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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 35

Chapter 35:  Ellulia (Vertemic POV)

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Author: Soy

A/N: There is a cruel depiction in this chapter. Please be careful.

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. #3

I have people that I love.

My family, as well as one other person.

Ellulia Stilt.

To me, that girl was akin to my family….. That’s wrong. That girl was someone important to me.

El was the daughter of my father’s best friend, Jonas Stilt. I met her for the first time when I was 5 years old.

That girl was 3 years old at that time, the same age as my sister, Kana, and had the image of a bird.

She, who was the reverse of my sister, looked so cute with her fluffy, wavy, deep green hair and red-blazing eyes; and I cannot say that her existence did not influence my sister after all.

Their first encounter was so cute as Kana was standing in front of me while El hid behind my back as she peeked at Kana’s face. Kana looked at me in shock as both of them circled around me, trying to have a look at each other.

In order to get close to her, El had always sung Kana’s favourite song.

Nobody knew that I had come to adore El’s pretty voice way before Kana did.

When Kana started to get along with El, I also joined them in their play.

However, during those days, Yard could not join us due to his sickness; therefore, Yard had never met El as far as I remembered.

El was a girl who loved to sing. She also looked pretty whenever she smiled, though she also looked cute when she cried. I remembered that Kana and I had always had to work desperately to make her laugh again.

When a letter came from her father saying that he had something that he needed to consult with my father, my heart could not help but felt anxious.

I had only met El when we were small.

However, I can still remember that cute El vividly.
If anything, I would like to provide my power to help the other party.

But if anyone were to ask me if I just wanted to meet El, then I am sure the large reason for my action was that.

I was supposed to follow Kana to the Vacation Villa. However, when I told her about the current predicament, Kana seemed to guess that I like El that she ended up urging me to go and see El as soon as possible quickly.

Nevertheless, somehow, when we arrived at El’s mansion, I regretted why I couldn’t have arrived here earlier.

El’s mansion was enveloped in flame as their servant’s distressed voice echoed each other.

“Vert, go and find El.”

Hearing my father words, I quickly rushed to her room which I had been to many times when I was small.

When I got near her room, I heard a small scream coming out from the inside as I used my magic to extinguish the fire.


“Shut up. If you do not want to close your mouth, I will slice your head just like that father of yours!!”

I could feel my blood drained.

When I entered the room, I could see a filthy, fat man pined El’s body to the bed as he tied her hand together with the pillowcase, rearing to tear her clothes off anytime soon.

I do not know from where this surging power came from as I grabbed that man’s head and struck it with the sword on his waist.


El’s eyes, full of tears, looked unfocused while her deep green hair had turned white.

If you looked at it closely, there was a body without a head at the side of her bed, and slightly away from it, her father’s head was lying around.

She not only witnessed the death of her father, but she also was about to be raped by the killer.

When I tried to hug El, she continued to struggle desperately in my arm.

“El, do you remember me? It’s me, Vertemic. I have come here to save you… I am sorry, I am sorry for not coming to see you sooner.”


That girl body seemed to be out of power. However, her tears did not seem to stop as they continued to pour upon my chest.

That girl had changed from how I remembered her.

That deep green hair was now white, and she no longer able to speak due to the deep-seated fear.

I also found her three maids inside her closet.

It seemed that she had hidden them there, desperately.

Those maids possessed the evidence of the wrongdoing done by the very same count.

Father had taken in all her servant who had survived the ordeal back to our house.

As part of the ordeal, it appeared that, apart from my father and I, El had also developed a sense of fear towards men in general. Hence, she has been hiding behind my back when there were other men around.

When I explained my family’s situation to her, I told her that Kana would also be there.

And to be with El as much as possible, I asked permission from the academy to be excused from staying at the dormitory.

However, in this predicament, it seemed that Yard was the one who got the short end of the stick.

El appeared to be quite frightened of Yard.

It could not be helped since Yard was also quite harsh to other people except Kana.

As I patted El’s head, who had turned depressed due to her inability to get along with Yard, I wished that no one will realize my ugly jealousy towards Yard, whom El had been given her most attention to.

A/N: El-Chan, fighting!

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  1. Who’s El again? I don’t remember who the character named El at all.. Vertemic is Cardinal’s older brother if I’m not mistaken. Yard is the younger brother. Kana is the princess. Right?

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