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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Contractor Rector POV


Author: Soy

Partially Edited. I will upload the edited version once SleppyCatz finished with it.

T/N: Sorry for the long break… It is a festive season here in my area of globe~

People have been talking about how amazing Cardinal Brauz was.

“Just a little bit, could you please make it a little bit cheaper?”

Ojou-sama, this is already the lowest that I can go.”

“…….Un~ then, I will come back later.”

“E~? Wait! I give up! I will lower the price for  you!!”

“Thank you.”

When I first met her, she was only 12 years old at the time, while I was a 16 years old boy.

It was in the shopping district in the middle of the town. She was in the midst of a haggling session with the vendors.

Based on my judgement, her bargaining skill truly deserved a stamp of approval.

“Ojou-sama, would you be interested in looking at my product?”

Usually, when a woman was approached by someone who possessed the kind of face they favoured, no one would not be swayed. What’s more, my eyes also reflected my interest in her. However, contrary to my expectation, when her eyes were on me, there was no sign of interest reflected on it.

“My name is Rector.”

“……….The second son of the Ridley’s family?”

“………….. You know me?”

“A young heir from a certain province who was on a journey throughout the country for the sake of pleasure trip and playing around.”

I know that the rumours about me would not be that good, but I did not expect it to be bad.

“I also seemed to remember that there is also a son from a certain merchant’s family who use the pleasure trip as a camouflage and actually working in a place out of anyone sight.”

The old man who was haggling with her previously began to laugh with a loud [Gahaha].

“No one should dare to mess up with Cardinal Ojou-sama. Even that brat Rector would lose his face if he did it.”

“Is Cardinal-sama the daughter of that Prime Minister?”

“Is there anyone else apart from that Cardinal Ojou-sama? Yes, she is truly a good lady.”

That girl confirmed the content of her purchase while giving a burst of cute laughter.

“Thank you. A~ then I will give you this.”


“This is an ointment. Last time you told me that you want one, right?”

“Then, I will you gave a different price for your purchase.”

“It’s okay. Making medicine is just a hobby of mine. Then, thank you.”

That girl put a small container in the shape of a rose on the counter before leaving the store.

“I wonder if that lady knew how valuable this ointment is compared to another rare item available around.”

When I opened the lid of that container, a faint smell of rose tickled my nose.

Is there still a fool in this world who willingly give out the medicine for free?

“Old man, please wait a moment.”

“ I will never give this to you!! Go and asked Oujo-sama if you want it!! That person will surely spare some for you.”

I quickly followed that girl out.

“Cardinal Oujo-sama.”

“Stop that. I don’t intend to befriend someone like you who keep calling me Oujo-sama.”

“Then, Cardinal.”

That girl came to a halt.

“What is it?”

“Did you hate me or something? Did I do something to you previously?”

“………..nothing in particular. It just that I do not think I needed to get along with you.”

Did you dislike me that much?

I will do anything you wish for to befriend you even if I need to bargain for it!!”

“Such arrogance.”

“……….I really wish to get along with Cardinal.”

“……….Then, if I say that I want the pseudo-star mushroom which grew inside a cave, will you get it from me?”

“Why did you need something so ominous? …Though I could get it for you.”

When that girl heard my word, her beautiful dark emerald eyes glittered.

“Will you be able to get me that thing?”

Her beautiful eyes seemed to be able of swallowed someone in.

At that time, when I lost in thought while gazing into her eyes, that girl slowly took out a small pouch.

“I will give this to you, so could you get it for me?’

A big jewel rolled out from that pouch into her hand.


“If this is not enough as payment, I still have a lot of these at home. Are you willing to follow me back to the mansion?”

“Why do you have so much of this stuff?”

“Magic stone were produced through the use of a magical plant. Even though this one is a failure, it is still a valuable jewel, so please be at ease and take it.”

“….. Then, I will have this.”

“There are others that are even better than this, you know.”

An odd expression flitted on that girl’s face when I accepted the jewel with the same colour as her eyes.

Does this person really not understand the values of these things?

