May 25, 2024

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Special training


Author: Soy

TLC: MushroomPrincess

Editor: Sleepycatz

T/N: Urghh though I promised to finish up with Konyaku haki by this month, it might not be possible since there is still lots of editing that need to be done (the last few chapters are kind of difficult for me to translate, so I need to double-check everything.). I also want to do a mass release for it since the chapter is clumped together(??); therefore, if possible, it needs to be read on one go.

Anyway, to tie all up, I will be posting 2 chapters of Akuyaku Reijo. Thank you very much to Nora for her great work editing my translation (New version of chapter 1 – 3 were already being updated.)

“Hime-sama, your muscle has developed nicely.”

“Thank you very much, Kagerou-san!”

“Ageha’s lesson in martial arts and Higurashi’ swordsmanship lessons should be praised for this fantastic result.”

The time spent learning Genjitsu with Kagerou-san had always been exciting.

Countless butterflies with stained-glass like wings were fluttering around us.

Genjutsu was similar to illusion magic.

As of now, Kagerou-san had only taught me how to create this type of beautiful illusion.

But in actuality, I can apply my previous life’s knowledge to this type of magic.

Apart from this beautiful illusion, I can also create an illusion based on the anime and horror movies I had watched in my previous life.

Of course, this was a secret from Kagerou-san.

Ageha-san had also taught me various forms of martial arts.

I learned how to attack the vital points precisely, and now the curriculum was focusing on the counter moves needed after being attacked by a man.

Higurashi-san, on the other hand, is teaching me the art of swordsmanship.

From daggers to long swords, I was taught how to handle various blades. Moreover, I also learnt how to find and manipulate the weak points of the enemies……even assassination techniques were included in his lesson. Higurashi-san did admit that if Kagerou were to find out about the assassination lessons, then his head might as well fly off from his neck.

Despite his light-hearted manner word, his serious eyes were so scary that my heart could not help but tightened.

I have also been keeping the training a secret from the people in the mansion.

After dinner, I’d spend one hour reading picture books to Yard, followed by an hour training before finally taking my bath.

Because of this, people had assumed that I’m the type who love to dawdle in bath……


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I think I’m the embodiment of a ‘cheat’ in this world.

My magic powers were overwhelming. However, I believed my previous life’s memories played a big part in that.

It was actually easier to move my current small body than my last one.

I can move it the way I want it to.

The body of a 40 years old…even if it was sad for me to say, I did not feel like moving it at all.

Due to my arduous training, I fall asleep as soon as my body hits the bed. However, if I were to say if anything had changed, it just that, occasionally, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I will discover that Yard is asleep beside me.

“You cannot just randomly go inside a lady’s room!!”

“I had a scary dream… I am sorry.”

When Big brother was scolding Yard, he looked so pitiful that I pleaded for his case against my better judgement.

“Oni-sama, Yard is still a small child.”


“If I were to have a scary dream and wanted to sleep with big brother, would you push me out of bed?”

“Well, that is…Yes, but…”

“Yard, if you were really terrified that time, we can’t do anything about it; nevertheless, unless you become strong, you won’t be able to protect anything. So I am okay if you want to come and sleep with me when you have a scary dream, but I really wish you to be a strong boy. Do you understand?”


Yard reluctantly agreed.

He is so cute~.

I tightly hugged Yard.

“I love Yard so much! So you must grow up to be a wonderful man.”

“Hai! Ane-sama!”

Yard hugged me back in embarrassment.

“Cardy, you have been spoiling Yard too much!”

“Because Oni-sama had always been spoiling me that now I am returning the same favour towards Yard. I can become gentle because Oni-sama was towards me!”

My big brother smiled bitterly at this.

Since big brother is weak against me, this much was still okay.

“Our princess is extremely talented in playing with the two brothers’ moods.

I was surprised by the sudden voice.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw my father, the Prime Minister, Grammy Brauz.

My blood turned cold.

How long has he been here?

I could not sense him at all.

“Could you also put your father in a good mood?”

“……Of course.”

I separated myself from Yard and began to cling to my father’s arm.

This person, you can’t really afford to have him as an enemy.

My father lifted me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 

“Have you been a good girl?”

“Did you think that I have done something bad?’

“Hahaha! Cardinal can’t do anything bad! I love you, my princess.”

What’s with all the questions, Otou-sama?!

My father was a handsome man with the same silver hair as my big brother though it reached down his back. He also had the similar light emerald green eyes as big brother and Yard.

His appearance made him seemed too young to be a father of three children.

By the way, our mother had passed away after she gave birth to Yard.

A~ was this the reason why I could not get along with Yard?

Maybe previously, I have been resenting Yard for snatching my mother away from me.

I inherited my dark emerald green eyes from my mother.

My big brother was the spitting image of my father.

Yard’s hair colour is similar to his mother’s. However, his eyes are like his father’s. As for me, my deep green eyes are from my mother, while my glossy red hair is a combination of my mother and father’s colour.

Back to the story, what kind of person is my father?

At that time, I thought that I should ask Kagerou-san about it later.


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