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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Market Research is my Happy Time

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In the academy that I attend, there was a building specifically for the commoners.
Of course, the aristocrats were located in a different wing altogether.
The only thing that we shared was the school cafeteria.
Still, a large space in the cafeteria was dedicated for the nobles whereas an insignificant and small space was left for the commoners.
Since the round table that had been placed for the aristocrats was arranged with particular gaps, it took up a lot of useless space.
However, the commoners have a long table and it had been arranged in the space neatly like a dining room.
As for the people who disliked eating in a crowded place, they seem to have their lunch at the courtyard instead.
By the way, the courtyard for the commoners and the aristocrats were also separated from each other.

I hate this kind of double standard.
For me, commoners were a precious resource……as my research subjects.
The products I developed were indispensable items necessary for commoners, things that were convenient and time-saving devices, cute and inexpensive stuff as well as food within the range of cheap yet delicious.
These things would have never been created if I did not do any research on the common populace.

Therefore, as much as possible, I would like to hear the opinions of the commoners as consumers.
That’s why, in this cafeteria, I always choose to sit in a seat at the edge of the line between the aristocrats’ and the commoners’  space.
I love to hear the talk on the latest trends among the commoners.
However, many of those commoners seem to be scared of me and thus they do not dare to sit near me.

It will be bad if you are unable to grab any seats once it gets crowded, you know.

“No- Nogger-sama!”

This was the first time that a commoner girl called out to me.
I was so happy!
I tried to put on my gentlest smile.

“What is it?”
“………A, ano.”
“That, are those the shoes that are currently popular in downtown? … I’m sorry for being rude and asking you that!”

I smiled at her after I looked down at my shoes to confirm it.

“These shoes are really comfortable, you know?”

Hearing my words, that girl’s eyes shined brightly.

“I also wanted to have those  shoes.”

“I’m happy! This is one of my new product!”

There was a surprised look on her face.

“By the way, right now we only have this reddish-brown colour, so, what kind of colour would you like to buy?”
“Eh, well, I think dark blue will be good, yellow will also look cute too, don’t you think so?”

I took out a notebook from my pocket as I jotted down the colours that she had mentioned to me.
With a happy face, I told her.

“I will make shoes with this colour, so will you tell me your opinion of them  when they’re  finished?”
“Of~ of course!”
“A~ Ano! Is it okay for you to also show me the new products?”

A different girl asked me.
I nodded to her with a big smile.

“Is it okay for me to join as well?”
“Sure! What kind of colour do you think will be good?’
“For me, it is moss green.”

I nodded as I took note.


At that time, the Prince was calling my name.

“Can I see you for a bit?”

E~ right now is my time for marketing research~ I do not want to.

“Does Your Highness have any business with me?”
“Bring out that Book of Prophecy.”
“A~ I wonder if Banache-san finally tackled you down, Prince?”
“Yulias, you knew about it?”
“Why should I know about?”
“You already knew, that person would come into contact with me, right? Why did you keep silent about it?”

I smiled widely at him.

“Because, it will be truly amusing, right?”
“………..Are you really a human being?”
“Well, it was nice to have some fun, right?

The Prince sighed deeply as he looked at my smiling face.

“Can you bring that out so I can read it properly?”
“I understand. Everyone, thank you for sparing your valuable time for me today. Do you mind if I talk to you at  another time?’

Those commoners nodded happily at me.
I bowed slightly before leaving that place.

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