May 26, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I have a fiancée


Author: Soy

TLC: Mint

Edited by: SakHyu

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I, who was good in commerce, was born into the house of an Earl.
My name is Yulias Nogger.
I am 17 years old and am currently attending the academy.
My father, mother and older brother were also capable people who had good heads that were full of business schemes. Therefore, our family can be considered as rich aristocrats.
Surrounded by such people, I have also come to love money. Naturally, I grew up to become a business-minded lady who hated the thought of losing something.
From the exploitation of commodities, books and so forth, to the selection of the publication, the buying and selling of goods and etc., I can do all of it.

Changing the subject, I have a fiancé.

It was the eldest son of the Marquis, Lamore Chorione.
However, although his face looked good, his head lacked some foresight.
Since the Marquis was the one who offered this engagement, coupled up with their position which was higher than our house, we did not see any reasons to refuse it.
But, though their rank was higher than our house, they were actually poorer.
Just by observing their home, it was obvious that their money had been spent on those tasteless furnishing and what-not.
When someone asked how we knew this, it can only be said that in business, rumours go hand in hand with the money.
Apart from his face that everyone envies, I do not see any appeal from my fiancé.
Ma~ Even though my husband is an idiot, it can still be counted as a good deal as long as I can make use of the name of the Marquis, right?
That was what I had previously thought.

It was during my 2nd year in the academy when my shallow opinion changed…..
How did it come to this?

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17 thoughts on “Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 1

    1. * a bit of spoiler

      in the chapter that I just finished translated, I thought that she will for once act like a girl in love or something only to have me flipped the computer with her love for money.. damn it…ha..ha…

  1. This IS interesting!! And I sure am excited for the future chapters to come and the appearance of the male lead but please don’t forget adorable Cardy?

  2. Goodness this post is hard to find. The web novel page is empty.
    Could you change your website home page to list your post timeline?

  3. She’s interesting…. a gold digger? No..
    Someone who loves money… that is
    And her fiance too…
    This novel must be a fun reads ?
    Thanks for the chapter

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