May 25, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I will not disturb your nap.


Author: Soy

Edited by: SakHyu

TLC: Mint

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It was during the moment when I saw Banache-san again that my suspicion seemed to be realized.

A~ This scene was similar to the one in the novel.

I mean, wasn’t the villainess of this novel modelled after me?
By that, did I made a blunder upon the creation of the setting?
I felt my blood drained from my face.
The novel has not ended yet, however, in the middle of the story, the villainess who was modelled after me will be convicted for her bullying before having her engagement annulled, thus making her feel too humiliated to continue attending the Academy.

Even if I didn’t do anything, will I still be punished in the end?
Just because the lady was having her engagement annulled, did not equate to her being condemned like she had committed a heavy sin…
That was impossible, right?

I will not let Banache-san have her way.
I will never let others stain my honour by condemning me!
Did you intend to camouflage your act of infidelity with the excuse of my harassment to you?
I will see how you will do it!

For that child, that novel would be like a book of prophecy,
However, that novel was also a book of prophecy for me.
Let’s start with collecting the evidence
I knew that I have to find the evidence that indicated my annulled engagement was due to the fact that the Marquis had been cheating on me, and I also need to ensure that any evidence where I ‘harassed’ the other party was actually nonexistent.
That was my thought during those 3 seconds as I watched Banache-san who had fallen down in front of my eyes.


I started my counter-attack by heading towards the pond where the roses were currently in full bloom.
Of course, this was the location for her tryst with my fiancé according to what had been written in the book of prophecy.
However, there was a high risk if I were to directly go there.
That’s why I decided to take a walk around the pond as I hid behind the rose bushes that allowed me to have a full view of the pond; at the same time, I also have decided to record the meeting of those two people with a magical tool-like recorder.
Conveniently, the rose bushes were so thick that it concealed one’s feet, which made it a perfect place to hide.
I hurriedly walked towards that place.


…….There was already a person here.
This country’s Prince was currently taking his nap here.
As what Mathilda-san had previously said, he was lying in the shade.
Moreover, his eyes were quickly opened once he was aware of my presence.
Under that jet black hair, a pair of sky-blue eyes were staring at me.
I was also stared at him for a while, however, I did not forget that I was a woman with a mission.
Ignoring the Prince, I began to set up the magical tool.

“………….I’m sure, you are Roland’s younger sister, right?”
“Shhh, please be quiet.”

Banache-san appeared at the scene as soon as I finished setting up the magical tool, and immediately after that, my fiancé arrived.
They seemed to be talking about something.
I could not hear the content of their conversation, however, my fiancé had been holding Banache-san’s hand all this time.
My mouth started to grin at this novel-like development.

“That was Marquis Lamore, right?”
“Yes. My fiancé.”

The Prince turned silent after I replied to his question.
Once those two people left the scene, I cleared away the magical tools before I faced the Prince and asked,

“What is the date for today?”

His Highness took out his pocket watch from his jacket before he gave me the answer.
I bowed towards His Highness with a smile.

“For my discourtesy just now, I am truly sorry.”
“………….It’s alright. There must be a deeper reason for all of this.”
“Not at all. I am just collecting the materials so that they will never get what their hearts desire.”

Without changing his expression, the Prince asked me,

“Are you going to come here again?”
“This is the place where I take my nap.”

I thoughtlessly clicked my tongue.

“I’m sorry. Just now.”
“It was the first time someone clicked  their tongue at me.”
“Just now is my mistake! About coming here, it will only be for a short while.”

His Highness looked at me unconvinced.

“Before long, my fiancé will condemn me and annul our engagement.”
“How do you know that?”
“There is this book of prophecy.”
“………..Show me.”

I had no choice but to take that novel out.

“…….Are you kidding me?”
“I’m not! Please read here! Because it was the scene that happened earlier on.”

When the Prince opened to the page which was similar to the scene just now, the middle between his eyebrows started to wrinkle.

“You don’t have to believe me!”
“…….Then, after reading this, what are you going to do?”
“Based on this, I did come out as someone who is  not only foolish but also jealous.”

His Highness’ mouth started to twitch.

“However, the reality is, I am neither stupid nor do I possess intense jealousy. Instead, I do not even have any feeling towards my fiancé.”
“Is that okay for you to declare it so?”
“After all, Your Highness is not someone important in my life.”
“I do not mean anything bad by it. Rather, there are no disadvantages for me.”

I lowered my eyebrow.

“We only met here coincidentally and apart from the occasional greeting, you are basically a person so high above the clouds that I had never conversed with before.”
“You are Roland’s younger sister, right?”
“Yes. I am Yulias from the Earl of Nogger’s house.”
“I am a good friend of Roland.”

I laughed when I heard the Prince’s quick reply, fired at me like a machine gun.

“Your Highness, you are the friend of my brother and not mine. Moreover, in this kind of situation where a person was already intended for another, adults will not be forgiving if you befriend others from the opposite gender. If my engagement is to be annulled, I am going to put my fiance’ into misery as I settled things with those big shot. Therefore, His Highness is better off not to be involved with a person like me.”
“………..I understand.”

The Prince said that as he sighed.

“I will forgive you for coming here. Instead, from now on, you are my friend.”

I really could not understand this guy.
I clicked my tongue once again.

“This is the first time I saw a lady clicking her tongue. From here on, I am in your care.”

He seemed to be pleased that I acted like that.
For that, I could not help but click my tongue for the third time.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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  2. Lol! She has a good mindset to start capturing evidence. XD And the Prince is her OTP, I suppose? Looks like he’s targeting her already.
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