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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Welcome to my Shop


Author: Soy

Edited by : Sakhyu

TLC: Mint-san

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During my holiday, I brought the new design of shoes and clothes with me as I headed towards the factory.
Our factory was at the back of our shop.
At the same time, I will be able to show my face at the shop.
After I silently sent the butler and the carriage away, I barely arrived at the shop on foot when I saw that in front of the shop stood two people from the school cafeteria who had given me suggestions previously on the colour for the shoes.

“Good afternoon.”

When I called out to them, the two of them jumped in shock.

“You are not going to enter?”

At the direction where their finger had been pointing at, there was Banache-san.
Furthermore, she had been saying something to Mathilda-san’s son, Michael-san.

“It is so troublesome.”

When I unintentionally murmured that, the two of them nodded their head in agreement.

“How about we look at the new product together?”
“Won’t we be a nuisance?”

The two of them started to panic as I smiled wryly.

“Actually, starting from today, we are going to start selling those shoes in a different colour. I will give you a discount, however, please keep it a secret.”
“E~ will it be okay?”

I was happy when I saw the sparkles in their eyes.

“I am sorry that I cannot give it to you for free.”

When I saw that they were so happy that they could jump, suddenly there was a shouting voice coming out from the inside of the shop.

“If you going to be like this, I am going to accuse you of being violent!”

Do you really want to bring a disturbance to my business?

“Miss, I have not done anything violent to you.”
“But, but, I know that….”

The two people beside me who were jumping in joy just now looked at me uncomfortably.
I sighed deeply.

“Let’s ignore that scene.”
““Yes! Nogger-sama! We should not look at that.””

Somehow my heartfelt comforted by them.
With a smile on my face, I walked into the shop as I kept ignoring both Banache-san and Michael-san.
I sauntered towards the display shelf of the new products before my arm was gripped and blocked from it.

“Ojou! Please stop ignoring me!”
“It appeared that you were busy.”
“I am busy. That customer keeps insisting I have been acting aggressively towards her!” *

I struck Michael-san’s hand which had been gripping my arm.

“There. I hit you.”

Michael-san started to pout.
With short brown hair, he was a head taller than me. This person who usually retained an adult atmosphere while dealing with the customer somehow became childish in front of me.
It was mysterious yet cute.

“You have to hit me harder.”
“I do not want to, you masochist.”

He was a masochist, unfortunately.
No matter how you look at it, he was a person who wanted to be beaten badly.
Truly a disappointment.
It was such a waste when he looked this cool.

“As you can see, young lady, I have no interest in harassing others, in fact, I will be happier if I were to be stepped on by your pin-pointed heel.”
“Stop talking like that to the customer or it will affect our sales.”

Michael-san laughed happily as I stared at the stunned Banache-san. Somehow, I really wanted the manager of this shop to beat our resident masochist, Michael-san, hard.

“If Ojou is willing to step on me, I will not need a bonus.”
“…What should I do….?”

Bonus cut, that sound so attractive to me.
I was feeling troubled when I heard a deep sigh.
When I turned my head over to that direction, I saw the Prince standing there.

“Yo, Brother! What’s wrong?” (T/N Michael-san called His Highness “Kyoudai”)
“Michael, since when have you turned yourself into a pervert?”
“E~tto? Since Ojou left me here? Since then, I do not want to be stepped on by anyone other than her.”

The Prince released a deeper sigh than previously.

“Yulias, what have you done to my sibling?”
“Nothing? I just recruited him to work here.”

Michael-san eyes sparkled as he said.

“When I failed my work at the castle and was reprimanded by my senior, at that time she gallantly appeared and said it in a truly cool manner [if you have no use of him, won’t you give him away to me?]! I really thought that she was going to step on me at that time!”

A~ so Michael-san had turned into a pervert since then.
It was such a shame

“It is all your fault.”
“I’m sorry.”

I apologized at once.

“Or rather, what did you come here today, Prince?”
“A~ I come here to see Mathilda.”
“My mother?”

Michael-san pointed his finger upstairs.

Banache-san suddenly bumped into the Prince, who was looking up at the time.

“Kya~ I am so sorry!”

The Prince’s face stiffened the moment he saw Banache-san.
It seemed that he did not notice Banache-san’s presence previously.

“I am so careless.”
“I-I see, quickly get away from me”

Was it that scary for him?

“Do you have any injuries?”

Banache-san seemed to be worried about injuring the Prince as she continued to cling on him.

No, no, it’s not as if he would get hurt just from that, isn’t it a bit too much to be worried about his injuries when you didn’t even bump that hard into him?

“Allow me to invite you for some tea as an apology for bumping into you! Please!”

The Prince turned to glance at me, seeking for my help, however, I just picked up the new shoes as I showed it to the two commoner girls.

“I also designed a hat to match these shoes.”
“I will buy that.”

It was the Prince who had raised his hand up.

“Yulias, let me buy those as a present to the ladies over there.”
“Thank you for your patronage.”

I quickly stood in front of Banache-san, as I began to talk to her.

“Banache-san, did you come here to shop? If so, I think this dress will suit you well.”

When I showed the one-piece dress in the colour of pink to her, Banache-san was looking at me with a shocked expression.

“Are you meaning to say that I am only fit to wear the commoner clothes?”
“As long as it looks good, why not?”

I was smiling when Banash-san suddenly replied to me in tears.

“Of-Of course, previously I was a commoner. However, right now, I am a noble! I will never wear that kind of clothing.”

Really, I wonder if she is putting on a play about how she will keep working hard as a noble even though she is bullied.

“Then did you come here to shop for a hat? Shoes? Bag? Or perhaps a handkerchief?”
“I will not buy anything from this commoner’s store.”

That girl cried out as tears dripped from her eyes when a gentleman with pitch-black eyes and black hair streaked with grey came out from the back of the shop. He smoothed down his hair.
It was the manager, Olga-san.

“Please wipe your tears away.”

Olga-san passed a handkerchief towards Banache-san as he pushed her out of the store.
Everyone was watching his smooth action when Olga-san suddenly spoke to Banache-san while grinning.

“This shop was established by Yulias Ojou-sama because she wanted people to be fashionable regardless of whether they were commoners or nobles. If you do not want to shop here, then please get out. You are being a nuisance to the other customers. By the way, the attire and the hair ornaments that Yulias Ojou-sama had worn today were all products that came from this shop…And since you have been insulting Yulias Ojou-sama, in the future, you are prohibited from entering this premise ever again. There will be no problems, right? Since I have been told that there was nothing that you wanted to buy from this store.”

Uwaaa~ Olga-san was so cool.

“Olga-san, I was charmed by your skilful disposal of that claimant!”
“I am extremely happy with your praise, Yulias Oujo-sama. Michael, come here so I can step on you.
“Ladies, why don’t all of you try this skirt?”
“I do not want that. Ojou, please save me!”

I just waved my hand as I watched Olga-san drag Michael-san by his neck into the back of the shop.

T/N: Spoiler: Mathilda is the wet nurse of the Prince, so she considered the Prince as her son, the Prince also considered Michael [Mathilda’s son] as his sibling (They grew up together), Mathilda is not married to or having an affair with the King or whatsoever. Please don’t misunderstand (pftt… pftt… (●´^`●))

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