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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The daughter of the Prime Minister (The son of Knight-Captain, Build POV)

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Author: Soy

Place with (*) are the one that I am not entirely sure about.

I had lost.

It was a fight where I do not even manage to make my own move…

I thought that the young lady from the Prime Minister’s residence was ignorant of how the world moved.

What kind of person was she?

Whether she was good or bad, I will do my best to investigate it.


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That girl’s evaluation from others was too excellent.

The commoners treated her like she was a goddess, whereas the aristocrats worshipped her as a charismatic person.

Was there really a human capable of achieving such a feat?

Cardinal Brauz.

It seemed that she also worked on developing some medicine with the younger brother of the current King. Therefore, I should also meet this person and hear his opinion about her.


“Do you like the Prime Minister’s daughter?”

Inside the drawing-room I was guided to earlier on, the question I asked the man in front of me had caused him to sputter his tea all over the place.*

“Wh, wh, What are you talking about….. Cough….”

“Are you okay? I am quite anxious since Cardinal-sama seems to possess a [too good to be true] kind of reputation.”

The King’s younger brother replied to me as he cleaned up the earlier mess.

“That person is someone who always put others above her own matters.”


“A person who always work hard for the sake of others rather than her own personal interest. Naturally, that person is a nice person.”

He started to smile softly.

My father had told me that this person was strong, was that the truth?

“King’s younger brother, do you have any knowledge on a martial art?”

“I know a little bit of it.”

“Cardinal is strong.”

I still remembered that day.

“That person is reluctant to have any other people hurting because of her. Therefore she told me that nobody is going to be hurt if she is personally strong.”*


The King’s younger brother looked at the ceiling as he snapped his finger.

With that sound, two people in black clothing stood behind him.

“These two people are the intelligence personnel who work under me….. That girl probably will hate it if she were to find out that someone is actually snooping on her.”


“Why is that?”

Towards my serious question, one of the personnel spoke.

“It was impossible for anyone to snoop around Hime-sama without being found out by her. I felt like yelling at you for doing such reckless action.”*

“Wasn’t that too excessive?”

“Because you have been making a fuss all over the place by investigating Hime-sama, everyone in the intelligence unit has already been made aware of it for some times. Due to that, Hime-sama has personally collected her own private information for you. [I will personally give it to you if you came and asked it from me] is what she wanted to say to you. So why don’t you ask her face to face? She might even disclose her three sizes.”

When he heard the answer from one of the intelligence personnel, the King’s younger brother accidentally dropped his teacup.

“Would you like to know about her three sizes, my Lord?”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“Hime-sama’s breast is huge.”

“You have been talking too much.”

That black man laughed in understanding.

“This Orotchi will properly teach this person later on.”

“I do not want that!! I am sorry!”

“A person who is using Hime-sama as their joke material should be half-killed. I will teach your body properly so that your mouth will never shoot off carelessly.”

“I will have to trouble you then.”

“My Lord! I am sorry! I will never say it anymore! Please stop!”

“My Lord, I will leave you for a moment. Please call out if you need anything from us.”

After saying that, one of the black-clothed figures grabbed the other person’s neck and dragged him away before disappearing from our sight.

“That might not have been good references to you. I am sorry.”

“It’s alright…… I, I will go and listen directly from her.”

“…….It is because you wanted to know about her three sizes?”

“It is not like that!! That person is someone who will become my master.”


“I have never encountered someone as strong as that person. Therefore I would like to become her disciple and learn from her.”

“…..I see. It will be good as long as she doesn’t hate it.”*

“I will do my best!!”

I quickly downed the cold tea in front of me.

The King’s younger brother and I raised our head when we heard the sound of the doorbell. Shortly afterwards, the maid came into the room.

“Cardinal-sama is here for a visit.”

And then, I saw her who was peeking at us from outside the door.

“Ara? The son of the Knight-Captain?”

“For being rude to you the other day, I am sincerely seeking your forgiveness.”

“I understand that you move solely for the sake of protecting His Highness.”

I felt that her laughter and that beautiful words strangely suited her well.

“Now that we talk about this, it seems that you have been investigating about me, right? I tried to compile as much relevant information as possible so that you can look over this.”

The paper in my hand contained various information concerning Cardinal-sama.

