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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 14

Chapter 14:  The Heroine of the game (Labra POV)


Author: Soy

Edited By: SleppyCatz

T/N: The POV of the Game’s Heroine. We will also glimpse the content of the supposed game…

I had somehow been reincarnated into an Otome Game!

This was the world of my favourite game [Love is something that needs support to grow! ~ I want to become your support ♪]

This was the typical otome game where the commoner heroine falls in love with one of the aristocrats.

The heroine was the epitome of an innocent girl who was quite a scatterbrain and always seemed to fall into some accidental erotic kind of situation.

But, because the illustrations were so cute, I like them very much.

I inherited my blond hair from my mother and my blue eyes from my father. However, since I possessed similar traits as the Royal family, other people looked at me as someone audacious, and thus bullying began because of it.

And the ones who will come to my rescue were the ikemens from the top-ranking nobles’ family.

Although the Prince was initially known as a hopeless Prince, however, he transformed into the world’s most magnificent Prince for the sake of protecting the heroine.

As for the eldest son of the Prime Minister, due to the selfishness of his younger sister, he did not know how to treat girls properly. However, once he became involved with the heroine, he transformed into a doting man instead.

As for the son of the commander of the Royal Knights, who was originally quiet and possessed strong conviction, for the sake of Heroine, he will become a knight capable of doing anything for her.

The second son of the merchant’s house will wander around the campus selling jewellery and clothes to the aristocrat.

Although he acquired a bad reputation as the wanderlust son, once he met with the heroine, his business will flourish into one of the tops and largest company in the country.

And then, the second son of the Prime Minister will finally enrol in school a year later.

Since his elder sister had always bullied him, he developed a strong dislike towards frogs and possessed a cowardly temperament.

And because of his cowardly nature, the Princess of this country would always manipulate him.

However, once he associated himself with the Heroine, he finally turned into a splendid nobleman.

One of the villainesses for this game was the prime minister’s daughter, who was supposed to form an engagement relationship with the Crown Prince when she was at the age of 10 years old. The other villainess was this country’s Princess.

However, because the Prince disliked the Prime Minister’s daughter, he had expressed his reluctance during the engagement ceremony, which stopped the plan.

And since the Prince and the top-ranking aristocrats got along well with the Heroine, the surrounding people started to get jealous and eventually bullied her.

The last boss for this game was this country’s Princess.

She could not forgive the Heroine for possessing the same hair colour as the Royal family, so she decided to torment her.

And ultimately, these two comrades, the Princess and the Prime Minister’s daughter were banished from the country while screaming at the top of their lungs!!

Since these two people were pure-bred ladies, this form of banishment was indeed worse than dying.

A~ I wonder if it will start soon!!


The Prime Minister’s daughter would surely come and make a fuss because of my lateness which interrupted the welcoming speech.

With that anticipation, I had made a reckless move based on the timing of the program. However, as I walked to my seat, I could feel the gaze of the surrounding people.

Why is that?

Even the commoner student beside me was also stared at me pointedly.

I already made my own plan, and the first things that I am going to do once I entered the classroom were to befriend Catherine-chan, who will become my source of information regarding the capture targets.

This child was someone who wanted to work with broadcasting and eventually enters the newspaper department.

“What are you thinking about by barging into the hall when Bara Hime-sama was about to deliver her greeting?”


E, Ehh? Did I do something weird?

“Ba- Bara Hime-sama?”

“Of course it is Cardinal-sama, don’t tell me that you did not know that?”

Catherine sighed deeply, as if she could not believe the person next to her.

Wa- what was wrong over here?


With that voice, appeared in front of me was a girl with twin-tail red hair!

The Villainess character had appeared.

“Ju- I am sorry for my behaviour just now.”

To attract the attention of the surrounding people, I exaggeratedly bowed my head to her.

“You’re really an energetic one. I am okay, so you don’t have to be concerned about it. My name is Cardinal Brauz. How about you?”

“I – I am Labra Astir.”

“Labra-san, nice to meet you.”

E, Ehh? Somehow there was no sign of hostility at all?

“Bara Hime-sama, A.. mmm! Is it possible for me to shake your hand?”

Beside me, Catherine-chan eyes started to sparkle as she held out her hand.

“….. A, hmm, that Bara Hime-sama…. are you perhaps talking about me?”

“Of course! You are the angel-sama who had descended upon our territory as the allies of the commoners.”

