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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Thank You for Your Purchase

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Author: Soy

TLC: Mint-san

Edited by: Sakhyu

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At the same time when Olga-san was dragging Michael-san away, another employee quickly appeared as they continued to serve the customers.
Our employees were truly excellent.
I turned to look at the Prince.

“I haven’t forgotten about the money.”
“I know.”

While being satisfied with his response, I turned to look at those two commoner girls.
The two of them were blushing red because of the Prince’s presence.
Furthermore, they kept looking at the Prince and me alternately, before they grabbed my hand to close our distance and started to whisper softly.

“ “It will be good if you stop seeing that Marquis and choose the Prince instead.” ”

These two people were truly good friends.

“I am the lady from the Earl’s house, our position is quite different, you know?”
“ “How can that be~” ”

The two of them said that it was regrettable when the Prince tilted his head in our direction.

“What’s wrong? I’ll pay for it.”

The Prince looked mystified over our discussion.

“I wonder if I should buy this.”
“You do not have any need for that, right?”
“Why is that?”
“This is your shop. You already own whatever you wish for.”

Needless to say, I clicked my tongue over his comment.
The two commoner girls looked at me in surprise.

“Don’t you think you should curb your urge to click your tongue at me?”
“Not at all. I don’t care.”
“Don’t you think that you need to draw the line somewhere?”
“His Highness is my friend right?”
“………..I might have been rash when I made that decision.”

My face started to loosen as I watched the Prince with his head down.
I quickly encouraged the two commoner girls to choose whatever they liked.

“Now then~ I have this wallet called His Highness here, tada~ so please choose whatever you want.”
“Don’t address me weirdly.”
“Would you like to see Mathilda-san now?’
“…….That’s right.”

I guided the Prince as we headed towards Mathilda-san.


When I knocked on the door, a deeply exhausted Mathilda with messy hair opened it.

“Ma! This is one unusual customer!”
“Ma! Mathilda-san’s appearance is also rare!”
“Right now I do not have time to look over my appearance since the deadline is approaching…… Ojou-sama, could you read the finished manuscript?”
“Of course.”

Both the Prince and I entered Mathilda-san’s room.
Mathilda-san’s room was surrounded with a bookshelf that was as high as the ceiling, even then, there was not enough space as the books were cluttering on her bed as well as the floor.
Mathilda-san gave me the manuscript as she disappeared to the pantry to brew some tea.
The contents of the manuscript that I received from Mathilda-san was the final installation of the novel.
It was the scene where the heroine who resembled Banache-san and the Marquis’ eldest son who resembled my fiancée, as well as the Prince who was similar to the one in front of me, started to propose to her.


The Prince was puzzled over my noise of surprise.

“It looks like we have been kind of late.”
“What is it?”

I handed the manuscript to the Prince.
His face started to turn pale as he read over it.

“What do you think? Ara~ I can’t imagine that the Prince will read this.”

Mathilda put the tea tray on one of the towering books as she laughed.

“What is it?”
“I beg you! Please change the ending!”

The Prince desperately told Mathilda-san about Banache-san.
Mathilda stood up and looked at me after she finished listening to the story.

“Ojou-sama knew about that slightly stupid bonbon.”
“Mathilda-san, who are you talking about?”
“You do not know him? I am talking about Lamore!”

The Prince looked shocked as Mathilda held my hand in hers.

“I wanted to use the novel to make that person who kept messing up with you fall down after he was being discarded by the heroine for the Prince.”

I laughed as I replied.

“Please change the contents. I want the heroine to have a happy ending by choosing the Marquis.”
“It was due to real circumstances. That girl has been targeting His Highness, and because of this novel, she believed that everyone will love her if she makes it according to the contents of the novel. I think she will suit well with Lamore. That’s why I wanted to use this novel to unite them.”
“I understand.”

With that word from Mathilda-san, the manuscript that was in the Prince’s hand burned as it turned into ashes.
It was magic.
They were selected people in this country who can use magic.
It was also seldom seen by others.
While I was slightly moved by it, the Prince was panicked over the situation.
Of course, he will be.
To have something in your hands burn away without any warning.

“Prince, that was unintentional, I am sorry.”
“Up until now, was it unintentional Mathilda?”

Towards the Prince who was hanging his head down, Mathilda-san was smiling as she said.

“I wish for the Prince’s happiness.”

Mathilda was grinning as she looked at me.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”
“It’s okay! I will make you happy.”

Mathilda grabbed the paper and the pen as she started to write something with gusto.

“This is the kind of feeling it should be!”

What was written in the content was about the character based on me, the Earl’s daughter who finally became despised at school, miraculously fallen in love with the prince.

“That is impossible, right?”
“I have been wishing for Ojou-sama’s happiness! It will be good for my son, the Prince to be with Ojou-sama!” Once it started, it became difficult to stop Mathilda-san.

I decided to give up.

“His Highness, the contents of the novel has been changed. That stuff is not going to happen again.”
“………..Are you okay with that?”
“I’m not particularly affected? I mean, even though the character was modelled after me, it is not like we were alike.”
“…………..I see.”

The Prince was also looking convinced by it.
Since Mathilda-san was no longer paying attention to our conversation, we left her room.


When we returned to the shop, the two commoner girls were wearing a fully coordinated outfit. Their cute coordination made my face slackened.


The Prince removed his gaze, however, it was not as expensive as what you had expected, you know.
Our store sold things that were reliably cheap and yet had cute appearances!

“ “Nogger-sama!” ”

The two of them were waving their hands which I responded with a small wave.

“Nogger-sama, I chose these blue shoes and paired it up with this sky-blue, one-piece dress with all these accessories.”
“I chose the moss green shoes with this red-wine coloured undershirt and this moss green long skirt! As for the accessories, I chose the one that will complement the wine-red colour!”
“It is truly lovely. Your Highness, our honourable
“Yes, yes.”

I wrote the receipt and gave it to him.
Surprisingly, His Highness brought cash with him.
I was truly satisfied after I handed him the change.

“So cheap.”
“Isn’t it! My motto is that good things are cheap!”

Looking at the proud me, the Prince knocked my head gently as he said.

“I’m saved. Thank you.”

The Prince went back after he said that much.
I unconsciously felt my heart pounded (Kyun) a little bit towards the Prince. Realizing that fact, I quickly made my way towards Mathilda-san as I decided to include that detail into the book.
I mean, it was to the extent that I was also “kyunning” a bit. There will be no doubt that the other girls will go [kyunkyun] over this!
Based on my report, Mathilda-san gladly include it into the novel.
I was gloating as I am sure that the sales are going to increase yet again because of this.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! While I love the characters, I wonder if Yulias isn’t being a little too blasé about Mathilda’s conviction that what she writes might have an effect on reality… on the other hand, I quite ship her and the prince together.

    1. It’s fine. I read that ending as the somewhat baka mc of ours selling herself while also helping the thief to count the money – which is ironic because she loves money, she should sell herself and count the money and put it into her own wallet! Which in this case, both alternates mean the same – become Queen!!! National Treasury!!! Expanded range of marketing!!! Go Yulias! Go Prince! Go Mathilda!

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  3. The Prince went back after he said that much.
    I unconsciously felt my heart pounded (kyun) a little bit towards the Prince. Realizing that fact, I quickly made my way towards Mathilda-san as I decided to include that detail into the book.


    Hahahahaa! So the magic works efficiently with no time wasted right after the new manuscript was finished and the effect caused Yulias to add an amplifier to the book, making the probable effect much stronger for in the future?! Paradox!

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