June 23, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 14

Title: The person that I longed for (Renair POV)

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Author: Soy

*Sorry, Unedited version. My editor is so busy that she still could not look over this. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

P/S The promised birthday treat. I will slowly upload 6 chapters of Mochiron in the next 24 hours. As for Akuyaku Reijou.. Urghh I will try my best!!! Birthday treat #1

My name is Renair. I am a freshman from the commoner’s division.
I love fashion and I was well known for it among the commoners.
One day, I saw the shoes worn by Nogger-sama from the aristocrat division who was also known as the goddess of Ice and Darkness before I impulsively called her out.
With a dignified smile on her face, Nogger-sama replied to my question.
Normally, many of those aristocrats find it detestable to talk with us, the commoners; similarly, I also regretted having a conversation with them, however, now I am happy over my impulsive move.
Nogger-sama was truly friendly and soon enough, everyone from the commoner’s division started to adore her!
Moreover, she also made a really cute shoes based on my opinion as well as my friend, Grintia, before showing it to us.

Later on, I was informed that the commoner’s brand that both my friend and I came to like [Aliad] was a shop belonged to Nogger-sama.
My tension quickly went up!!
Even so, I was speechless when the people in our division told me that Nogger-sama fiancé was not only a detestable person but also a cheater.
Nogger-sama also acted as if those two people did not exist in her eyes….
I really wish that Nogger-sama will quickly annul her engagement!
All of us were thinking about the same things.

A little bit after that, the Prince started to hang around Nogger-sama.
It seemed that he had befriended Nogger-sama.
What’s more, since they were friend, Nogger-sama had frequently tutted at him without any hesitation!
And every time Nogger-sama faced His Highness, she always had a childish expression on her face which looked so cute!
I wished that Nogger-sama and His Highness will end up with each other!
They really suited well!!
My friend and I, as well as everyone in the commoner’s division, really hope that His Highness and Nogger-sama will become more intimate!

“Nogger-sama, please get yourself involves with the Prince.”
“The status between His Highness and mine is too different.”
“There are no such things, you know! It doesn’t matter what kind of status there is! I mean in that novel…..”
“Waa! That is…… The heroine in the novel will not end up with the Prince, you know.”

I was so surprised by that.

In that novel, the Heroine did not end up with the Prince?
What was that!!

“The Prince will find his happiness when he finally realizes his true love.”
“How did you come to know about that?”
“…………..I am a close acquaintance of that author……”

Oh, my!

“Please get me a sign from the author!”
“Fufufu, alright. Instead, I want you to think of a cute design for the skirt.”
“For sure! It is a promise!”

Nogger-sama was laughing.
What a beautiful person!
I could not help but wish that Nogger-sama will find her happiness soon.

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