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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 15

Title: I will also get the Prime Minister involved in this.


Author: Soy

*Unedited. Appreciate if anyone willing to pint out any mistake since my editor is not around. Birthday treat #2

That day, a ball was held at the castle.
For the sake of meeting my father, I decided to attend the ball.
Usually, I never bother to attend the ball if I do not have a new dress and or jewels to wear.
Therefore, without anything new merchandise to advertise, it was more likely that I will not make any presence at all in any kind of ball.
This was a classic sales tactic.
However, I decided to make an exception for this time, in order to catch my busy father.
If the ball was going to be held at the castle, all those powerful aristocrats were obliged to attend it.
There were also no exception in regard to my father.

As I looked around for my father inside the ballroom, I pasted a smile on my face.
It seemed that my father was having a conversation with his Excellency Prime Minister.
Am I allowed to interrupt them?

“Oya, is that your daughter over there?”
“A~ Yulias. Come over here.”

I approached the two men with a business smile on my face.

“I am sorry for interrupting you during your conversation.”
“Lady Yulias seemed to become more and more beautiful every time I see you.”
“Thank you very much, Prime Minister.”

Prime Minister was grinning at me.

“I heard that recently you had been getting closer to His Highness, the Prince.”
“Yes. He is a friend of mine.”

Prime Minister uttered that word slowly.

“Your father is an ambitious person. It is impossible for you to forever stay as a friend of His Highness, right?”

The Prime Minister was smirking at me.
Without losing a beat, I chuckled back at him.

“I am going to inform you this since you are the Prime Minister. Between ourselves, I am as ambitious as my father. So I think that His Highness is a necessary cog-wheel for the sake of bringing advantages to my house.”
“The cog-wheel…..”

I continued as I grinned.

“Rather than being His Highness’ lover, I think that it will be more lucrative if I were to be able to obtain the diplomatic power concerning the foreign trade; therefore, establishing His Highness role as the necessary cog-wheel… Is what I desired out of my friendship with him.”
“So he had been staying by your side all this time without knowing that you have been regarding him as a cog-wheel.”
“I know about it.”

It was His Highness, who suddenly appeared beside us.
The Prince stared at me before continuing.

“That woman is also here.”
“I know! How about trying not to be alone as much as possible?”
“You have to help me! That person is going to bump into me again!”
“I know! Good luck.”
“I already have written that report for you!”

Needless to say, it was his slip of tongue.
I smiled as I looked at the shocked Prime Minister.

“You do not have to be so worried about it. His Highness himself, already aware, what kind of personality I possessed. It is already too late for me to use any kind of seductive technique to attain any means, as of now.”

And then I faced His Highness as I said.

“Please wait for a moment and try to maintain a conversation atmosphere with the Prime Minister. I have some favour to ask father.”
“It was rare for Yulias to ask for a favour.”
“I am planning to annul my engagement, so I wanted to have all the related documents for it.”
“……….You have been looking forward to obtain the Marquis peerage since before, did something happened to it?”

I giggled as I replied.

“I no longer have any need for that since His Highness is my friend and he already promises to write one for me. Besides that, Lamore-sama had also declared that he will never marry me…That’s why I no longer have a need for the Marquis’ peerage.”
“I see, well, let’s have Lamore sign the document without informing the Marquis first.”
“Of course. There seems to be another young lady that he wishes to get married to, so I’ll be able to rake a lot of consolation money from it.”
“I understand. It will be more advantageous if we are able to have the Marquis’ signature on the document as well.”

My father and I started to chuckle in sync.

“Your Highness, I think that you need to choose your friend properly.”
“I know. I also regretted it… But I don’t care about it anymore; Because I am sure that, she is the only one who can protect me from that weird woman.”
“Weird woman?”
“I will show you the prophecy later on.”
“The prophecy?”

The Prime Minister looked puzzled.
Of course, he will.
At that time, I saw Banache-san was approaching His Highness from behind.
Banache-san then nicely let herself bumped into him.

“I-I am sorry! Ah! It is the Prince!”

His Highness’ face started to cramp up.

“Ma~ did you bumped into His Highness again?”
“It- it is not on purpose!”

No, no, it was obviously on purpose!

“I see, you seem to be easily distracted. What will happen if you were to keep walking all over other people?”
“Y- You should not have said it like that….”

I was just giving a suggestion.

“Ara~ did I offend you somehow? If so, then I am sorry. I just wish for you to be more careful since you have been bothering His Highness in every single time.”
“How am I being a bother…..?”
“Wasn’t it a nuisance to keep being bumped by someone?”
“It is a coincidence.”
“So, it is by coincidence that you keep bumping into His Highness! Is this fate?”

Banache-san face quickly turned red.

“It is fate!”

Her voice started to rise.


I smiled as I faced the Prince, who had raised his voice impatiently.

“If Banache-san who kept bumping into His Highness should be considered as a fate, could it be that it was destiny when I met the Prince for the first time under the full blooming of rose?”

His Highness looked startled before he laughed.

“I think that meeting you is fate.”

When the Prince and I laughed at it, Banache-san was glaring at me in frustration before walking away.

“It really appears like the prophecy.”
“The prophecy can be used freely, however, I have the latest prediction to counter that. His Highness had properly remembered all the lines in the prophecy, huh? It was a nice acting coming from you.”
“If it was to that extent, you can leave it to me.”

I grinned at him.

“His Highness, I would like to ask you to refrain yourself from making any pass towards my daughter.”

At the unexpected voice from my father, I turned around to see that his mouth had been twitching non-stop.

“Father, it is only acting, so it is okay.”
“I have an agreement with His Highness to protect him from that girl.”

My father and the Prime Minister have somehow shown an expression that seemed to indicate that they were unable to understand my word.

“Prime Minister, since I wanted to explain this to you properly, why don’t we move to somewhere with less people?”
“…….. Then, let’s go to my office.”

The Prime Minister guided His Highness, my father and I as we moved towards his office.

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  1. “I already write that report for you!”

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