April 21, 2021

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 8

Chapter 8:  Obscure origin of a disease. (His Highness Broudo POV)

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Author: Soy

Edited by: Sleepycatz

Many people are displeased with me.

I am the son of the former King who born a little bit after the coronation of the current King.

My mother who was the maid of the former King had black hair and black eyes. I was conceive from the relationship between her and the former King; however because of my black hair and eyes I was Royalty in-name only.

All of the previous generations of Royalty possessed shining auras with their blond hair and blue eyes.

And because of the color of my eyes and hair, since long ago I had been called the cursed child.

It doesn’t matter even if I am Royalty.

Despite that, my father, mother, the current King and Queen have always viewed me as a cute kid.

Apart from them, other people have been distancing themselves from me as they believe that I would bring them bad luck.

Every time they saw me, they would try to escape my presence.

I was still okay with that.

Rather than pleasing others, I would work hard for the sake of people who care about me.

That was why I had started researching medicines.

Medicine can be used to save people’s lives.

A country will not be able to function properly without its people.

So I started with my research.

I would like to become a power which can be useful to my brother, the current King.


The first time I met that girl was during the engagement ceremony.

I could not believe that she was only a 10 years old girl as she had dazzling and solid ideas on how one should act.

Her bright red hair was burning red and her deep green emerald eyes seemed to represent her strength of will.

She properly thought about her house as she declared that her remarks was her personal opinion thus making herself responsible for it. However, her reckless remarks and word surely came from someone who had deeply thought about this country.

I felt that she was really beautiful at that time.

“I want to catch that girl.”


My father showed a sinister smile to me.

This person seemed to have taken a fancy to this girl.

When I looked at her who was talking with my father from behind, she really was a small girl.

I could no longer see the aura that she had displayed previously.

But she had come close to me.

To me who had been called cursed child.

When that girl heard my name, she told me that she had heard the rumors about me.

There was nothing decent about the rumors that circulate about me.

Nevertheless, her eyes began to shine as she grabbed and shook my hand.

That girl who seemed to be in a high tension declared that she was also making her own medicine.

However, if you were to make a mistake while making those medicine, it could kill people.

I cannot say such things towards that small girl.

As I embraced this as my mission, I told to her that I wish to see the place where she made her medicine.

That girl really looked really happy as she agreed to my request.


At a later date, I was welcomed by her when I went to visit her house.

Even though the Prime Minister and his two sons were also at home, it seemed that they were in different rooms.

Even though the two of us only talk about the medicine, that girl showed high interest in it.

It seems that she really likes making medicine.

Her movements while making the medicine was perfect. I could not help but be amazed at the environment, equipment, and prescriptions that she had used.

“My current dream is to make items capable of nullifying the effects of aphrodisiacs and charm magic.

“Nullification, huh?”

“My big brother and little brother will surely become people who will support this country. I want both of them to be with the person that they love with all of their heart. However, with their looks and grace, there will be lots of female leopards who will be aiming for them. They will surely use whatever that is available in their hands! There are lots of females who have such thoughts!! It will be already too late once a child begins to pop out, so in order to avoid those situations, I need to make something that can nullify aphrodisiacs and charm magic effects.”

“To produce an aphrodisiac you have to do it over and over again……Sometimes while preparing the plant, the magical power might interfere with the prescription which will get out of hand. After all the condition are met then it will produce the desired effect…..”

I was surprised with her thought processes which was so different from others.

Even the cookies that I had with the tea was something that I had never eaten before though it was so delicious.

“Where did you get these cookies and tea from?”

“They both are something that I made myself. The tea was a blend of chamomile and Assam with a little bit of mint mixed in. I also incorporated Assam tea inside those cookies!!”

“I thought of buying them, I guess that’s impossible.”

I could not help but feel a little bit of regret as I drank the tea.

When I was ready to head back, that girl packed a lot of her cookies and the tea blend for me to bring home.

“I  made too much this time, so please take it as a souvenir.”

“For me to have this many. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes! A~ in return, is it possible for me to visit Broudo-sama to observe your medicine preparations next time?”


“Am I bothering you?”

Doesn’t this girl felt uncomfortable being around me?

“I do not mind… but wouldn’t it be unpleasant for you?’

“What do you mean by that? Wouldn’t you feel happy to be able to talk with someone you admire?”

“Is that so? Then, I will be waiting for you… Well then, I am going now.”

On my way home, that girl’s words kept spinning inside my head.

“Broudo? What’s wrong? Why has your face turned red?”

I was surprised that I did not even realize that I had already reached home until my father pointed it out.

I wonder what I had been doing until then.

My heart is throbbing fast and I am having difficulties breathing ……..did I perhaps catch a cold?

“….Is that what the doctor told you?’

“What kind of sickness is this?”

“… For the time being you really should take a rest.”

“I will.”

From that day on, for some reason that I wasn’t able to understand, I suffered from heart throbbing and breathlessness.

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