I really cannot comprehend her reasoning!!

“When will you need those mushroom?”

“I want lots of it as soon as possible.”

“I understand. I am going to run home now.”

“Then, could you please send it to my residence?”


“Anyway, please stop with that polite speech, Rector.”

This girl….. What is it with her?

Even though she only call my name, but somehow, a fluffy kind of feeling seemed to blossom from my heart.


That girl’s house was big.

To the degree that it was too gaudy.

“I have already been informed about your visit. You’re Rector-sama, right?”


“This way, please.”

I was guided to the drawing-room.

That girl arrived a little bit after that.

I felt like I had seen this trolley used to carry the tea and the confections previously.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Please stop with that polite speech!”


That girl smiled.


To hide this sudden abrupt sensation, I quickly stuffed the Madeline inside my mouth.


“I’m glad. It worth making it.”

“Wa? This… You made it personally?”


“Let’s put this in my store. I will give you the money.”

That girl handed the teacup filled with freshly brewed tea to me as she watched me eat the confections with gusto.

The tea was also somewhat refreshingly delicious.

“Will I be able to open my own shop once I fall into ruin?”


“…. It was a joke.”

That girl smiled bitterly.

Why was that?

Was she holding some secret?

I could not help but felt like that I need to protect her.

At that moment, a knock could be heard from the door.


“What’s wrong?’

“You have a visitor, I see. I am sorry.”

“It is okay. You can come in.”

A little boy who was slightly smaller than her slowly bowed his head towards me before talking to her.

“Kokoru hime-sama said that she would like to visit our house next time….”

“I will ask the Queen about that.”

“Hai, I will leave it to you. I want to show Kokoru Hime-sama the frog that I have been taking care of.”

“Un~ let’s put a stop to that plan!! Even though the frog is cute, but you should not show it to the Princess.”

“It is not good?”

“She will probably cry!! So let’s put a stop to that beforehand!!”

While stroking the head of her upset little brother, she said.

“Let’s make cookies together. Cookies in the shape of a frog will surely look cute. Ne~! Let’s do that.”

“Wa! Yes! Ane-sama!”

They were truly a close sibling.

“I going out a bit to brew a tea for you, Yard. So please wait here a moment, and I will bring a cup for you.”

Once that girl get out of our sight, her little brother began to glare at me.

“Oi, don’t you dare to have any misunderstanding concerning my big sister. Or else, I am going to kill you.”

……..E? What with this guy……..

“I understand the inside of your head. Ane-sama voice capable of turning others into a fool who easily misunderstood her intention.”

Fu~ I slowly released my breath; it seemed that this fellow has been feigning his innocence to gloss over his real personality.

“Then, in that case, your sister will never be able to become someone’s bride.”

“Whose bride are you trying to take?”

That little brother no longer feigned his innocence as he looked at me with displeasure.

“Isn’t it said that the happiness of a woman is when she can become the bride of a good man?”

“Do not put such foolish woman into the same category as my big sister. Even without becoming a bride, my big sister will still be happy. It is enough for me to make her happy.”

“Such dependable little brother.”

Her little brother continued to scowl at me.

“If you were to disappoint my sister, I will kill you. Please remember that.”


Her little brother looked at me while grinning.

“That’s right.”

Shortly after, her little brother said that the door once again opened as she walked in.

“You seem to be having some fun talk.”

“Yes, Ane-sama!”

“Rector are really capable of getting along with everyone.”

Her little brother looked shocked at how her sister had addressed me familiarly.

“Cardinal too?”

I also tried to imitate her by dropping the honorific.

“That’s right. We get along quite well quickly.”

“If you looked around, you will also understand. Anyway, putting that matter aside, let’s talk about work.”


“I like Cardinal fail work. So, sell it to me.”

Towards the surprised her, I continued.

“As I said earlier, I will open the shop once all the requirement met. Would you like to enter a profit-based contract with me?”

That girl began to giggle before she nodded her head.

She was adorable.

Her little brother continued to glare at me with a livid expression as I drained my cup of tea.

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