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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 11

Title: Can you buy assistance with money? (His HighnessPOV)

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Author: Soy

Edited by: Sakhyu

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I felt sad when I read the new installation of the novel written by Mathilda-san.

It was because I have a full confidence that Yulias will never ever had such cute reaction in the hypothetical situation where she falls in love with someone.

No, the real Yulias was someone who always had money on her mind.

Sometimes, I felt like what the heck! Albeit her cute face, it will be quite difficult for someone to fall in love with her if we took her personality defect into consideration.


“This is it! This will sell! Fuffuhahahahahahahahaha” (T/N: I can’t help but be reminded of Hata-san from SYD)


Was she some kind of a villain?

If anyone were to see this, will there be any benevolent man out there who willingly fall in love with her?

No, there probably none.

Moreover, if only Yulias was to act like this lady in the novel, I will surely be wishing to protect her from the surrounding danger; however, the real Yulias was the kind of person who will charge someone instead for protection, and though it was like that, it did gave me a sense of security since she will surely save me whenever the situation arises. *


I really should have pay her for this, but…*


Though my mouth had been expressing my unwillingness to pay her, however it was a lie if I were to say that I am not scared of being deserted by her.*

And right now, Yulias, Roland and I were at my napping place; recording the scene of those two people, flirting with each other.

I really wanted for them to stop coming to my napping place without my permission.

I sighed as I flipped over the pages while taking a glance at both Roland and Yulias.


“That girl has come into contact with me.”

“E~ A-are you okay?”


Yulias showed a cute expression, as she lowered her eyebrow, looking over Roland, anxiously.

You can even do such expression, huh?


“I tried to imitate the scene of my second meeting with her from the novel, the scene when the official document  that I held suddenly fall into the floor at the hallway, and as I was wishing for it, she came to my rescue.”


What have you been doing, Roland?

The moment I thought that, Yulias suddenly lifted her mouth as she grinned.


“Ma~ is this your strategy in ensuring that she will continue to think that she will have everything that she wants?”

“What kind of expression will she have when she realize that everything will not go as per her wish at the end of this? I am looking forward to that.”

“Fufufu, it will be fun, Onii-sama.”

“That’s right.”


I could felt the chill on my spine as I watched those two people laughed.


“I am truly glad that I am not your enemy.”


Should I be angry with them who continued to ignore my existence?


“His Highness should start running right away.”


The sudden word from Yulias made me froze.



“As long as His Highness did not do any dangerous pretense like Oni-sama, then you will be alright.”

“I will not. Will it really be that dangerous?”

“Well, the book that you have been reading just now is about the confrontation between the Marquis’ son vs the Prince, and it will be a while before it come out to the market; that’s why, the prophecy book that the girl possessed is the one where the Prince fall in love with the heroinel.”

“………Is this a horror story?”


Both Yulias and Roland smiled wryly.


“That girl is going to tackle me right? What should I do to avoid myself from seeing her? Help me?”

“Isn’t it good to assign an escort for you?”

“Don’t you think that was quite a sloppy countermeasure?”

“I mean, don’t you always have an escort hanging around….”


I hang my head when Roland’s started to speak.


“His Highness is someone who excelled in both magic and swordsmanship; he is also sensitive to killing intent so he never had any escort accompanying him.”

“His Highness, you are so strong!”



What? I wonder if you have been treating me like a fool all along?*


“That woman tackle is not one with intent to murder. Since it void of bloodlust, I will be unable to notice it beforehand…..”


When I murmured that, unexpectedly, Yulias raised her mouth as she grinned.


“His Highness, if you are so afraid of her, then I will help you out.”

“How much do you want?”

“No matter how much…”


What are you up to?


“I would like for you to write something for me.”

“I somehow had a bad feeling about this.”

“It’s okay. I will not take any advantages over you.”

“Do not lie to me.”


Yulias showed me a troubled expression.


“I just wanted for you to write that Nogger’s family is a noble house with superlative degree in negotiation and thus been approved by the Royal family.”


“If I have that, I will no longer need the Marquis’ peerage to support our house! From here on, we will be able to have the power in business negotiation in our hand! I will be able to import product cheaply while exporting our product with high price! How wonderful will that be?!”


A~ Yulias’ head was full of thought on money making scheme.

However, if I were able to provide that to her, I felt that Yulias will never put me in any kind of dangerous situation.


“Let’s put that into a contract.  With that as a compensation, I want to employ you to ensure that I will not be in any kind of danger.”

“Of course! His Highness is an important friend of mine, I will be protecting you since you are the important cog in ensuring a harmonious business negotiation between us.”



I was stunned at that moment.

I thought about her words.

Somehow, I felt reassured by it.

I was relieved that I was called a cog that has an important roles within this country.

Without thinking, I smiled.

A woman who reassured me by using such extreme words.

Isn’t that good?

Is there anything else that I need to have apart from her encouragement and willingness to help me dealt with this unknown fear of mine?!

I might be insignificant, however I murmured it in a way where only she could hear me.


“I will be counting on you.”


If you think about it later on, even the encouragement word that come from her was all done by her in order to gain profit and money; however, I had never understood that at that time.

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  1. No wonder Michael has become a masochist! Yulias is so skillful with the carrot and stick method that the prince has been led to thinking being a cog is good for him. He might become the same as michael.. Hr is showing the signs….

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