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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Cute Imouto ( Big Brother, Vertemic’s POV)


Author: Soy

T/N Partially edited (by Sleepycatz) and TLC (by Mint-san). I Will upload the final version later on (I might have some changes.)

My younger sister is an angel.

Even my father and my little brother shared the same opinion as me.

My sister did not know how lonely and worried I was throughout the two years that I spent in the boarding school without her.

Every holiday, I immediately rushed back home so that I can see her sooner.

This little sister of mine was someone who is not only intelligent but also proficient in martial arts.

If I were to fight all out with her, she will for sure knock me down in a matter of minutes.

Despite this, she still said [I can’t fight you since  I hate losing. So, therefore, I would rather not do it at all], wasn’t that cute of her?

What’s more, there seemed to be lots of suitors who were interested in my beloved sister.

At any rate, it was because my sister is an angel.



“What is it?”

Once I finished having my lunch with my sister, her friends, and the [wishing that he ceased to exist] Prince, I could hear the voice of the intelligence personnel who had been working under my sister.

“There is a report that is indicating that the joint project, between you and the King’s younger brother, in developing the magical gem, has finally completed.”

“Seriously!! I’ll head over there right away.”

My sister quickly prepared to leave as she rushed out through the window.

I only sent her off with my eyes.

To my sister, jumping off from the windows was only a matter of course.

Following behind her were screaming from the noble ladies who were also in the cafeteria at that current moment.


“A~ Even though she was in a hurry, it was truly a bad manner to leave from the window.”

The Prince’s face turned a little bit pale while I sipped on my tea without any care.

“Master, is it okay to let her go?”

Simultaneously, the intelligence personnel who had been serving under me suddenly appeared from behind me, spotting full-bodied black clothes.


“The magic gem that the Princess and the King’s little brother developed was supposed to become the main ingredient for their joint research project, right? The one where she tried to develop a counterattack for charm enchantment, right?”


“Won’t the Princess feel that it was not finished until she tested the effectiveness of the gem herself……?

Yanma chuckled when he saw my eyes enlarged with his statement.

“Isn’t it better for Master to quickly move before something irreversible happened?”

“You should stop her if you are aware of it!!”

“No way, because, currently, I belong to you, my Master.”

“If so, heed my command and stop her.”

“Even though I am a part of the intelligent unit, do you think I can catch up with the Princess’ speed?”

I grabbed Yanma’s neck as I give him my command.

“Run as if your life depended on it.”

“Ah, yes!”

Then, Yanma whispered with the voice only audible to me.

“…. Master, will it be considered safe if she is yet to drink the aphrodisiac? Or should it be considered safe if it is just before the King’s brother put it in?”

“Do you want to die now?”

“I’m off.”

Yanma quickly disappeared after that.

Since I was in a rush for the next arrangement, I quickly got up from my seat.

“Oi, Vert!”

“I am going to Broudo-sama’s place.”

“I will follow you.”

“Since you are practically useless, I wish that you will stay here for good.”


I ignored the Prince.

Right now, I was in a hurry to catch up with Cardinal.

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As soon as I arrived at Broudo-sama’s place, I rushed towards the room that served as the laboratory.


When I opened the door forcefully, I could see the figure of the completely exhausted Broudo-sama sprawling on the desk and my younger sister, who was currently holding a gem in the shape of a red rose.

“Oni-sama. It has finally been completed. I will mass produce it immediately and then give it to you as a present.”

“A… Yeah.”

Why Broudo-sama looked completely exhausted?

“Broudo-sama, thank you very much for your hard work!! You can have this.”

Broudo-sama shouted desperately as he raised his face forcefully from the desk.

“Please wait a minute!! As of now, until that medicine completely wears off, you should continue carrying that thing! I am imploring you to do so!!

Wh-what had happened here?

“Is that so? But… I am so happy. With the completion of this gem, I can finally gift it to both Onii-sama and Yard.”

My sister, who was smiling happily, was truly the cutest.

Apparently, my sister had made this magical gem for the sake of us, her brothers.

My sister was truly an angel, after all.

That was my thought as I patted my sister’s head.

A/N: This sis-con…. or rather, there were no appearances of Yanma after that.


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