May 25, 2024

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The son of the Knight’s captain.


Author: Soy

TLC: Mint-san

A/N I forgot to introduce the Knight’s Captain’s son.

“What should I do to make up for all the bad things I had done?”


I tried to ask for their opinion as I ate my lunch in the cafeteria with both Labra-chan and Katherine-chan as per usual.

“I must have done something bad to that perverted, stupid prince for him to hate me over it.”

“Hmm, Bara Hime-sama? Ano… For example, did you tried to bully me or something previously?”

I was bewildered by Labra-chan’s response.

“Rather than bullying such a cute girl like Labra-chan, it might have been better for me to bully that Prince instead!!”

“Bara Hime-sama, you must never do such a thing~.”

“But! Labra-chan is so cute and pretty! Something that needs protection! If it was that Prince, I will not hesitate to give him a flying kick and watch him fall down the stair instead!”

“You should never do something like that. Bara Hime-sama, please come to your sense~.”

I said that as I grasped Labra-chan’s hand.

“Based on my prediction, a cute angel with golden pink hair will come to our school next year. Even though I did not bully her, she will be bullied eventually. My plan actually is to live happily without having to marry that Prince.”

“How did you come to know about that pi-golden pink hair angel…..?”


Labra-chan’s face looked stiff to me.

“Isn’t it much faster for you to bully me rather than waiting for an unknown angel that you are not even sure whether they were existed or not? Look at me. I am such a scatterbrain that I had carelessly let myself being groped by the Prince…Even though this is what I said myself, don’t you feel that I also possessed the temperament of a heroine?”

Hearing that, I could not help but grin at her.

“I would like to hear more story of Labra-chan as a heroine!”

Labra-chan’s face unexpectedly froze.

“If Labra-chan is a heroine, I will totally become your backup!! Let’s start by suing that Prince for sexual harassment!”

“The story seemed to deviate from the original genre that I seemed to remember!! Bara Hime-sama, please come back~.”

Labra-chan was so cute.

I want to beat that Prince.

“You, I heard that you would like to sue me?”

The Prince had finally appeared at the right time.

“Yes! Before that, I wish that you will clench your teeth first!”

“Aren’t you too excited to beat me up!!? It seemed that you are fully intended to punch my face!!”

“Yes! ….I can’t~?”

I tilted my head to appeal to my cuteness.

“So cute, but the stuff from your mouth is so terrible.”

“Only once! Ne~!”


It was at that time.

The son of the Knight’s captain began to step in between the Prince and me.

He was glaring at me and before saying.

“You bitch! Did you even realize who this person is?”

“Of course!”

“Since you are a woman, I won’t be using any force. However, if you are going to harm the royalties, it will be a different story.”

“Then, how about you try using force against me? I actually do not mind at all..”

Hearing that, his face started to distort unpleasantly.

“Cardinal, please show at least a bit of respect towards me.”

“You are noisy. Perverted, stupid Prince.”

“You bitch!”

When I saw that the son of the Knight’s Captain began to draw his sword from his waist, I instantly shortened the distance between the two of us as I seized his hand.

Before it could be drawn, the long sword was jammed back into its scabbard as I restrained his hand.

I took out a dagger that I hid in the form of a hair ornament before I pressed it to his neck and muttered.

“Just because I am a woman, you let your guard down and underestimated me. I guess you already died once here.”

When I moved back from him slowly, his face had already turned pale blue.

“Build, you are not weak. It just that my angel is invincible.”

“Oni-sama! I am not invincible at all.”

“Kana, just now, why is it that your intelligence personnel did not move out and instead need you to deal with all of this personally?”

“…The other day, I was a bit put off with one of big brother’s intelligence personnel as he wasted a significant amount of my time, that I decided to force him to be transferred….for me, that person is too easy-going.  Rather than a person from the intelligence unit, he is more likely suitable to be headhunted for the assassination unit….”

My brother patted my head as he smiles.

“Since I could still feel the hint of bloodlust from above that indicating its presence, I think that it is still too early for that person to be raised within the assassination unit.

“It’s alright. Right now, I am training in erasing my own bloodlust. As soon as I mastered it, I will teach him.”

“Personally by Kana? Will it suited low-rank personnel like him?”

“Since that person will go to Otou-sama place sooner or later, I will thoroughly educate him.”

My brother laughed lightly before saying.

“It is because Kana had been teaching them so thoroughly that Kana’s special force had steadily gained their reputation.”

“You have overestimated their abilities too much.”

The disturbing atmosphere coming out from the prime minister’s children was such a frightening sight to see.

That’s why this is a strategy to make them think that it’s better not to retaliate. Right, onii-sama?

I knew it!!

“Oi, Vert! Do not let Cardinal do such dangerous thing…. or rather, you should have let her learn on how to become Royal’s Wife……”

“I did not want to hand Kana over to you.”


“Unless Kana agreed to it, I will not do it, not in this lifetime.”


“It cannot be helped. My evaluation of you is someone who is not only stupid but also perverted.”

“I already told you that those situations were a misunderstanding.”

“Even though it was a misunderstanding, it is still good for me. My only happiness is when you are being disliked by Kana.”

A~ Onii-sama, your personality is so bad.

“Cardinal, whatever your brother saying can no longer be understood on a human level.”

“Oni-sama is cool.”

“Why is that!!?”

Despite everything, I think it was quite difficult for anyone to hate the Prince because he had accidentally groped someone.

Somehow, I wished from the depth of my heart that he will be happy with someone who was not me but instead the cute heroine who will appear someday in the future.

A/N Eh, Build-kun appearance was just that……

Kana-chan’s forces were truly the strongest?


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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Yeah…Build is pretty stupid to attack Cardy. Her abilities and her status as the Prime Minister’s daughter is way higher than him. And she’s favored by the Prince and unofficially his fiance. He would never survive the consequences if Cardy suffered even a pinprick.

  2. Welp, he lost all his dignity as royalty it would seem…then again you can’t lose what you never had to begin with.

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  3. Dang, Cardy is stronk. I wonder, is she so strong because her trainers are that good, or is it because she reincarnated?

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  4. Kana sadarlah, heroine cerita menangis, kamu sudah memasuki rute heroinenya. Ah apakah akan berakhir menjadi genre YURI?

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