And regarding the column which had been mentioned previously by the intelligence personnel, it had been stated instead as [The three sizes are a secret]. It seemed that something of that level was considered top secret. Therefore, it was not written in.

“…….. Did you know that the King’s younger brother also seems to be curious about Cardinal-sama three sizes?”


Instantly, I felt like bullying that person.

The King’s younger brother, who hurriedly shook his head, looked so cute to me.

“I do not mind telling Broudo-sama if he wanted to know about it? Is that for the sake of testing the efficiency of the medicine?”

“I will never use Naru as a test subject in this lifetime.”

“Then, why do you need to know about my three sizes?”

“I had never said any words about that!!”

The girl kept quiet for a while before speaking once again.



“I have brought over your favourite tea and cookies, so let’s have tea together.”

“That is the best invitation ever. Let’s prepare for it straight away.”

She made Broudo-sama’s maid clear the previous tea blend before setting up a new, fresh tea and cookies.

“Here you go……”

“It is Build.”

“Build-sama, would you care for some sugar?’

“I did not need any.”

I was somehow shocked to find her personally brewed the tea.

Don’t you need a maid to do it for you?

However, that freshly brewed tea was truly delicious.

“Did you changed the tea leaves?”

“No, Naru is skilful in tea brewing. These cookies were also handmade by Naru. Do try some.”

Should I point it out?

It seemed that the King’s younger brother has been addressing her with a nickname?

While feeling suspicious about it, I bit into the cookies.


The things that had been circulated inside my mind began to scatter away.

I had never eaten such delicious cookies before!

“How is it?”

“……It is delicious.”

That girl smiled happily.

A~ this is the angelic smile that everyone has been talking about.

“Has your appraisal on me got a little bit better?’

“….. I understand that you are a truly wonderful person. However, would it possible for you to refrain from calling the Prince stupid and pervert? Because it is my main responsibilities to watch over that person.”

That girl once again laughed.

“You’re right. The reason for my rash remarks towards Prince wasn’t meant to disgrace him or anything, and I can say with confidence that plenty of it was due to my wish to look after him….. In regards to your standpoint…..”*

“You did not do that to hurt him?”

The King’s brother looks at her curiously.

“I will tell you the reason for that. There is no need for Broudo-sama to be overly concerned about it. More than that, Build-sama! My rash remarks towards the Prince were because I can’t seem to put a stop to my habit. I believe that, by doing this, I will be able to hold myself from ever falling in love with the Prince…..Though it was most unlikely for such a situation to happen in this lifetime, however, until that time, I will be happy if you let me continue to perceive him with this kind of attitude of [A~ I am going to tell you off again.]. With that, I hope that we can come to a compromise as I will consider stopping calling him a pervert whenever you are by his side. Is that possible?”*


When I nodded, that girl once again laughed happily.

“I am glad that Build-sama is an amiable gentleman.”

“Cardinal-sama, I am not in a position where you need to affix [Sama] to my name. Furthermore, we are also of the same age, so I believe that it is fine for you to abandon the use of [sama] when addressing me….”

“….. Then, Build-kun?”

Why is that?

At that moment, that girl had an expression that makes you think of her as cute.

Even though it seemed that there was no chance for me regarding this beauty, seeing that cute face right now, I thought that it wouldn’t be helpful for me to think about it too much.

“Apart from that, I need a favour from Cardinal-sama.”

“What is it? If I can do it, I will help you whatever it is.”

“I would like for you to teach me your combat skills!!….. Please be my master!!”

“……I refuse.”

“Just now, you said whatever it is? You said that, right?”

“That is your own imagination!!”

“Please, one way or another.”

“I do not want to! It is troublesome! I am sorry!”

That girl quickly finished up her tea without being concerned about her manner.

“Broudo-sama, I remembered just now that I have some urgent business to attend, so that I will excuse myself.”

“A~ take care of yourself.”

“Well then, gokigen yoh!!”

After saying that, that girl quickly disappeared.

She might be using a similar technique used by that intelligence personnel.

“Broudo-sama, I would like to excuse myself since I need to chase after Cardinal-sama.”

“A~ Uhm! You should not bother her too much, okay.”

“Yes! Thank you very much for today.”

After I bowed my head to the King’s brother, I quickly ran out from that place.

From that day on, the race between that girl and me started.

T/N: I know there is a lot of [The King’s younger brother], but that how it was in the RAW, though I tried minimizing it.


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