September 28, 2022

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 13

Title: I will protect His Highness [Part 2]


Author: Soy

*Sorry, Unedited version. Will post a new one once Mint-san finished TLC-ing it and SakHyu looked over for any grammatical mistake.

Banache-san who suddenly appeared from my fiancé’s back looked at the Prince with a sparkle in her eyes.

“I am sorry that I had bumped into you the other day. So you are the Prince. I did not even realize that….”

My brother, the Prince as well as I were dumbfounded upon Banache-san who initiated the self-introduction event at her own convenience.
Banache-san started to utter the line that the heroine from the novel will say when the Marquis’ son introduced her to the Earl’s son and the Prince.
Seeing this, it appeared that Banache-san was trying to force the event to start.

“I am known as Yuri Banache. I will be in your care from now on.”

The Prince glanced at me.
His eyes seemed to say~ [Help me].

“Banache-san, currently my brother and the Prince are discussing the necessary documentation pertaining to the future of this country. Could you please introduce yourself later on?”

Banache-san’s looked hurt upon my words.
It appeared as if I had been bullying her.

“I-I am sorry. I did not know anything about that….”
“Yulias, why do you keep bullying Yuri?”

So tiresome.
Should I drive him to the point of no return?

“Lamore-sama. My younger sister, as a person with more common sense as a nobleman was trying to help Banache-san who did not have any so that she will not embarrass herself. I did not mean any offence by it though, therefore please forgive my words.”

I was enduring myself from laughing upon hearing my brother’s words which were full of malice.

“Lamore-sama. It was my mistake. Just let her off the hook.”

Banache-san, where were you looking at? It was clearly that you have been told off for not having a common sense, didn’t you notice it?

I was trying my best not to laugh out loud.

“Anyway, you already finished with your own self-introduction right? Then, you do not have any business here anymore.”
“I wanted to talk more with both His Highness and Roland-sama.”

Banache-san said that with a red face.
I cannot see anything cute about this fool.

“I am sorry but this is an important discussion. Please leave.”

The Prince coldly replied.
Whether she anticipated it or not, Banache-san tilted her head as she replied.

“………. I’ll try not to disturb you…”

Banache-san muttered with a face that looked like a dog which had been abandoned.
I understood that this situation had instead freaked the Prince out.

“Banache-san, please don’t make trouble for His Highness.”

Banache-san started to tear up.

“I-I am sorry.”

With that being said, tears flowed from her eyes
Seeing that, my fiancé eyebrows started to scrunch.

“Yulias! What kind of woman are you?”
“What kind of woman do you meant to say?”
“Do you feel happy that Yuri is crying right now?”

I quickly stood up as I approached my fiancé and said.

“It did not feel fun at all. Lamore-sama should have advised this girl not to cry quickly just because others are earnestly trying to advise her! I am trying to give her guidance on the right etiquette so that she will not embarrass herself when she mingled within our social circle! I did not have any intention of bringing any kind of trouble to both Lamore-sama and Banache-san!”

My fiancé stepped back when I retorted to him with such vigour.

“In order for Banache-san not to bring troubled to herself, Lamore-sama should have taught her the common sense of an aristocrat! Lamore-sama should already familiar with those common senses. Don’t you know that it was not good for a person to disturb others when it was related to the important discussion pertaining to the country.”
“…..A, A~.”

I smiled as I watched my fiancé who could not help but nod due to the momentum.

“Well then, please take your leave from here.”

While facing my bewildered fiancé, I returned to my original seat; Banache-san glared at me in frustration before chasing after my fiancé.

“Yulias is truly great.”
“That’s right! Please do not fall for her.”

The Prince seemed to be muttering about something when my brother replied to him in a low whisper.
I would like for both of you to stop chattering so sneakily.
I looked at them with a disgruntled face.

Why was it that my brother and His Highness had directed their smile to me?

I had a feeling of doubt about it, that my mouth could not help but turned sour.

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