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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 7

Chapter 7: It is not a trap

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Author: Soy

Edited by: Sakhyu

TLC: Mint-san (Yay! She’s back)

T/N: There are some parts (*) that I am not sure off, will change it once Mint-san come back from her closed-door cultivation (CDC)~

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While I was watching the Prince who was reading that book of prophecy, my brother handed me a cup of tea.

“If you had just asked me, I could have made it for you instead.”
“I can move freely inside this room by myself. Even so, what was that?”

My brother was looking at the novel in the Prince’s hand with a bitter smile.

“The book of prophecy.”
“That thing is?”
“Ma, to make the story short, there is a person who tried to catch a man using that book of prophecy…..It was that blonde girl you saw previously.”
“……..so she was soaking her feet in the fountain in order to provide a situation for her to talk to me?”

My brother’s mouth twitched a bit.

“As long as big brother does not interact with her, you’ll be fine.”
“Is that so?”
“My objective is to ensure that I have  solid evidence indicating that I had never bullied her previously.”
“Why is that?”
“Based on that prophecy, I will be condemned and my engagement will be annulled.”

My brother’s face turned worried but I continued to smile as I said.

“You know how much I hate to lose, right? Bullying is not the kind of thing that will generate you money, so I’ll be alright. As long as I have witnesses and evidence, I will be hailed as a heroine of a tragedy who had been falsely accused of.”

His Highness who had been listening to our conversation muttered.

“Could someone so black-hearted be possibly recognized as the heroine of a tragedy?”

I clicked my tongue as I continued to ignore the Prince.

“Evidence and witnesses, huh….”

My brother pushed his silver-rimmed glasses up while grinning at me.

“Shall we add that to our negotiation?”
“Well, I’m planning to secure the number of people by interviewing those commoners.”
“It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

The two of us were laughing out loud.

“I am glad that both of you are not my enemies.”

My brother and I continued to ignore the Prince who had been murmuring as if he was appalled by us.


That day, I arrived at the school cafeteria with the brand new prototype shoes.

“Good afternoon.”
“Feel free to call me Yulias.”
“How could we?”
“It’s okay. I already bought the prototype here, would you like to see it?”

When I took out the shoes in the shades of deep blue, yellow and moss green, there were also other girls coming out from the commoner building aside from these two.

“I want that!”

My face started to loosen up due to the good reaction.

“ “ “ ! ” ” ”

I was extremely surprised.
It seemed that my face showed some kind of weird expression.

“A~ ano, is the design of your skirt going to be in the next batch of release?’

I hurriedly showed the drawing of that design to everyone.

“ “ “ I’m going to buy that! ” ” ”

Everyone was going crazy as they looked over the design when I heard the sound of something falling close to me.
It was Banache-san.
She surely fell down splendidly.


It was my fiancé who came close to her in a hurry.

“Yuri! Are you okay?”
“….Yes, I am okay, Lamore-sama.”

My fiancée was glaring at me as he said.

“What have you done?”
“Nothing at all.”

Ah, I let down my guard because I was thinking it would be safe since there are not many people in this area because it’s at the edge of commoners buildings

“Lamore-sama, I just fell on my own.”

I wonder why I felt irritated when I saw Banache-san whose face seemed as if she was scared of me.

“I never thought that you were this kind of woman.”
“What do you mean by that?”

My fiancé’s mouth started to twitch.

“You were jealous of Yuri so you tripped her!”
“Where is the evidence?”
“Where is the evidence that indicated that I had been tripping her down?”
“It has been proven since Yuri was lying down right in front of you.”

This guy was truly stupid.

“That was not evidence. Banache-san also did not mention anything about me tripping her. Does it mean that Lamore-sama did not believe the words of Banache-san?”
“Wh- What do you mean?  That is because Yuri was worried about me…”
“Are you going to say that you were telling a lie? Or is it that Banache-san is a liar?”

Because of my provocation, a blue line started to appear on my fiancé’s forehead as he yelled at me.

“Yuri is not a liar!”
“Then, please believe in me. I did not trip her down or something.”

Banache-san and my fiancé turned blank.
I was truly saved because their heads were so bad.

“A~ Ano, Nogger-sama.”
“A~ let’s keep going. What kind of colour variation do you think will be good for the skirt?”

I turned my back to those two people as I focused on the commoner girls.
It seemed that my fiancé who was behind me had looked at me with a demon-like expression, however, I have decided to continue ignoring them instead.

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  1. Lamore(don’t care if his name is spelled incorrectly) dude are you stupid Your Yuri could’ve been tripped by a rock that was in front of your fiance.

  2. The two of us were laughing out loud.

    “I am glad that both of you are not my enemies.”

    My brother and I continued to ignore the Prince who had been murmuring as if he was appalled by us.

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