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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 12

Title: I will protect His Highness [Part 1]

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Author: Soy

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The easiest way for me to protect His Highness is by having him staying together with my older brother all the time.
My brother’s character in the novel was someone who is highly possessive.
[My heart is breaking every time I saw you talking with another man]
To actually uttered such line.
That’s why, for Banache-san who were also targeting my older brother, it was unthinkable for her to be near His Highness whenever my brother was in the vicinity.
Therefore, for today, I was having my lunch together with my older brother.

“……….This is the prototype version of the skirt.”
“Yulias, why don’t you do this later? If not, everyone will not have any time left to have their lunch, you know?”

His Highness gave me a warning.

“Everyone, I am sorry for this.  Yulias… I wanted to say that it is not good for you to forget about your surrounding just because you are too focused on your work.”

The aura surrounding His Highness seemed to have completely changed when it involved the matter of money as he blatantly stuck his opinion in.
All those commoners looked grateful once they heard the Prince’s word.

“A~ this, if everyone is not opposed to it, would you like to have some?”

I took a package of bread from my bag.
These bread were slightly smaller compared to a potato and was a bit hard to eat as opposed to the usual type.
However, due to its size, it will be easier for women to consume it.
Though, it was unknown why the Prince had also decided to eat the bread that I had passed to the commoner student.

“This is delicious.”
“This is the trial bread that Yulias has decided to develop for the military ration.”

There were a couple of bread left from the one that I had put into my brother’s bag this morning.

“E~ this is delicious. Are you not going to sell this?”
“His Highness…”

When I smiled at him, the Prince somehow looked at me hesitantly.

“Could you write some review for it?”
“…..Even this?”

The Prince asked me as he bit the bread off.

“Should I wrote that I like it?”
“Yes! Since there are different flavours, please write a review after you tried everything.”

I took out ten different types of bread from my bag.

“……I am requesting for a take out.”
“Of course. Could you review it in the form of a report?”
“Please don’t turn this into homework.”

The Prince hanged his head down as I clicked my tongue.

“Roland, could you do something about this sister of yours?”
“Your Highness, my younger sister’s homemade food are all delicious, so I would like for you to make a report on it immediately. Please work hard on it.”

A deep sigh could be heard from His Highness.

“If you did not want to eat this, please return it to me so I can give it to others.”

I said it to him grumpily.
When His Highness saw my face, he laughed at me softly as he said.

“What with that expression on your face?”
“What kind of face are you talking about?”

When I turned to look at my brother, he was also grinning at me.

“Yulias seemed to already calmed down. But you are currently feeling sulky, right?”

There were no such things.
It was not a matter whether I am sulky or not.

“I am a human too!”

For some reason, my brother patted my head lightly.

“Nogger-san is such a lovely person.”

All of those commoner children were smiling at me.
That is why I have been saying that I am also a human being.
I totally could not understand them.

“I never thought that Yulias will also look cute when you have such expression on your face.”

My brother stood up simultaneously when he heard His Highness’ honeyed word.

“………Why did you suddenly stand up?”
“His Highness, I have already warned you about this before.”
“……… It just a compliment. Roland, please compose yourself and stop with that blood-lust of yours.”

I looked up at my brother.
My brother’s mouth twitched as he seemed to take His Highness’ honeyed word seriously.

“Onii-sama, for you to act like that for my sake, I am deeply grateful. However, I am not someone who will be easily flustered by such flattering lip service!”
“Don’t you ever considered that it might not be a lip service or an empty compliment?”

My brother looked at me as if I was some kind of a pitiful person.

Why was that!
Did I say something wrong?

“As what you can see, I am not the type of a likeable person, Onii-sama. That’s why no one has ever told me that I am cute apart from the obligatory lip service.”

Everyone around me seemed to sigh.

What’s with that!

The moment I tried to vent my frustration, I saw my fiancé making his way towards our group, that I decided to rest my case for now.
Once I realized that I quickly returned my expression to normal and as I faced my fiancé.

“Why does His Highness and Roland sitting so close with these commoners? Come and join me instead! There is someone that I would like to introduce to the both of you.”

His Highness and my brother had already read the book of prophecy and they were already aware of the matter that my fiancé-sama wanted to say.

“I am sorry for the bad timing, however, right now we are currently discussing on the military emergency ration. Could you please come back later?”

My brother politely refused.

“Roland, please don’t say that. Your Highness, you are fine with it?”

A~ this guy was truly an idiot.

I tried my best not to sigh as I hardened my expression.

“Yulias, even if I were to borrow these two people, you should not have any complaint about it.”

I have.
Since I already promised His Highness that I will protect him…

“Lamore-sama, His Highness and my brother are currently discussing the matter of this country. You are being a hindrance to them.”

“You are so annoying. You did not even have any veto power on it.”

This guy, will it be okay for me to smash his head?

“Lamore, Yulias is your fiancée as well as my friend. Please watch over your own speech.”
“………. I am sorry, Sir.”

With the warning from His Highness, my fiancé-sama was scowling at me with a vexing expression.
I was not afraid of you or anything.

“As what Yulias had mentioned previously, we are in the middle of important discussion, so I’ll see you next time.”

His Highness tried to chase my fiancé away but it failed.
The reason being, it was because the heroine, Banache-san, had suddenly appeared from behind my fiancé’s.

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  1. ‘The reason being, it was because the heroine, Banache-san, had suddenly appeared from my fiancé’s behind.’

    Fiance’s behind… I think it should be from behind my fiance. Fiance’s behind can be translated as, the girl had appeared from the the fiance’s butt XD

  2. Her fiancee is really so arrogant, treating his fiancee like air…
    I can’t wait for his family to go bankrupt when he annuls their engagement

  3. [Though, it was unknown why the Prince had also decided to eat the bread that I had passed to the commoner’s student.]
    The correct term would be commoner student. The word commoner would be describing the student.

  4. “Don’t you ever considered that it might not be a lip service or an empty compliment?”
    “Noup. not at all.”
    “Your highness, its helpless! Maybe you should just give up.”

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