May 25, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Roland’s younger Sister (The Prince POV)


Author: Soy

Edited by: SakHyu

TLC: Mint

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She had suddenly appeared under the shade of the rose bushes, which had always been my favourite place for napping.
A beautiful woman, one with straight silver-blue hair that had been put into a half-up hairdo,  and large grey eyes that were framed with eyelashes that curved upwards.

It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the younger sister of my friend, Roland.
She ignored me as she positioned the magical tool amidst the rose bushes.
It was a magical tool for recording.
Apparently, it was positioned to record the pond’s area.
That was my thought initially.

She prompted me to stay silent as she put her finger on to my mouth.
Well, that shut me up.
I was surprised once again when I found out that she wanted to record the meeting between my friend, Lamore, and his girlfriend.
In addition to that, without knowing it, it seemed that Lamore and Roland’s younger sister was engaged to each other which was yet another surprise to me.
Even though I was his friend, I am not that good in dealing with Lamore.
It was because his head was too bad, so sometimes I cannot have a conversation with him at all.
On the other hand, while I can have a good conversation whenever I speak to Roland, due to the fact that his head was too good, sometimes, I got scared of him
I never thought that someone as smart as Roland would let his precious sister be engaged to someone like Lamore.

Once Lamore disappeared, Roland’s younger sister started to apologize for her rudeness.
She seemed to be a person with good common sense.
She did not even try to flatter me.
Actually, she even clicked her tongue to me.
And what with that excuse for clicking her tongue at me?
Even though she was a beautiful girl, it was too bad her personality was like this.
I heard strange things from her as per her excuse for recording those two people.
It seemed that she knew about the future…..And she had shown me a novel for a woman with a silly title saying that it was a book of prophecy.
I thought she was joking, however, the scene that was written in the book was similar to what had happened just now.
Did you mean to say that this is a real book of prophecy?

That girl told me that it was up to me to believe it or not and I decided to believe her.
And yet she told me that I was someone she regarded as unimportant in her life.
She told me that since I was a person so above the clouds, there was no harm in her telling me everything.
Hearing this, make me wanted to become involved with her.
That’s why
I had forcefully made her promise me that she will be my friend.


Roland’s appearance gave the impression of an intelligent man, with his silver hair and grey eyes that were  hidden behind silver-rimmed glasses.
You may say that he was my best friend among all my classmates.
I told him that I had befriended that girl.

“You befriended that child?”
“Your sister is so amusing.”
“That’s right. That girl was beautiful and intelligent and I am proud of my imouto.”

Roland was smiling widely, something that was rare for him.

“It is surprising  that she was engaged to Lamore.”
“… That girl’s head is too good.”

Roland who was smiling just now started to murmur.

“Lamore’s house had brought up the engagement in exchange for the fortune of our family. My father and I were against it. However, that girl said that the peerage of Lamore’s house will make any diplomacy talk  easier……”

Roland looked mortified as he recalled that event.

“When that girl proposed to use her engagement as a mean for profit gains, at that time, my heart nearly collapsed with shock.”

That girl’s face floated into my mind.
This seemingly unfeeling and beautiful girl doesn’t seem to match with the girl in my mind who had kept clicking her tongue.

“If I were to find some dirt on Lamore, I am going to annul that engagement of her’s…”
“A~ that’s why you have been recording stuff?”

I told Roland that she had been recording Lamore’s cheating scene.
Roland’s face turned blue.
“S-So, what will you do with your sister’s situation ?”
“A~….. how should I say this….”

He made an evil face so full of conspiracy, one that I am familiar with.

“You look so energetic.”

I gulped down my words that I wanted to say.

“Let’s kill that Lamore.”
“Please wait, your sister has been telling me that she wanted to gather the blackmail material on Lamore so that it will not go as what he had planned. I think that we should let your sister do as she please.”

Roland held his head as he crouched down.

“I always put my sister’s happiness as my  highest priority!”

This was the first time I saw Roland this upset.
It was most likely because his younger sister was so cute.

“Roland’s younger sister is truly a beauty.”
“….I will not forgive you if you put your hand on her, whether you are a Prince or not.”
“Didn’t you let her become engaged to Lamore?”

Roland started to shout in frustration.

“That girl has decided to use her marriage for the sake of helping our house~”

It goes without saying that I could not help but laugh out loud at Roland, who had acted on his sis-con tendencies for the first time in front of me.

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