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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Little Bit About the Novel

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Author: Soy

TLC: Mint-san

Edited by: Sakhyu

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I caught the sight of the Earl’s daughter crying at the gazebo which was surrounded with flowers in their full bloom.
At first, I thought there was someone who had been intruding my napping place.
Around that time,  I was feeling a little vexed due to the fact that no matter how much effort I put into it, in regard to my beloved person being affectionate with that man, it was amount to nothing.
Similarly, at that time, I got to know that this Earl’s daughter who was crying with an expressionless face in that summer gazebo was the ex-fiancée of that man who was in an affectionate relationship with the person in my heart.
She had the same circumstances as mine.
On a whim, I decided to talk with her.

In that normal summer gazebo; I felt as if I had forgotten how to speak as I talked to that girl who was crying without any expression on her face.

“The way you cry look as if you are a doll.”

That girl glanced at me and immediately after that as she composed herself back to her usual self.
On the next day, and the day after the next, and many days following that, I used a similar voice to talk to her.

Mou~ I do not know how many days passed before she finally opened her mouth.

“Your Highness, you do not have to mind yourself about me.”

Those were her first words, yet her voice somehow touched me.

What kind of beautiful voice is this?

From then on, I talked to her every single day.
Though it was depressing, I wanted her to look at me even if it was just a glance.

“Your Highness, you actually love that girl, right? Every time you speak to me, it makes me remember about her so painfully. Therefore, please leave me alone.”
“Have you noticed it? Today is the longest that I have ever heard you speak.”
“Is Your Highness not aware of it? I am the woman who has been bullying the girl that you treasured in your heart.”

I was laughing in spite of myself.
I was glad that I am able to hear her voice.

“Even to me, I have to force myself in order to work with that first-born son of the Marquis. I also felt like killing him as I watched him being together with her. The feeling of love is one of its kind, huh?”

I hugged her as I patted her head slightly and smiled.

“You are not the only one, I am also with you.”

Hearing my words, for the first time, that girl started to cry out in front of me.
Hearing her crying voice make me think of something.

I wanted to protect her.

Right now, I understand why that girl (Heroine) was not swayed with the materialistic desires that I could give her.
I wanted, from the bottom of my heart, to bring happiness to this girl myself.
I hugged her for quite a while before she told me to release her.
That girl was blushing as her face reddened.
For a woman who always showed a cold-hearted expression to actually turn bashful, made her looked so cute to me.
I stared at her as I murmured.

“Are you okay now?”
“Yes, Your Highness. I am truly grateful to you. I think for me to be able to change my own feelings was all due to His Highness. Surely, there will be lots of other men who are as gentle as His Highness in this world, right? I would like to live my life while looking forward now.”

Her face which had been previously stained with tears was replaced with a smile.
The moment I saw that face, I covered my eyes with my right hand.
It was actually a misunderstanding, I had never truly fallen in love with that person (heroine).
It was just an identical feeling to a child who regretted letting go of his toys!
Instead, I wanted to help and protect this girl in front of me no matter what; this beloved person of mine.
This feeling is true love……


“Mathilda-san, won’t this make the prince appear as a cold-hearted person?”
“What are you talking about, Ojousama?! Women are not the kind of creature who likes the kind of man who quickly abandons the old love for the new one! That’s why, we have to set up the setting, to make it appear that the love that he had felt previously was actually a misunderstanding and the real love is the one that he found with this person!”

I was quite stressed by it, but since I did not know much about the lives in society, I guess it was better to leave it to Mathilda-san to write it as she liked.

“I see. I guess the continuation of this will be quite enjoyable.”
“Leave it to me, ojou-sama! I will show you and make you happy, ojou-sama!”

E~ Mathilda-san, this story seemed to have an intense smell of popularity.
There is no doubt that sales are going to increase again.
By having an increase in sales, is this the happiness that you mean are going to come around me, right?

Mathilda-san and I both had an inappropriate smile floated on our faces.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I am quite confused, is this the new manuscript that replaced the burned one? Old manuscript which the prince hated = heroine flirts with all the guys, making MC the villain. New manuscript that MC thinks will sell and will not affect her in anyway = prince likes heroine but falls in love with MC. If so, phooey, I liked the old manuscript better, him panicking at every heroine interaction was hilarious…

    1. The old manuscript was the prince also proposed to the heroine while in new manuscript was the prince saw the heroine got proposed by the other person and found the MC crying.
      I think the girls would prefer one of the heros having good ending since what shoujo sells is the characters not the story itself. If the character gets good resolution, it would sell good.

    2. This is the new manuscripts(written by Mathilda).. Which will become the sequel for the first novel (heroine and Marquis’ son)… No worries… Banache-san will continue to pursue the prince since the new book is yet to hit the market until around chapter 23, I think?

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