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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Naru


Author: Soy

Edited by: SakHyu

A/N I will treat you to something special since you have been praising Broudo-sama. This is a reward.

I presented the completed magic gem to my father, big brother as well as Yard.

“…..Since the effectiveness of this gem has been proven, please use it with ease.”

When I reported the experiment results, my father and big brother froze, whereas Yard’s face turned stiff.

“Broudo-sama has sworn that he did not do any deed that breached any social etiquette…. poor him….”

My big brother was whispering to my father.

“Broudo-sama is truly an amazing person, alright.”

Yard was muttering sarcastically.

“Yard, have you finally understand the greatness of Broudo-sama?”

“The kind of ‘amazing’ that I thought of is different from the one in your mind, ane-sama……”

What kind of difference were you talking about?

At the same time, my father had a faraway look and said.

“I thought that all of those Royalties are idiot, but Broudo-dono is truly a gentleman.”

“Yes. Broudo-sama is always a gentleman!”

My father sighed deeply before smiling and said.

“I also would like to thank Broudo-dono personally, so let’s go there together.”

“Yes, Otou-sama.”

I decided to tag along with my father to meet Broudo-sama.

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When I arrived at Broudo-sama’s mansion, I was guided towards the drawing-room.

“Is something the matter, Prime Minister?”

“I am here to express my gratitude. Thank you for lending your hand with my daughter’s research.”

“No, it’s alright. I haven’t done much. This is the fruit resulting from the efforts of Miss Cardinal.”

Broudo-sama laughed gently as he said that.

“Broudo-dono… How about it, would you like to conduct a different research project with Kana?”

“Different research project?”

“Since Kana has a highly inquiring mindset, I will feel better having you by her side. What do you think about this?”

Broudo-sama glanced at me before refocusing his gaze back to my father.

“I am okay with it. However, should we not  consider the opinions of Miss Cardinal?”

“I want to do more research with Broudo-sama! Researching with a knowledgeable person is truly a fun experience!!”

When I turned to him smiling, Broudo-sama unexpectedly showed a bitter smile.

Am I a nuisance to him?

“Kana is saying so, too. So, therefore, I hope you can get along with her… By the way, don’t you think that calling her [Miss Cardinal] is too redundant?”

“That’s true!! However, for Broudo-sama to call me Kana….. But Kana is a name exclusive for my family… Dina? I hate that. It sounds similar to[Dinner]… Kadi……. Naru? That’s right!! Please call me Naru from now on!!”

After I said that, Broudo-sama seemed to freeze before he slowly said.

“………Miss Naru?”

“Please omit the [Miss]. Just Naru.”


What is this? I feel like the both of us had finally become closer to each other.

“I am happy.”

My expression was jubilant.

Seeing that, my father patted my head.

“Kana already agrees to it, anyway. Broudo-dono, I really take my hat off for your perseverance towards my daughter. This should at least be considered as a special treat. Thus I will not hit you for it, okay? Anyway, I will leave Kana in your care from now on.”


What was that?

Even though I could not understand the meaning, I decided to laugh it off to gloss over my puzzlement.

A/N It seemed that Cardinal’s family accepted Broudo-sama just a little bit.

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    1. With how doting he is to her? it obvious never gonna happen right? at least not without Cardi asking him for it herself (which… is unlikely… her dense-ness at least, is Katarina-sama level… if nothing else….). Poor Broudo-sama… unfortunately for him, I DO gain amusement at his expense. GOMEN BROUDO-SAMA! ~(=>,||,<)

  1. Even those siscon brothers and the doting father of Cardy applauds Boraudo’s perseverance. Like a complete respect ✊ was given???? hang in there Boraudo, the enemy is quite the naïve and dense person!! Fight-o, gambare gambare Boraudo-sama!!???? thank you soooo much for the update!!

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