Wha- what kind of language is that?

“Are you the youngest daughter of Yushias-san, Catherine-san?”

“Yes! My father has always been indebted to you.”

“I am the one who should feel thankful! For always sharing delicious vegetables, You have my gratitude from the depth of my heart.”

“What are you talking about!!? The medicine produced by Bara Hime-sama, as well as the improvement on the farm, was all due to your aid which had contributed greatly to my household.”

“The improvement of the vegetable breeding was one of my hobbies. It was all due to Yushias-san, who is willing to cooperate with me to be considered a wonderful person. I could never express enough gratitude for it. Therefore, thank you very much.”

Catherine-san suddenly burst into tears.

E? What is this?

“Please stop crying. Doesn’t this looked like I have been bullying you?”

“I- I am sorry. But, unfortunately, Bara Hime-sama is too merciful….”

“…. that, could you please stop calling me Bara Hime-sama?”

“I will not stop.”

That villainous girl looked at me with a troubled face before slowly speaking out.

“I am sorry. I had somehow created some commotion. This girl was actually kind and good, so please get along with her. I will feel happy if you could get along with me as well.”

“A…Eh… Oh… yes!”

Because of the aura surrounding me seemed to set out to kill me if I were to refuse, I unintentionally nodded my head.

Wa- what was that?

The situation unfolds in front of me was totally different from my expectation.

This red hair should be the villainous character, right?

I could not help but worry about my story in the future.

T/N: If anyone was wondering why Cardinal has a nickname of Bara Hime-Sama… This means Princess Rosa (I know it is rose.. but Rosa sounds much cuter, however, for now, I will stick with the Japanese wording). You could refer to chapter 12, where Cardinal use a rose container for her medicine… So I guess this was where the nickname came from.

So what is your impression of their first encounter???


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    You think Cardinal is typical villain? Too bad! She was Bakarina Mk.2~
    Poor heroine… If she not reincarnated person, she will became Cardinal harem without any discomfort.

  2. “And then, the second son of the Prime Minister” This should be good.

    “Since he had always been bullied by his elder sister” Nope
    “he developed a strong dislike towards frogs” pffff
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  4. thx for the chapter~

    poor heroine, our cute cardy oujo-sama already destroy all your ship with aristoscrat and unconsciously made her ownship with noble. trully……. i pity you ???

  5. Oh boy, 2 reincarnators/transmigrators in 2 contradictive roles. From a few novels I’ve read with a similar setting, the most common route is the heroine is a dense klutz believing the world is a game and wanting to a create a reverse harem. I hope this doesn’t end the same. Thanks for the translation!

    1. To be fair… this heroine doesn’t seem to be quite a “dense klutz”. Her entrance was calculated and the last line certainly showed that she sensed that the story has already been distorted from her game knowledge. Whether she will still pursue the ending she wants with underhanded means is unknown until she actually starts doing it… though I can’t imagine Kagerou and her other guardians would stand still and let it be.

  6. You know, I’d be happy if both the villainess and Heroine end up getting along well.

    More the villainess being a “villainess” the wrong way, by dragging the Heroine into all sorts of mayhem, but it still ends up setting up the Heroine with at least one of the targets while the villainess inadvertently takes the rest.

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    1. The heroine in Cardinal mind was someone with pink tinged blonde hair and also a transfer student… Based on the usual template that she read on the LN and WN… It will get more n more hilarious later on….

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  9. speaking of which… I forgot to point out one thing: About Cardinal becoming “Bara Hime-sama” other than the rose symbol on her containers. I think it also refers to her physical appearance. You know… red hair? Red that makes one reminded of red rose and her “kind” disposition.

  10. The Prince:
    He transformed into the world’s most magnificent Prince.(✔DONE)

    The eldest son of the Prime Minister:
    He transformed into a doting man instead. (✔DONE)

    The son of the commander of the Royal Knights:

    The second son of the merchant’s house:
    His business will flourish into one of the top and largest company in the country. (WORKING IN PROCESS/DONE?)

    The second son of the Prime Minister:
    Dislike towards frogs(THE OPPOSITE)
    He turned into splendid nobleman (✔DONE)

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    It is hilarious when it comes to Yard, he is so interesting, I love his blackbellied character, he is not Yarndere (do you understood? hehe) but just blackbellied who would do even underhanded deeds to make the one he loves happy.

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