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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Studying for the test

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. I will post around 10 chapters within these 24 hours [The 5 promised birthday month chapters and additional chapters that were due], so please look forward to it, okay!! No #6!!!

After the dance party comes the test.

Labra-chan was studying for the test while being supervised by both the Prince and me.

Labra-chan was truly a hardworking person.

“Mo~ I had enough of this! It would be better if all test in this world were to disappear!!”

“Isn’t it~ ….You have made some mistake here. Do it again.”

“Y- You are bullying me! Jayce, Naru is bullying me~.”

“Cardinal, look at how pitiful Labra is!!………. This also doesn’t seem right, you know.”

Labra-chan started to sprawl on the table.

Because it looked so cute, the Prince and I started to glare at each other as both of our hands moved to stroke Labra-chan’s head.

Recently, the Prince has started to pay a lot of attention to Labra-chan.

Perhaps, Labra-chan also had fallen in love with the Prince.

Even though it was just an assumption, but……

It was a secret to her that every time the Prince came around and interrupted us, Labra-chan’s face immediately looked lovelier than ever.

“There will be a long vacation after the test, so please do your best on it.”

“Yes, you’re right! I will do my best!!”

I wrote down a hint on Labra-chan’s note.

“During the long vacation, I am going back to my family holiday villa to gather some plant. Do you want to come along, Labra-chan? The ocean is right in front of the villa.”

“Will it be okay?”

“I will be happy if Labra-chan going to spend her holiday with me.”

I laughed as I looked at Labra-chan’s shining eyes.

“I want to go!! If I fail the test, I will not be able to follow you, so I will work hard on it!!…… Naru, this is so easy to understand!! I love you!!”

I felt satisfied looking at Labra-chan’s charming-like smile, whereas the Prince started to murmur sulkily at the side.

“I am going as well.”

“That will be great.”


The Prince looked so surprised over my reply.

“You are really going to allow me to come along for the trip?”

“While I was out collecting the plant, Labra-chan might end up feeling a little bit lonely by herself. So I am grateful if Prince willing to spend some time with her….. By the way, my older brother, Yard, as well as Kokoru hime-sama, will also come along for the trip.”

“Even Kokoru? Why did she never told me this?”

“Did Kokoru hime-sama ever had any small conversation with you, Prince?”


Even though it didn’t appear to be bad, however, it seemed that Princess Kokoru and the Prince relationship was at a poor level.

“This is the first time that I will be meeting the Princess as well as Naru’s younger brother!”


“Eh? What?”

“Yard is…… I will apologize first if he is being difficult to you.”


“Kokoru is only interested in Yard, so let’s just leave the two of them alone.”

“Then, I will be hated if I were to get close to Naru’s younger brother?”


The Prince and I started to avert our eyes from Labra-chan.

Will Yard be able to open his heart towards Labra-chan?

I could not imagine that.

“As long as you spend your time with the Prince, then you will be okay!”

After being silent for a while, the Prince started to talk.

“Cardinal, you are not going to gather the plant by yourself, right?”

“Of course not! Usually, it is either the intelligence unit or the shadow bodyguard or Broudo-sama who is going to follow me around.”

My reply further silenced the Prince before he spoke once again.

“Then, are you going to invite my Imperial Uncle over?”


“If my Imperial Uncle is with Cardinal, then all of us will be rest assured about your safety and able to play to our heart content.”

The Prince meant to say that, since he is worried over my safety, he might be unable to concentrate on playing. Therefore, I should instead invite Broudo-sama over?

Wouldn’t I be bothering him with that?

“I do not want to bring trouble to Broudo-sama.”

“You also wish to gather the plant together with my Imperial Uncle, right?”


“I will ask him for you!”

The Prince continued with a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

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  1. It’s pretty clear now that the Prince…grew up in a span of one party and now has let go of the thought of Cardinal. It’s pretty sweet of him. I really like his gradual character development from a bratty kid to a more mature teenager…probably. Well, they’re still pretty young so it’s understandable (and plenty cute). And I like that Labra and Jayce would be developing their friendship first before jumping into romance which is nice.

    And wow is the author shipping Cardinal and Broudo so hard right now (like me). I can’t wait for them to be together~ (P.S. Should they be called ‘plant nerds’? So plant nerd shipping? Lmao.)

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