April 23, 2021

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Labra-chan


Author: Soy

Edited By: SleppyCatz

T/N: Early chapter for this week. Refer to the announcement below. You might find the name “Cana” here…. This “Cana” nickname was a nickname  Cardinal-chan reserved for her family members. Of course, someone will get her personalized nickname soon. Countdown in 5 chapters!


The new friend that I made, Labra-chan, had a long blonde hair that looked silky and cute!!

Her light-blue eyes give the impression of the sky that makes me feel like gazing into them forever.

“Labra-san is totally cute!!”

“….A, thank you very much.”

“Do you still feel nervous?”

“Well, that~…”

A~ I really did not want to appear detestable towards someone this cute.

“You do not really have to be worried about my status.”

“That is not how it should be…… Okay….”


I might be seen as an annoying person for chasing after Labra-chan who was walking down the hallway.

When I was about to give up chasing after her, Labra-chan suddenly turned towards the staircase.

“Whoa! Watch out!!”

Is that the Prince’s voice?

I saw that Labra-chan and the Prince was in a close proximity when I turned towards the staircase.

My precious big brother was also standing behind them.

The Prince was probably trying to help Labra-chan who was about to fall down the stairs.

But… it seemed that the Prince’s hand had somehow grabbed Labra-chan’s breast instead.

“Stupid Prince, quickly take your hand off Love-chan’s breast.’

“E?… Uwaa! Sorry!”

Once the Prince release her hand, I put Labra-chan behind me in order to protect her.

“I thought that you are only being stupid, however, I never consider that you are actually a perverted Prince. I was truly disillusioned by you.”

“You- you are wrong!! It was an accident!! It was jinxed!! Even I have the right to choose!”

“Ha~a, is there anything that you felt dissatisfied about in regards to this lovely Love-chan? I will kill you for it.”

“No, it is different, if possible…th- that is right, I want to rub Cardinal’s breast instead!!”

“You really are a pervert. Please do not come near me.”

“U~wa… that is not what I meant!! Vert, you should help me explain it properly to her!”

The Prince tried to ask for my big brother’s help.

“Don’t come close to Cana, you pervert.”

My big brother instead slayed the Prince with a refreshing smile.

“Why are you saying that?!! Vert should know that all of this was an accident!!”

“I really did witnessed the accident, however, once you said that you wanted to rub Kana’s breast, I really wanted to quickly choke the life out of you, you damn bastard.”

“Oni-sama, you are totally cool!!”

Once I said that, my big brother turned to look at me while smiling charmingly.

The Prince had been completely treated as a pervert.

“A, hmm Bara Hime-sama…. I… I am okay.”

Labra-chan appeared to be nervous.

This child was really a good child.

“Labra-san is really a lovely lady! However could you please stop with that “Bara” nickname? You could just address me as Cardinal.”

“N-no….because it is easier to address you as Bara Hime-sama….”

A! So cute.

She looked like a frightened puppy.

I really wanted to pet her.

“I understand. I will endure it until we become a little bit closer!! But, please make sure that you will call me Cardinal sometimes in the future.”


I wanted to quickly become closer to Labra-chan~ like how I had thought in my previous life, cute was truly the justice.

Won’t it be best if that stupid Prince were to quickly disappeared somewhere~!!

I was smiling as I gazed upon that girl.



A/N Cardinal-chan on rampage!!! Did you realize about your surrounding? Heroine, Ganbare~!!

T/N: Cardinal had entered the route!!!!

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