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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 6

Chapter 6: This is a Prophecy, I guess (The Prince POV)

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Author: Soy

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Yulias was following me from behind.
I guided her to a temporary office that had been prepared for me.
Roland was already in there and he greeted me with surprise on his face as I brought Yulias in.

“The scene of the meeting with the Prince happened in volume two.”

When that girl took out the novel with that silly title, I quickly flipped through it.
I started to tremble as I read.

“Wouldn’t it be bad for me if the current situation persisted?”
“It will not be that bad! You just have to flirt with her a bit…. for now.”

Yulias doesn’t seem to understand the reason that had turned my complexion bad.

“I will never take another nap at that place.”
“I already fixed that up. I mean for a Prince to sleep lying down on the ground is too much like a commoner right?”

I felt regret somehow or other.

“What have you been talking about?”

I could hear the curiosity in  Roland’s voice.
That’s right.
I am the Prince of this country and yet I just read this embarrassing novel.

“Is there anything on Roland in here?”
“Of course! My brother is not only good looking but also smart and honest; I am truly proud to have him as my brother.”
“You are also a bro-con, huh?”

I quickly flipped through the different pages and looked at Yulias.

“Where is the story on Roland?”
“It was the second half of the volume. Ma~ brother is an Earl so he will soon get out of the picture.’
“Did you try to help Roland or something?”
“…………It is not like that.”

Yulias, your eyes were shifting around.
There was a blank look on Roland’s face.

“What are you two talking about?”
“Big brother, did you see a woman soaking her feet in the water fountain?”
“A, there was someone like that~ that day I was strangely busy, so I pretended not to see it?”
“….Big brother, do you still remember her face?”

Roland tried to recall it for a moment before smiling at Yulias.

“I do not remember her face. However, she has blonde hair.”
“It was okay for you to forget about it.”
“Isn’t it better to not be involved with it?”

I murmured without thinking.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that?”

When Yulias heard that, she unapologetic-ally replied to me.

“I thought that it will be an amusing sight.”

What a poor excuse!

In this novel, the Prince and Lamore will become love rivals.

Why are you doing such things to me?

That woman who had been embracing Lamore had bumped into me this morning.
Her eyes were sparkling, while her back was shuddering as she apologized to me.
While I just said [Don’t worry], immediately I thought that something bad will happen unless I read the book of prophecy that Yulias had previously shown me as soon as possible.
I felt that there was some mysterious power that kept pulling my hand in the dark.

“Who wrote this book of prophecy?”

I doubted my ears.

“Is this Mathilda, my previous nanny?”
“Uwa~ Mathilda is a woman who inherited the blood of a banshee.”
“Banshees are spirits that announced the death of their master, right?”
“Are you writing this without understanding anything at all? Banshees also possess the power of foresight. That power has turned this book into a prophecy.”

Although I was explaining it to her, Yulias continue to ignore me as she muttered.

“That’s why Mathilda-san always looked young and beautiful, even though she even has a son who is around the same age as the Prince. I am so envious.”

I am not sure what she was being envious about.

“Mathilda-san’s son is also someone who is good looking and a hard worker.”

What? Did you already lose your heart to Mathilda’s son?

“Have you already been charmed by Mathilda-son, Micheal?”

Roland’s complexion started to turn bad.

“Yes! Micheal-san is currently working at my design shop around the downtown area. Since he has a good looking face, a lot of women who are aiming for him has been spending money at my shop! I have to make sure he will work for me in the long term! It’s truly a treat to have someone whose beauty will never wane! As an employer, I can not help but love that!”

What was that?
I felt like I have been witnessing something that I should not know of.

“Anyway, I want Mathilda to stop writing this.”
“…..Absolutely not!”
“Because this is my number 1 best-selling product.”
“Is this about money?”
“For me, money is everything!”

Ah~ no more.
I felt like that I will be unable to change her mind.
………..No, wait a moment……

“How much money do you need to get me out of the picture?”

I could see her eyes sparkle.

“E~, but….. No…If you think about the profit, it will be hard-pressed to get the Prince out of the picture…. it is totally impossible!”

That girl’s head was truly so good that I was stumped.

“However, I could back out because I sympathized with the Heroine who are not being influenced by my power as she decided to hook up with Lamore instead.”
“………..Prince, it was Mathilda-san who wrote this.”

I slumped onto my desk.

“Ma~ I will convey to Mathilda-san that the Prince is willing to become the stalking horse.”
“…….Please save me.”

At that time I understood that I do not have any other alternatives to choose apart from this.

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