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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Book


Author: Soy

TLC:  MushroomPrincess-sama (AlbertkenoReijou)  Give a clap to her!!

Editor: Sleepycatz

One week after that pond incident, I was allowed to leave the bed.

When I left the room for breakfast, I stumbled upon my little brother, who was standing outside my bedroom.

“Yardral? What’s wrong?”

“Ne~, Ane-sama….”

His big eyes, which were already filled with tears, looked at me with dread.

“….. I am sorry.”

In a faint voice, he apologized while teardrops fell from his watery eyes.

“Yard. I am okay. I am not angry with you. I just wanted to show you that cute frog. I am sorry for giving you such a shock.”

Hearing my word, tears continued to flow down my little brother’s cheek.

I looked like someone who bullies others until they cry, so please stop crying, my little brother.

“Does it mean that Ane-sama really likes me?”

The face of my colleague who once told me that dating a girl was troublesome floated in my head. I smiled and hugged my little brother.


Hearing my word, my brother hugged me back tightly.

Aren’t you cute little brother!

Your sister is melting here!

My big brother, who was watching the two of us hugging each other, began to laugh lightly.

“It seems that the two of you have made up with each other. I wonder if there is a place for your big brother to squeeze in?”

“Ni-sama, Ane-sama is someone who is not only beautiful but also gentle and nice! She is like what Ni-sama had told me before.”

What? Please don’t suddenly raise the hurdle with some weird expectation.

For such a thing, I might not be able to overcome it.

“I am famished now. Let’s go and have breakfast together with me?”

“Yes! Ane-sama! Ane-sama, for today, can I stay together with you?”

What is this? My brother is totally an angel!

“Of course. There is a book that I want to show to Yard. Ane-sama will read it for you.”

“Yes! Ane-sama!”

It seemed that I succeeded in getting my little brother to like me.

This is great!

My little brother is an angel!

My big brother, who watched over us, also smiled so gently!! Definitely!!

If these two people were to condemn me someday, it would be the death of me!

I wanted to become a trustworthy individual in the eyes of my siblings.

To the last moment….

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After the three of us finished our breakfast, we moved to the library and began to read the books there.

I planned to read lots of picture books to my little brother to improve his favourable impression of me!

By the time I finished the tenth book, my little brother had already fallen asleep.

“Yard is really happy when Cardy treats him with care, huh.”

“Well, I really like Yard, but will Yard really understand that?”

“Of course, Cardy!”

My big brother gently stroked my head.

As I smiled at big brother, I took the blanket on my lap and put it on my little brother’s body.


This library was quite big.

Since my little brother was sleeping, I walked around the shelves, searching for books to read.

In my previous life, I had been working as a researcher.

Then, let’s find some books on the plant.

If I could make medicine in this world, I would never have to be worried about my meal later on.

I really need to work hard.

The story should start when I am 16 years old~ and currently, I should be around 7 years old?

Then, I have to do everything that I set out to do within a decade.

“It will be okay!! Before I was reincarnated, I was nearly 40 years old…. So my brain should be of an adult one’s.”

I kept staring at the content of the book.

I am glad!! There are plenty of plants here that are similar to the ones on Earth! There is also a magical plant available, so it looked fascinating.

“You are reading quite a difficult book.”

“Oni-sama, I want to become a person who makes medicine in the future.”


“If I can produce medicine, I will be able to contribute to the country, right?”

“This country?”

My brother looked amazed at my words.

Did my word increase my appeal on him, or was it too unbelievable?

“Cardy, if it is about medicine, the King’s little brother is someone who has immense knowledge about it.”

“His Highness’ brother?”

“He was born after the former King stepped down from the throne. So currently, he should be around 16 years old.”

“Is it possible for someone who is 16 years old to have immense knowledge of medicine?”

“It seemed that he would not be able to enter the succession line due to his black eyes and black hair, so he turned to medicine to contribute to the country.”

What with this cool person?

“How do the black hair and black eyes have any connection towards the succession line?”

“Truthfully, there is no connection whatsoever. However, generation after generation, the King had always been blessed with blond hair and blue eyes. Since the King’s little  brother is someone with black hair and black eyes, he had been excluded from the succession.”

Being a royalty sure is difficult.

“The Royal’s family sure is troublesome.”

“That’s true. I have met the Prince a couple of times, but in reality, it was just a hassle.”

Currently, my big brother accompanies the Prince in his training to assist him as the next King.

It was the standard trope where the Prince is the Student Council’s President while the prime minister’s son is the Vice-President!

“If I’m able to create medicine, I will surely become big brother’s strength! So, therefore, I’ll work hard!”

My brother gave me a genuine smile; I could feel my heart melting from it.

It was OK for me to grab onto him, right?

I was grinning as I thought about that.

T/N Why do I feel like she is a playgirl in the making? What kind of stuff are you learning from your former colleague?


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