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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Heroine is the transfer student?


Author: Soy

TLC: Mint

Edited by: SakHyu

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The transfer student came in when I entered my 2nd year of the academy.
She was the daughter of an Earl with a commoner lineage.
Both of us had similar statuses as daughters of an Earl’s house; however, with her long, wavy blonde hair and big, rounded blue eyes wrapped up in a petite frame, I was a little bit stumped when I looked at her.
It felt like I had seen her somewhere before.

That girl’s name was Yuri Banache.
With a cute appearance and a charming personality, my fiancé immediately fell in love with her.


“I am not going to marry you.”

For him to especially summon me, I was quite surprised with the words that came out of his mouth.

“I will absolutely annul the engagement between us.”
“Ha~ I understand.”

This guy was truly stupid.

That was my impression of him at that time.
I mean, that Marquis’ house of his had been demanding our house to send forward the money that will be used to cover the cost for the engagement arrangement on a monthly basis, typically like a fixed-term deposit.

I need to take our money back.

That was my next thought.

“Stop harassing Yuri!”

Eh? I didn’t do it though? Do you mean you wanted me to bully her?
It’s impossible even if you asked me to do it.
If you wanted me to do it, how much are you going to pay?

After saying whatever he had wanted, my fiancé left immediately.

“If you can annul the engagement, then please feel free to do so.”

I muttered with a small smile on my face while I watched my fiancé retreating back.


I finally understood why I felt like I had seen Yuri Banache before.
She was similar to the heroine, Banache-san.
I began to mumble the title of the love story that was popular among the commoners.

[My heart is pounding, even if I become a noble, I will still do my best!] It was a story that was written for me and that heroine was similar to Banache-san.

“My lady? Did you said something just now?”
“It’s nothing, Mathilda-san.”
“Then, let’s continue.”

Even though Mathilda-san was already 65 years old, she was actually the author who had written the novel [My heart is pounding, even if I become a noble, I will still do my best!]
Until a few years ago, she was the nursemaid for this country’s Prince.

“If he is a prince, then why is he sleeping under the shade of the bushes  in the Rose Garden?”
“Let’s get him to take a nap inside the gazebo at least! We need to give those commoners something to dream about!”

The plot of this novel with such a funny title was the story of a commoner heroine who was actually an illegitimate daughter of an Earl. She transferred to the Academy and was about to experience love scenarios with all these wonderful male aristocrats.
There was a reason why this novel had been made for the commoners.

“The Prince will never take a nap at such a conspicuous place.”

Mathilda-san started to pout.
She was such a cute person.

“But, if the noble were to read this, they will surely find out that this is about this country’s prince, so we need to change it a little bit….”
“The Prince, your Fiancé-sama and  your Onii-sama, all of them were similarly written here….”
“Yes, though the names had been changed to something else.”

Yes, the characters in this novel had been faithfully written based on the true models.
I will be in trouble if other people thought that this was based on the real story happening around the nobility.
That’s why this story was for the commoners.
Mathilda-san who had been the Prince’s nanny previously was not only familiar with the Prince. She also knew the other powerful aristocrats who were around the Prince’s age.
My fiancé as well as my older brother were also no exception.

At that time, somehow, I had a bad feeling.
Reason being, it seemed that my current academy situation looked similar to the scene that was written inside the novel.
As I held my meeting with Mathilda-san, I was still unable to wipe the anxiety that had been rolling inside of me.

T/N: This is not a reincarnation or transmigration story…

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  1. Not reincarnation or transmigration, but… Prophetic? ESP?

    Anyway, what’s with the last line of the description? It’s almost the same as the one in the other work from this author, “In this story cruel depictions are guaranteed”.

  2. Can she really take back the fees given to the fiancee’s family? They are of higher status after all…so shameless taking money eventhough they are still just engaged

    1. She probably can? The money was paid for their engagement, but the idiot prince wants to annul the engagement. I guess it could be considered a dowry of sorts? Besides, I would be very bitter if the royalty gets to keep the money after the prince so shamelessly accusing her of that ahah.

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