthing capable individuals to be train as their subordinate as well as finding suitable candidates for their son or daughter’s future partner.

In the novel, my fiancé-sama had used this event to announce the annulment of our engagement.
With that being said, our house’s capable butler and I had been preparing all the necessary documents as we wait for the commencement of the event.
It was a common knowledge that my fiancé-sama’s father, the Marquis itself, will be arriving late to the event because he did not want to be subjected the King’s sarcasm words, and such were the rumours that had been prevailing among the aristocracy.
Therefore, I have to make sure that the document was signed and sealed off before the Marquis arrived at the event.


“I am the eldest daughter of the Nogger’s house, Yulias. I have been indebted to His Highness as his friend during all this time.”
“My son truly could not be underestimated for being able to have such a lovely lady like you as his friend. Lady Yulias, will you permit me one dance later on?”
“I- are you okay with having me as your partner?
“A~ if you agree with it!”
“Then, for sure, later……”

On the middle of my conversation with His Majesty, I saw my fiancé-sama making his way towards us.

“Your Majesty! I have something to tell you!”

My fiancé-sama shouted loudly.

He-He truly stood out like a sore thumb!
Can’t he act more calmly, I wonder?

“You are… if I am not mistaken…… you are the eldest son of the Marquis Chounan, right?
“Yes. I am Lamore, His Highness’ best friend! Please lend your ears to me!”

When he heard the word best friend, His Majesty glanced towards His Highness who showed a disgusted expression in reply.

“Then? What is this thing that you want to talk about?”

When His Majesty smiled at him while urging him to continue, my fiancé-sama turned to glare at me as he continued in a loud voice.

“I would like for you to approve the annulment of the engagement between me and that woman!”

I was speechless at His Majesty immediate response.

“Is that all you wanted to say?”
“A~ No, that…. That Yulias Nogger over there is also an evil woman who had been bullying my beloved woman, Yuri Banache, all this time!”

This guy was truly an idiot beyond saving.

“Miss Yulias, what do you think over this accusation?”
“There is no such things. After all, there is no reason for me to act in such a way in the end.”

His Majesty somehow looked satisfied with my response.
Behind my fiancé-sama, Banache-san stood with a stunned expression on her face.

“Are you going to say that you do not remember what you have done to Yuri all this time? Not only you had been tripping Yuri in the school cafeteria, but you also had been pushing her down the stair and use backhanded means to ban her from buying her everyday supplies among other things!”

I had never tripped her before and as for the incident on the stairway, the victim was obviously me, and for the third accusation of using backhanded means to ban her from buying stuff….it was only from my own shop, though?
A~ I guess she wanted to take a picture with His Highness, but with the ban on her head, it was just impossible for her to buy anything, after all.

I smiled at His Majesty before replying.

“I could not remember any of it.”
“Do you want to force me to settle the account this way?”
“Lamore-sama, I have no reason to bully Banache-san, you know.”
“If it was for the reason, it is obviously because you were jealous of her.”


Due to the shock, I felt tongue-tied

How stupid this guy is?

I snapped my finger and called for my butler.
My butler silently handed the document to me.

“I had a feeling today that our engagement is going to be annulled. I had already filled in, signed and stamped this document. If Lamore-sama could also sign and stamp on it right away……I think that we can get His Majesty’s approval on it immediately; so, are you going to sign it?”

My butler placed a pen on top of the document that I had passed to my fiancé-sama.
Without a moment’s delay, my butler also took out the stamp pad from his pocket so that the preparation for signing and stamping of the document could be done at any time.
Without any hesitation, my fiancé-sama quickly signed and stamped it off with his right thumbprint.
After he signed and stamped the document, my fiancé-sama quickly hugged Banache-san as he brought her forward to meet His Majesty.

“To start anew, I would like to designate Yuri as my new fiancée! My King! Will you permit it?”
“………I don’t have any problem with it……”

His Majesty turned to me, looking awkward.

“Your Majesty, would you please sign and stamp this document as of now?”

With an idyllic smile on my face, I asked for the King’s signature to seal the document.

“Lady Yulias, are you okay with this? Wasn’t it because you like him that you bullied that girl out of jealousy?”

I smiled widely at His Majesty before I replied.

“Previously, I have thought that Lamore-sama was worthy of use, but I could never have expected that he was actually a worthless junk, therefore, I no longer have any need to keep him by my side.”

The surrounded people froze upon hearing my declaration.

“Bullying due to the feeling of jealousy? Far from doing such things, I don’t see any value in it for me to be jealous of someone like Lamore-sama.”

I handed the document and the pen to His Majesty as I continued.

“In order to avoid any obstacles in the future, if possible, please quickly sign off this document.”
“……. I understand

My smile deepened as I watched His Majesty quickly put his signature and thumbprint over the document like how Lamore-sama had done previously.

“This is the end of it.”
“Are you okay with this?”
“Yes, thank you very much! With this, the engagement annulment process has been completed.”

My brother told me later on that my face at that time was so beautiful, as it is brimmed with endless happiness.

“Yulias! I have the evidence indicating your infidelity with His Highness the Prince! Therefore, quickly pay up the consolation money to me!”

Hearing the word shouted by my ex-fiancé-sama, His Majesty quickly looked over me.

“What kind of evidence are you talking about?”
“This is it!”

The pictures shown by him was the picture taken on the day of that incident; seeing that, I snapped my finger and my butler came forward with a poster in his hand as he spread it in front of His Majesty the King.

“I win over His Highness in a poker game and as a punishment, His Highness was required to participate in an event conducted by my store where he had to take a picture with the customer and this picture was the promotional poster for it.”
“I have heard of that. This is quite a good poster indeed.”
“I am honoured by your compliment. I also have something to show to you, will you permit it?”
“A~ Of course.”

At that exact moment, my butler brought over the magical recording tool and submitted the devices to His Majesty.
Immediately, His Majesty instructed his attendance to prepare a projector and played the video in which it showed my ex-fiancé-sama and Banache-san was flirting with each other and occasionally the face of the reluctant His Highness as he read aloud the date and time of each incident.
At the end of it, His Highness always ended up complaining saying [Could you make it so that it did not have to be me saying those things every single time?].
Of course with the turn of the recording tools, it quickly clarified that my brother was also there with us.
His Highness has been working hard on providing evidence of the existence of one’s relatives at the scene.
With the presence of my brother during the evidence collection, it becomes a solid proof to prevent others from accusing the two of us spending time alone with each other.

“His Majesty, between Lamore-sama and I, I believe that you can judge who is the one who is actually having an affair, right?”
“This……Even though the engagement has been annulled, this is truly a wretched action. What are you going to do about it? Lady Yulias.”
“Of course, I am going to demand a consolation remuneration!”

Hearing my declaration, His Majesty’s face turned evil as he grinned widely.
That face immediately made one recalled of a corrupted person.

It is okay for the country’s leader to have such expression?

I instantly understood at that moment that I should never make this person into an enemy.

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