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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Prince?  – Labra POV

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. I will post around 10 chapters within these 24 hours [The 5 promised birthday month chapters and additional chapters that were due], so please look forward to it, okay!! No #5!!!

After Naru ran away chasing the glowing light, I returned to the dance hall.

“Oi! Commoner! What happened to Cardinal?”

“She went out chasing after the glowing grass!”

“That idiot.”

I was surprised that the Prince suddenly talked to me.

When I played the Otome game, my most favourite route was the Prince route. However, in reality, I found it difficult to even talk to him.

That face was totally my taste.

That voice was also absurdly to my liking!

That stupid Prince in that game, right now, in anyone’s eyes, could only be considered as a lovely Prince instead.

“Hey, commoner, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing… But when you were dancing with Naru just now, it looked so lovely.”

“Re- Really?….. Would you like to dance again?”

I was surprised due to the sudden offer by the Prince.

“No, No, No, No, I do not know how to dance, really!”

“It will be alright! I will swing you well.”

“You- you are going to swing me?”

The Prince grinned as he grabbed my hand and led me to the middle of the dance floor.

The gaze from the surrounding girls seemed to pierce me.

“Oi? What’s wrong? You have never seen any man who looks better than me?”

I was told that by him when I unconsciously stared at him.

“Prince, you sure have a good face.”

“You, it seems that you finally understand my point. You might as well tell that to Cardinal.”

“I will not tell her that.”

The Prince started to dance with an annoyed expression on his face.

The Prince was really good at dancing.

“How is it?”

“It is fun!!”

“I see, I see! If there is another opportunity, let’s have another dance.”

I decided to ask the Prince directly about the things that I have been worrying about.

“Prince, do you like Naru?”

“That is… I think so….”

For some reason, the Prince could not give me a clear answer as he tilted his head a bit.

“It seems that Cardinal like my Imperial Uncle… And the same also goes with my Imperial Uncle.”


This Prince already know about that?

The Prince burst into a peal of laughter when he saw my surprised expression.

“Cardinal always showed a happy expression whenever she talked with my Imperial Uncle… Even though I did not want to admit that, but I still came to an understanding about that matter…..Even my Imperial uncle’s fondness towards Cardinal was also something so transparent to others… Hey, what do you think I should do about it?”

At that moment, I stepped on the Prince’s foot.


“No, please do not get angry. It was not on purpose.”

“I am not angry.”

“You are lying~.”

“You have been listening to my story properly, right? You know that I will not get angry over that.”

I, once again, stepped on his foot as I watched over his expression.

“You step on it too much.”

“It is not on purpose.”

I was laughing despite myself.

“You are so approachable, Prince.”

“This is the first time that anyone ever told me that.”

“I would like to become your friend.”

“Sure. What is your name again?”


“Okay. Then, from now on, Labra is my friend.”

Somehow or another, the Prince and I became a friend.

About an hour after that, Naru finally returned to the dance hall, and the Prince started to preach on her while raising sounded arguments.

I think that since the Prince’s preach started to drag on, it was inevitable that Naru somehow got sulky over it.

Once the dance party comes to an end, will our everyday life turn back to its normality, I wonder?

For some reason, when we were having our lunch, the Prince suddenly took a seat next to mine.

“Stupid Prince, why did you sit next to Labra-chan?”

“It is because we already become a friend!”

“Labra-chan. Is that the truth?”

“Hm, yes, since the Prince is such a handsome man, I think that it will be good to try to befriend him. Don’t you think so?”

“….If Labra-chan thinks that is good, I guess so…….”

The Prince started to laugh in satisfaction.

That kind of laughter showed how cute you are, Prince!

I started to stare at the Prince involuntarily.

“Labra? Did you see a good man when you look at my face?”

For some reason, the Prince started to put his face close to mine.

Your face is too close!

The heat started to gather on my face unintentionally.

“Oi! Are you okay? Is it a fever? Let’s go to the infirmary!”

With a swift motion, the prince swooped me up in a princess-carry.


“Cardinal! I am going to take Labra to the infirmary!!”

“Naru! Help me!”

Naru looked at me and grinned as she waved her hand at me.

“Take care~!!”


“I don’t mind it a bit. Or rather, bring it on!”

“What do you mean by that!! Naru~”

As it is, I was taken to the infirmary by the Prince.

Since that day, the Prince has started to pamper me with excessive care. It goes without saying that Naru took delight over it, whereas the other girls around me have started to look at me in a hostile manner.

A/N How did it come to this anyway…?

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  2. It feels like he’s compensating for the fact that Cardinal won’t let him spoil her by being affectionate to his first female friend. Which may or may not lead to the Prince and Cardinal being married so they can share her.

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